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NHL First Period ATS Betting Explained

Betting the NHL against the spread or betting the puck line is the most popular way to bet for hockey fans. If you are having trouble understanding how NHL puck line betting works you can check out our page on our page specifically about that topic. If betting the full game is too stressful or you think you see value early in the game you can bet just the first period against the spread. It is the exact same concept as betting the NHL against the spread but now all that matters is the score at the end of the first period. .

NHL 1st Period ATS Example:

The New York Rangers are playing the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Lightning are favored with the 1st period puck line at (+/- .5). If you bet the Tampa Bay to win the 1st period (-.5) that means you need the Lightning to be winning by at least one goal when the horn sounds to end the period. If score after the 1st period is Rangers 1 - Lightning 2 that means you have covered your bet because Tampa Bay is ahead by more than half a goal. If the score is tied that unfortunately means you lost your bet. A tie does not void any 1st period ATS betting.

NHL First Period Puck Lines

Betting the 1st period puck line can be difficult because it is tough to find value and the puck lines are always moving & changing. Using BetQL you can be sure that you are always looking at the most updated first period odds, lines, and spreads because we work closely with the sportsbooks to ensure that any changes on their end are reflected on our site. Signing up for BetQL you can also create, customize, and save dashboards to focus specifically on finding value for NHL 1st period ATS bets. On your dashboard you can add in a team’s ATS record, ATS record at home, and ATS record away to see if the team regularly covers the puck line spread. Sign up and try it out for your self and start cashing tickets today!

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