NHL Best Bets for Tonight

NHL Best Bets for Tonight

We have another day full of NHL action and BetQL is here to lead you to some NHL moneyline winners. Here we will take a look at the NHL odds for the day and try and give away our best bets. If you are betting on hockey you need to read our analysis on the slate of games. BetQL has the most updated NHL odds, line, spreads, picks and best bets.

NHL Betting Lines Explained

Hockey may not be the most popular sport with viewers but it is popular with bettors because there is plenty of value to be had. If you are new to betting hockey we will explain how all the different bet types work and show you how BetQL can help take you to the next level with up to date stats & data points to help you cash more tickets. The first thing you have to understand about NHL betting is the line, which shows how much you stand to win by betting each team.

NHL Spreads Explained

Betting the spread or betting ATS (against the spread) is the most popular form of NHL betting. Betting NHL spreads can be a bit difficult to understand at first but luckily BetQL is here to help. When you are looking at hockey betting lines you will see a team with negative number next to it (-1.5) this means the team is favored and that is how many goals they must win the game by. The underdog will be listed with a positive number (+1.5) and that is how many goals they can lose by and still cover the bet. The positive and negative numbers are known as the spread and they will always be inverse of one another. See a more in depth example of how NHL spreads work below: .

More Than Just Hockey

BetQL is more than just hockey picks, our tool has everything a bettor needs for the NBA, college basketball, and football. Right now you can check out our NFL expert picks or our college football expert picks to gain an edge on the sportsbook this weekend. If betting on football isn't your thing don't worry at BetQL we have the best college basketball expert picks for every single game on tonight. If you are looking to bet on the pros, we have that too, check out the NBA expert picks for all the games on tonight. No matter how you like to bet or what sport you want to bet, BetQL has you covered!

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