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Check out all the latest NBA public betting data and find out which way consensus pick is for tonight's games.

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NBA Public Betting Data

Check out BetQL for our NBA public betting data, with BetQL you can find out which side the public is betting for every game and every bet type.

You can either fade the NBA public betting or ride them to a victory but no matter if you are picking moneylines, against the spread, over unders, or even the 1st half, BetQL can give you something most other websites can not, the true NBA public betting data!

At BetQL we work very close with the sportsbooks who provide us data on which side the public is betting. Throughout the day you will see our NBA public betting grow. If the game you want to bet doesn't have any public betting data yet just check back later in the day to see which side the public is on.

Although we aren't the only site that has NBA public betting data, we are one of the few that can match it with the sharp data. When you subscribe to BetQL you will not only be able to see the consensus pick for every game, but right next to it you will see which side the NBA expert picks are coming in on.

With BetQL you will never lack the data you need to make winning picks. You can see the NBA public betting data, the sharp betting data, and our NBA best bets all right in one place. All of this data makes taking advantage of the sportsbook easy!

What is an NBA Consensus Pick?

When someone is asking for an NBA consensus pick, they are asking which side is the public betting. In sports betting there are two different type of bettors, public and sharp.

Public bettors are regular people who bet games they are interested from time to time. Sharps are experts who use sports betting as a way to make a living. Advanced bettors are interested in NBA public betting data or consensus picks because they want to know which side to avoid.

The public often is on the wrong side of a bet. There are many reasons why the public isn't good at making picks a few which include little time preparing, they don't have good data, or they are making bets with their gut. For those reasons sharp bettors want to know exactly how "public" a certain pick is before they lay down a wager.

If you are becoming more advanced with sports betting and want to know who the NBA consensus pick is for every game, and every bet type tonight you are in the right place. With a BetQL subscription you will know the top NBA consensus picks every single night, because we work closely with the sportsbooks. They provide us data on which teams have the highest handle and we match that data up with our sharp pick percentage, so you can tell who is betting each side.

If you want to know more about fading the public keep reading, but if you are here to find NBA consensus picks then look above and see what happens if you fade the public tonight!

How to Fade NBA Public Betting

When you hear some one talking about fading the public they are talking about looking at the consensus pick, and betting the other side. The strategy behind this is that novice bettors aren't very successful bettors and don't fully know what they are doing. Finding the consensus pick and then fading, or betting the other side, is supposedly an easy way to profit.

Fading the public is one of the most talked about methods of betting on the NBA it may not be as profitable as you would think. Ideally you should never just blindly look at a consensus pick and bet the other side, but you should use this method on a case by case basis. Data shows that there is some success to fading the public but the conditions have to be right.

As the NBA becomes more and more of a mainstream sport the casual bettors are starting to place more bets. An increase in public bettors leads to more success of fading the public, especially for sports like the NBA where many casual fans aren't actually watching the games. Most casual fans get their NBA info from recap shows and highlight accounts on social media, which can be a negative for sports betting. It can be hard to know if a team is covering the spread if you aren't completely locked in and historically public bettors love winnings teams, but may not understand if they regularly cover.

Fading the public can be a great NBA betting strategy to use for high profile games where a lot of public tickets are going to be placed. It may not make sense to fade the public in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic because casual bettors most likely will be staying away from that game. If the New Orleans Pelicans are playing the Utah Jazz in primetime and the world wide leader in sports is playing Zion Williamson dunk highlights for ninety minutes on a loop it may be helpful to see if that highlight package has influenced the consensus pick even though the Pelicans aren't a great team against the spread.

How to Bet NBA Public Picks

The best way to bet NBA public picks is to fade the public for high profile games, or on teams that don't cover. In our NBA public betting table above you can see we also have added the against the spread record. Take a look at which team the consensus pick is, then look to see which side the experts are picking, and last look at the against the spread record.

If the consensus pick is all over one team, while the experts are on another, and the public is backing a team that rarely covers the spread then you have found a great pick. Using our NBA public betting data this way will help you win more bets and take advantage of the sportsbook!

NBA Public Betting Trends

Tracking NBA public betting trends is difficult and even when you find the data you want it is most likely coming from multiple sources. BetQL makes tracking public betting data easy because we have all the historical data you need. When we are talking about tracking public betting trends we are talking about the process of looking to see which teams are garnering the most public bets and with BetQL you can see this for all bet types. Some bettors choose to follow the public and will bet on the public favorites. However a very popular and profitable strategy is by fading the public and taking the team that is seeing less public tickets. If you don’t think public betting data is helpful you can check out our NBA expert picks to see who the sharps like tonight.

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