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NHL Betting Explained

Hockey may not be the most popular sport with viewers but it is popular with bettors because there is plenty of value to be had. If you are new to betting hockey we will explain how all the different bet types work and show you how BetQL can help take you to the next level with up to date stats & data points to help you cash more tickets.

NHL Spreads Explained

Betting the spread or betting ATS (against the spread) is the most popular form of NHL betting. Betting NHL spreads can be a bit difficult to understand at first but luckily BetQL is here to help. When you are looking at hockey betting lines you will see a team with negative number next to it (-1.5) this means the team is favored and that is how many goals they must win the game by. The underdog will be listed with a positive number (+1.5) and that is how many goals they can lose by and still cover the bet. The positive and negative numbers are known as the spread and they will always be inverse of one another. See a more in depth example of how NHL spreads work below: .

MLB Over Under Example:

The Philadelphia Flyers are favored to win against the New Jersey Devils and the spread is set at +/- 1.5. This means the Flyers are (-1.5) and the Devils are (+1.5). If you place a bet on the Flyers (-1.5) that means they have to win the game by 2 goals for your bet to cover. If you bet on the Devils (+1.5) the Devils can lose by 1 and you will cover your bet because the book is giving you a goal and a half. At the end of the 3rd period the score is Flyers 3 - Devils 1 it means the Flyers have covered because they won the game by more than 1.5 goals. If you bet the Devils you did not cover because your (+1.5) would only make the score Flyers 3 - Devils 2.5 and they still lose. One of the easiest ways to see if you have covered a hockey spread is to take the final score and add / subtract the points you were given by the book. If you team still won then you have won the bet!

NHL Moneylines Explained

NHL Money Line betting is the simplest and a popular form of NHL betting. In NHL moneyline betting you are simply picking which team will outright win the game. NHL Money Line odds will list the the favorite in a given game as a negative number (ie. -200) that means you will have to bet that amount to win $100. The as a positive number (ie. +500) listed on the line means you will win that amount on a $100 bet. The odds in NHL money line betting typically range from -110, which would be considered a small favorite all the way up to -350 which would be considered a massive favorite.

NHL Moneyline Example:

The San Jose Sharks are going up against the Anaheim Ducks and the Sharks are favored. The moneyline odds show the Sharks are (-200) which means they are a big favorite. If you place a $200 bet on the Sharks moneyline and they win the game 4-1 that means you have covered and your $200 wager has won you $100 in profit. To see a more in depth example of NHL moneyline betting check out our page on that topic where you can find a lot more examples and info!

NHL Over Under Explained

NHL totals betting or as it is more commonly called over / under betting can be fun and profitable! All you are betting on is how many goals will be scored in the game based off the set over / under betting line. .

NHL O/U Examplebr />
The Boston Bruins are playing the St.Louis Blues and the over under betting line is set at 2.5. The final score is Blues 4 - Bruins 1 this means if you bet the over you win because there were more that 2.5 total goals scored. If you bet the under you bet did not cover because more than 2.5 goals were scored. If you bet the under we also recommend you try betting the overs because it is way more fun. If you are want to read a more specific NHL over under betting example check that out on our page that is specifically about that topic.

NHL Betting Lines

Betting on hockey is all about finding value in the odds which can sometimes be difficult because the betting lines are constantly moving and changing. BetQL is able to show you the most up to date lines, spreads, and NHL odds because we work close with the sportsbooks so any changes made on their end are shown on our site instantly. Finding value in your hockey bets is easy with BetQL because we allow users to create and save dashboards that are specifically for identifying value in NHL odds. For example you can add in data on a team’s ATS record, spread open, and the linemovement. This way you can see which game has the best odds to bet on and start cashing tickets today!

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