NFL First Half Picks

Check out the NFL first half picks from our model and find out which teams it thinks will cover the spread in the first half of this week's games

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BetQL's NFL First Half Picks

If you want to know who is going to cover the first half in this week's NFL matchups, look no further than BetQL. For the entirety of the NFL season, there is no better place to come to for weekly 1st half picks. If you are a big-time 1st half spread bettor, or someone who is just getting started, BetQL has you covered no matter your experience level. Every week during the season we will unlock a couple games for free to let you experience what we have to offer first hand. You will learn how to work our tool and everything we have to offer for each game, including all the data and analytics that we use to make our pick. For each game you will be able to see our projected 1st half score, which side our NFL model is projecting, all the public betting info and percentages, and which side the sharps are on for each of these games.

NFL First Half Odds, Lines & Spreads

Want to learn more about NFL First Half Odds, Lines, and Spreads? Here, we take you beyond the coin toss and into the heart-pounding action of the first half, where games are often decided in a matter of moments. At BetQL, we understand that every yard gained and every point scored can send shockwaves through the sports betting world. This is why we always offer the most updated NFL first half odds so you can always know if you are getting the best value on your first half picks.

Keep reading below to learn more about the difference between odds, lines and spreads when it comes to the first half of NFL action. We will also provide you in depth examples so you can see if real life how everything works.

NFL First Half Odds Explained

In this section, we'll break down the essentials of NFL First Half Odds, providing you with the knowledge you need to navigate this exciting betting market.

First Half Odds, often referred to as "1H Odds," are a representation of the probability of different outcomes occurring within the first half of an NFL game. These odds cover a range of possibilities, including the point spread, moneyline, and total points scored. Betting on the first half allows you to focus exclusively on the initial 30 minutes of play, offering a quicker resolution and potentially different dynamics than the full game.

NFL First Half Odds Example:

Washington Commanders: +180 vs. Tennessee Titans: -220

For the Moneyline in the first half, the Tennessee Titans have odds of -220, which means you would need to wager $220 to win $100 if the Titans lead at halftime. On the other hand, the Austin Commanders have odds of +180, so a $100 bet on them would yield a profit of $180 if they're leading at halftime.

NFL First Half Lines Explained

First Half Lines, often referred to as "1H Lines," encompass various betting options that pertain specifically to the first two quarters of an NFL game. When some one asks what the first half line is they are generally asking what is the point spread for the first half.

NFL First Half Lines Example:

Dallas Cowboys: -2.5 vs. Seattle Seahawks: +2.5

In this scenario, the Dallas Cowboys are favored by 2.5 points in the first half. If you bet on the Cowboys, they would need to lead by 3 points or more at halftime for your bet to be successful.

On the other hand, if you bet on the Seattle Seahawks, they can either be leading at halftime or trailing by 2 points or fewer for your bet to win.

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