NFL First Half Odds

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NFL First Half Lines

There are also options to bet NFL first half spreads. Betting NFL first half spreads is the same concept as betting NFL first half money lines, except you are betting against the spread (ATS).

NFL first half money lines are typically at lower odds than the NFL full game money lines. This makes NFL first half money line betting popular among bettors who like to target teams who are big favorites in any given matchup. Underdogs should not be overlooked in NFL first half money line betting, especially from home underdogs who tend to come out and play well in front of their home fans before talent and ability take hold in the second half.

There are also options to bet on NFL first half totals, as well as NFL first half team totals. These bets are betting on how many total points will be scored by both teams in the first half, or in the case of NFL first half team totals, the amount of points scored by only one of the teams.