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NFL First Half Lines Explained

Betting an a first half line is almost the exact same concept as betting an NFL spread , so if you aren't familiar with that concept you can head over there to get the full overview. Betting against the spread is by far the most popular way to bet on football, but if you are an advanced bettor you may want to only bet on the first half of the game against the spread. The spread is how much a team can either win or lose by depending if they are the favorite or the underdog. With NFL first half lines the favorite will be listed with a negative number (-6) and their odds will be negative as well (-110). The underdog will be listed with positive numbers (+6) (+120). Betting an NFL first half against the spread can be advantageous to bettors if they know a team starts out hot, or if they know a team doesn’t really wake up until the second half. Although betting 1st half spreads sounds easy it’s something that should be reserved for more experienced NFL bettors. If you are an experienced bettor you can check out our NFL 2nd half spreads or our NFL expert picks for more action.

If you can't hold out on the action until the start of NFL season take a look at our NBA sharp bets for the regular season and the playoffs. You can start winning bets now and have cash to play with come NFL kick off.

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NFL First Half Spread Example:

The Chicago Bears are playing their division rivals the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay and the Packers are listed as the favorite. The first half line is set at +/- 3.5 points and the odds are Packers (-120) Bears (+110). Since the Packers are the favorite in the first half their spread is (-3.5), while the underdog Bears are getting (+3.5). This means that at halftime the Packers have to be winning by at least 4 points or that bet will not cover. The Bears can be losing at halftime but if it is by more than 3.5 points that means a bet on the Bears will not cover. Luckily for the Bears their intimidating defense has kept Aaron Rodgers and the Packers out of the endzone for the first quarter. Going into the second quarter the game remains tied Packers 0 - Bears 0. Unfortunately the Bears could only keep Rodger’s out of the endzone for so long and the Packers are finally on the board. The Bears kicking woes seem like they may have been solved as they kick two field goals before the end of the quarter. At halftime the score is Packers 7 - Bears 6. The Bears were the underdog and were given (+3.5) points in the first half so the score include the spread is Packers 7 - Bears 9.5 which means the Bears bet covered.

NFL First Half Spreads

Betting NFL 1st half spreads can be difficult because the lines are always moving, it can be tough to find value, and it’s hard to get all the necessary data in one place. With BetQL you won't have any of these issues because we provide users with the most updated 1st half lines and spreads. If there is a change to the 1st half spread at your sportsbook you can ensure that it is updated at BetQL. Finding value in 1st half ATS is not a problem for BetQL users because we always highlight the games that have the most value for each and every bet type. BetQL also allows you to create & save your own custom dashboards which means you can create a dashboard that specifically focuses on finding NFL 1st half winners. Sign up for BetQL and start cashing more tickets today.

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