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BetQL's NBA Picks Against the Spread

The NBA is back and you can use BetQL to find our 5-star NBA picks for every game and every bet type. Our NBA best bet model ranks every game and bet type on a five star scale to show you not only which bets we feel confident about, but how much value is in each pick. Stop betting with your gut and start using our 5-star NBA picks against the spread to start winning more bets.

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NBA Picks

Whether you are here looking for regular season NBA picks or you are here for NBA playoff picks, BetQL has you covered. It can be difficult to bet on the NBA and be profitable without a little bit of help, so BetQL is here to help with our free NBA picks. As basketball returns we will have almost six games a day for the next few weeks. With that much basketball on it can be difficult to follow all the action and more importantly follow all the betting trends. BetQL is here for you, we have NBA picks every night of the week and NBA playoff picks for every night of the playoffs. Our NBA pick model uses data from every game to formulate our best bets, so if you can't watch every game know our model is watching. Above you will see our free NBA picks against the spread if you are looking for money line picks don't worry our NBA pick model analyzes every game and every bet type. If you are looking for a winning NBA pick or you want the data to create your own picks, BetQL has you covered. With a BetQL subscription you can see how well a team plays at home versus on the road, see how often they cover against the spread, and see the difference between the current line and where our model would have placed the line. Stop trusting your gut and your recent memory to make NBA picks and more importantly stop wasting your time checking different sites for data. All the NBA data and all the NBA picks you need are right here at BetQL.

NBA Expert Picks

There are hundreds of people out there who claim to be an expert whether it’s in terms of gambling or just NBA in general but not all of them can give you NBA expert picks like BetQL. BetQL’s NBA expert picks come from our model which takes into account hundreds of data points. Our NBA expert picks are not only from our model, but consensus picks from all the NBA expert bettors. It can be difficult to follow all the different people who claim to be experts and see all of their picks. With BetQL you can see all the NBA expert picks in one place for every game and every bet type. BetQL allows you to not only see which side the experts are betting but which side the public is backing. Stop wasting your time searching for NBA expert picks right before the playoffs tip off and start using BetQL to win more bets.

NBA Picks Against the Spread

If you can pick who will win in an NBA game that is great, but you won’t be getting rich any time soon. The true sign of a profitable NBA bettor is how well they pick against the spread. If you need a refresher on how NBA spreads work, make sure you check out our page that explains that in more depth. At BetQL we specialize is giving out NBA picks against the spread. Not only will we show you how confident we are that a team will cover the spread, but we will also show you the percentage of NBA experts who are betting each side. No matter the game we have NBA picks ATS for every single game and every single bet type. If the sportsbooks have put out a line on the game, we have a pick against the spread for that game. With the playoffs starting know that you can find NBA playoff picks against the spread right here from BetQL. Above you will see our free NBA picks and see all the data we provide to subscribers. Get to know BetQL and start using our NBA picks against the spread to win more bets.

NBA Computer Picks

Sometimes depending on how well you are betting you may not want a bet from the people who are so called experts and would rather get picks from a computer. Luckily for you BetQL has both right on this page, whether you want NBA computer picks from our model or you want to know which side the experts are betting we have you covered. Our model uses dozens of data points and runs 10,000 simulations to figure out which side is your best option to bet. Most experts picks are coming straight from their gut and although sharp bettors can get hot you may be better backing the model. Check out our NBA model's computer picks above and tail them tonight to start building your bankroll.

The Best Teams Against the Spread in 2021

We are a bit more than halfway through the NBA season and we wanted to take a deeper look at how teams stack up against the spread, because some of the teams may surprise you more than you would think. Common sense would make you think the best teams in the NBA cover the spread most often, but that just is not true. Some of the best NBA picks against the spread are the bottom tier teams in the league. A wise man once said that good teams win, but great teams cover. Below are the best teams picks against the spread so far in the 2021 NBA season.

New York Knicks

It has been a surprising season for New York Knick fans, and New York Knick bettors. With only a handful of games left in the regular season the New York Knicks are actually the best pick against the spread in the NBA. The Knicks season has come to be a surprise because not a lot has changed in New York year over year, other than the addition of Immanuel Quickley. The rookie has made an impact on the Knicks offense but the big things that have pushed the Knicks this season have been coach Thibodeau’s defense and Julius Randle’s offensive explosion.

