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BetQL's NHL Over Under Picks

The NHL playoffs are moving along and every day gives us a great opportunity to hit on some NHL over under bets. BetQL's NHL over under picks have been on fire during the playoffs and if you are trying to win totals bets you need BetQL. Every day you will find our free NHL over under pick for the day right here along with our model analysis.

NHL Totals Betting Explained

Betting the total or the over under for an NHL game is a bet on how many total goals will be scored in a game. Typically the line for over unders is set between 5 and 8 goals for the NHL. There can be a “push” if the total amount of goals scored in the game exactly equals the total. With an NHL over under bet you are betting the total number of goals for the entire game. It is possible to bet an over under that is specific to just one period, but the most popular way to bet totals is for the whole game. If you need a refresher on how NHL odds work or you aren’t up to speed on all the different NHL bet types you can go back and check that out.

NHL Over Under Example:

The Nashville Predators are playing the Florida Panthers at home in Nashville. The oddsmakers have a feeling that there will be a lot of goals scored and have placed the over under or totals spread at 6.5. You could bet the over which means you think there will be 7 or more total goals scored in the game, or you could bet the under which means you think the goalies will show up and there will be less than 6 combined goals in the game. The game starts out slow and after the first period the score is Nashville 1 - Florida 0. The first period result is not a great sign for the over bettors because they need 6 more combined goals to cover their bet. The second period starts and both teams are having trouble staying out of the box and goals are being scored left and right. When the second period ends the score has shot up to Nashville 2 - Florida 3. The second period scoring spree was a blessing from above for the over bettors and now the under bettors are sweating because if two more goals are scored the under will not cover. After a hard fought second period you can see fatigue set in for both teams in the final period. Lazy passes and poor defense leads to some easy goals and once the final horn sounds the score is Nashville 4 - Florida 3 which means the over has hit because 7 total goals have been scored in the game. If you bet the under unfortunately your bet did not cover this time

NHL Over Under Betting

NHL over-under betting can be tricky and you must find value in over under spreads in order to remain profitable over the long term. Finding value in totals spreads is easy with BetQL because our model highlights the best value plays for every sport and every bet type. Subscribing to BetQL also allows you to create & save dashboards that focus specifically on finding the best NHL over under bets. If you are using multiple different sites and tools for your NHL betting data look no further because BetQL has it all in one place. Sign up for BetQL and start cashing more NHL over under tickets today!

More Than Just Hockey

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