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NBA Sharp Betting updated successfully as of Mon 11/18, 12:47 AM
NBA Sharp Betting updated successfully as of Mon 11/18, 12:47 AM

NBA Sharp Betting Explained

Picking a winner when betting the NBA is hard enough, whether that be betting NBA ATS, NBA money lines, or total over unders. Luckily BetQL is here to help in the form of NBA sharp betting trends. One of the most popular methods to start your research is by looking at NBA sharp betting trends, which is taking a look at the sharp percentage of tickets and the sharp percentage of money being wagered on a game. A sharp is a professional bettor or someone who gambles a large amount. These sharp bettors often have more insights and a more in depth strategy than public bettors, so a profitable strategy may be following their lead. Some bettors choose to follow the sharp money and will bet on the sharp favorites. However a very popular and profitable strategy is by fading the sharp and taking the team that is seeing less total money and siding with NBA consensus picks , or the team that the sports books have less liability on. .

Using BetQL you can create a custom sports betting dashboard that highlights all NBA sharp picks which you can save and revisit daily. With BetQL you can add and remove data to your dashboard like the percentage of public tickets vs. the percentage of sharp tickets to make sure you are always making the most informed winning bets!