Currently the Knicks sit in 4th in the Eastern Conference standings with a 37-29 record straight up, but where the Knicks have really exceled this season is against the spread. Against the spread the Knicks are 42-22-2, as the favorite the Knicks are 17-6 against the spread, and as the underdog the Knicks are 23-17 against the number. As you can see with their records above the Knicks have done a pretty good job against the spread both as the underdog and the favorite. The Knicks are in a sweet spot with the sportsbooks where the spreads they face both as the favorite or the underdog aren’t too daunting. This works out well for Knicks because they play at such a slow pace and are able to lock teams down on defense. The Knicks have one of the lowest points per game in the NBA, but they actually hold teams to the lowest number of points scored per game in the NBA, so it makes sense that this team covers spreads at a great rate.

If you were to bet the Knicks against the spread every game this season you would be up 17.8 units which is fairly impressive for one team. It will be interesting to see if the people who make NBA expert picks will continue to back the Knicks as we reach the playoffs. The Knicks have done a great job beating up on teams that are missing the playoffs, but will they be able to keep this pace in the playoffs? Right now, it looks like the Knicks could be facing off with the Hawks, Heat, or Celtics, which doesn’t seem impossible, but a bit scarier to back against the spread.


Phoenix Suns

Another team on top of this list of the best picks against the spread in the NBA that had a down year last year but has completely transformed this season. The Phoenix Suns were the darling of the bubble last year but failed to make the playoffs, but this season there is no doubt the Suns will be a problem in the playoffs. The Suns currently sit atop the Western Conference standings and will work towards locking in the #1 seed in the playoffs. Similar to the Knicks there hasn’t been massive changes to this team other than the addition of Chris Paul, who impacts the game on both sides of the ball, but this Suns team is maturing together, and it is starting to click. The main fear for Suns bettors in the playoffs is the lack of playoff experience on the roster. Chris Paul has some of the most playoff experience in the league, but other than him this team has almost no one on the roster who has played in a playoff game. It will be interesting to see if bettors continue to back the Suns the further they get in the playoffs, but so far in the season the Suns have made bettors a lot of money in the regular season.

On the season the Phoenix Suns are 47-19 straight up and 40-25-1 against the spread. As the favorite the Suns are 32-21 against the spread and as an underdog the Suns are 8-4 against the spread. Not too shocking that the Suns have been an overwhelming favorite this season, but it is encouraging to see that they can regularly cover the number against lower level teams. It is a bit surprising that the Suns have such a good record as the underdog against the spread this year.  As an underdog the Suns have been given at most six points against the Clippers on April 8th, but they failed to cover the spread in that game. In the early round of the playoffs the Suns will most likely be overwhelming favorites, but as they advance, we have a feeling the expert pick will be the Suns as the underdog, but we just do not have much data to prove they can cover against the spread regularly as an underdog. For the rest of the regular season keep your eye on the Phoenix Suns as you still have a few more games to cash some tickets against the spread.


Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies may be the most surprising team on this list but when you take a look at the data and the Grizzlies roster it makes sense why Memphis is one of the best NBA picks against the spread. The Grizzlies are a young team that has a lot of energy and plays at 100% night in and night out. They also have a surprisingly deep roster that has gotten a lot out of their young players. Obviously everyone knows about Ja Morant and Jonas Valanciunas but Dillon Brooks, Kyle Anderson, Xavier Tillman, De’Anthony Melton, and rookie Desmond Bane have contributed a ton for the Grizzlies this season. The Grizzlies currently sit 8th in the Western Conference so they will need to string together a few wins at the end of the year to be able to avoid the play in tournament. If the Grizzlies aren’t able to secure their spot in the playoffs you would have to think they would be a heavy favorite against the spread to win out of the play in tournament. It may be difficult to avoid the play in tournament though as the Grizzlies are a few losses back of 6th seed, either way we are excited to see the Grizzlies play more games this season because it gives us the opportunity to win more bets, and we love betting on the best teams against the spread.

On the season the Grizzlies have a 33-32 record straight up but a 39-25-1 record against the spread. Taking a deeper look at the Grizzlies record against the spread they have played fairly well as the favorite with a 17-13 record as a favorite, but where the Grizzlies excel is as the underdog. This season as the underdog the Grizzlies are 21-12, which is a great sign as we get closer to the playoffs. Although the Grizzlies have little to none playoff experience on the roster you have to assume they will be an underdog for most if not all of their playoff games. With a record of 21-12 against the spread it makes it easy to place bets on them as the underdog.