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Every week we will unlock one of our NFL best bets so not only will you get free picks, but you can also see exactly how BetQL works. You will get the subscriber experience for one game a week where you can see all the data we have on that game for every single bet type. Here we will take a closer look at the spread for our free game and break down where our model would have placed that line. If you want to see more data about the public, pros, or over under you can go take a look at those pages. All data for our free best bet of the week is unlocked and free to everyone.

We can’t wait for football season to get back underway, but until next season kicks off you can win some bets betting on the NBA & MLB with BetQL. Just like our football product you can find picks for every game on tonight’s NBA slate and if you want to bet a total make sure you look at our NBA model’s over under picks to find a winner. If you haven’t figured out what game you like tonight check out the most updated odds, lines, spreads and best bets for all the games on tonight, let BetQL help you win more bets with our five star plays.

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BetQL's NFL Best Bets

Betting on the NFL can sometimes feel impossible. Once you feel like you have a good feel on a team the next week they are getting blown out or not even coming close to covering the spread. We have all been there before, and we have all spent the hour before kick off on a Sunday morning attempt to find a winning NFL picks to stop the bleeding. Luckily BetQL is here to save you precious time and energy with our NFL best bets. No matter the week, game, or bet type BetQL will always have a best bet star rating to show you which way our NFL model is betting.

BetQL's NFL best bets are shown on a 5-star scale rating that not only shows how confident we feel the pick is, but also how much value is in the pick. When you are betting on football especially moneylines it's important to make sure you are getting good value out of the listed NFL odds. Winning bets is great but if you have to risk your entire bank roll to win a fraction back then it is not nearly as fun. With BetQL's NFL best bets you always know that you can feel confident in our picks, but also that you will get the value that you deserve.

Our best bets are processed the second that the NFL lines are released. With other sites you may have to wait for a so called expert to look through all the data and formulate a pick, but with BetQL our best bets are instant. Our best bet model identifies winners every week of the NFL season and even provides playoff picks. Check out BetQL with a full subscription to get our NFL best bets for every week, game, and bet type.

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NFL Betting Lines Explained

Betting on the NFL can be fun or heartbreaking, but it also can be a bit difficult to understand if you are new. BetQL is here to get you up to speed on the things you need to know to bet on professional football. NFL betting lines are made up of two different things, the point spread, and the odds. Below we will go into more details about each:

NFL Point Spreads Explained

An NFL point spread is the number of points a team needs to win by to win the bet. Betting against the spread, or ATS for short, is the most popular way to bet on NFL games and is not too difficult to understand. The team that is favored will be listed with a negative number (ie. -5) and that is the number they need to win the game by. In this example the favorite must win by 6 or more points to “cover” the spread and win the bet. If they win by exactly 5-points the bet is considered a “push” or “no-bet”. The inverse of this example is called the underdog and next to their team will be a positive number (ie. +5) and this number is the maximum their team can lose by. In this example the underdog can lose by 5 points or less to be considered a win. If the team loses by exactly 5 then the bet is considered a “push” or “no-bet”. Overall NFL point spreads are put in place by the sportsbook to attempt to get bets on each team.

NFL Odds Explained

For every NFL game there are odds that show how likely each team is to win the game. They are no different than any other type of statistical odds, but with sports betting the odds also correspond to how much you can win by betting each side. The larger the odds the bigger the underdog that team is and the more you can win by betting them. A negative number next to a team means that, that team is the favorite and the smaller the number the less money you can win by betting that side. The typical way that NFL odds are shown is in the American odds format which attempts to show how much you can win by risking $100. If you are betting against the spread then the odds will usually always be -110 since the spread is already being utilized to even the playing field. Where NFL odds matter most is when you are betting a game straight up or against the spread. Handicappers have a good feeling which team will ultimately win the game so the odds of a favorite winning straight up will never be all that advantageous. Finding value in the odds is the mark of a great NFL bettor and luckily BetQL is here to help you find value in the odds. If a team has (-500) odds and you have to risk $500 to win only $100 our best bet rating will let you know there is little value in betting that game on the moneyline. Our best bet model always takes the odds into account when it processes our star ratings so you can be sure we are not only confident but you stand to be profitable. If you want to read a more in depth example of how NFL odds work take a look at our example below:

NFL ATS Example:

The New York Giants are playing the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia and the NFL point spread is set at +/- 7.5 with the Eagles favored. The point spread being Giants (+7.5) means they can lose the game by up to 7 points and still cover. The Eagles spread (-7.5) means that they have to win by at least 8 points to cover. The NFL odds are listed at Giants (+7.5) (+110) and the Eagles (-7.5) (-110). This means a $100 bet on the Giants to cover the spread will win you $110 in profit, while a $100 bet on the Eagles to cover the spread will net you $90 in profit. At the start of the game the Eagles take an early lead and at the end of the first quarter the score is Eagles 7 - Giants 0. The Giants are able to bring the game back to a tie, but right before halftime the Eagles connect on a long pass and the score at halftime is Eagles 14 - Giants 7. After the break the Giants come out flat and and the Eagles are able to score again so the score is now Eagles 21 - Giants 7. The Giants finally wake up in the 4th quarter and bring the score back to within striking distance Eagles 21 - Giants 14. After a terrible interception the Giants score again and now the score is all tied up Eagles 21 - Giants 21. With only 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter Daniel Jones drives the Giants down the field and scores a touchdown with no time remaining. The Giants with the game, Giants 28 - Eagles 21. Looking back at the spread the Eagles were (-7.5) which would make the score Giants 28 - Eagles 13.5 which means the Giants have covered and all Eagles bettors lose.

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