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How Do BetQL's NHL Trending Bets Work?

BetQL's NHL Trending Bets displays which teams or sides are getting interest from the most popular data used by the BetQL community for winning strategies: Our winning strategies include the BetQL model picks, sharp betting data, public betting data, and our BetQL community picks.

This is time the BetQL NHL trending bets are currently available to BetQL subscribers only. Subscribing to more sports gives you full access to all bets. 

All of these NHL data sources update throughout the day based on injuries, news, and line movement in real-time. Learn more about our NHL trending bet data sources below:

BetQL Model - Summarizes which team the team’s predictive model is recommending currently

Fade the Public - Going against the public team, especially for spread bets, tends to win over the long haul

Sharp Betting - Tailing the professional bettors where the most money has been placed

BetQL Community - Preferred teams from voters in the community. Add you picks by clicking the thumbs up next to any team in the mobile app

How to Use BetQL's NHL Trending Bets?

You can take advantage of our NHL trending bets by seeing which games the BetQL model and sharp bettors both like? You asked, and we listened. We created our trending bets table to show you all the best data sources from BetQL all in one place!

Our latest feature, Trending Bets, displays which NHL games are getting interest from the most popular data used by the BetQL betting community: BetQL model, sharp betting, public betting, and community picks.

No more wasted time opening several tabs across sites; we have combined all of the information in an easy-to-read format that will help bettors find winning strategies and save time researching.

Check out the Trending Bets data above to see where the consensus is on tonight's slate of games. This is currently available to BetQL subscribers only. Subscribing to more sports gives you full access to all bets.

NHL Best Bets for Tonight

We have another day full of NHL action and BetQL is here to lead you to some NHL moneyline winners. Here we will take a look at the NHL odds for the day and try and give away our best bets. If you are betting on hockey you need to read our analysis on the slate of games. BetQL has the most updated NHL odds, line, spreads, picks and best bets.

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