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NBA Picks

The NBA is filled with drama on and off the court and it can be difficult to predict either outcome. With about a dozen games on a night it can be tough to follow everything and make informed NBA picks. BetQL is here for you and we have NBA picks every night of the week. We work to gather data from a dozen different sources that feed into our model and provide users with winning NBA picks.

If you are looking for a winning NBA pick or you want the data to create your own picks, BetQL has you covered. With a BetQL subscription you can see how well a team plays at home versus on the road, see how often they win against the spread, and see the difference between the current line and where our model would have placed the line.

Stop trusting your gut and your recent memory to make NBA picks and more importantly stop wasting your time checking different sites for data. All the NBA data you need is right here at BetQL.

NBA Expert Picks

There are hundreds of people out there who claim to be an expert whether it’s in terms of gambling or just NBA in general but not all of them can point you towards a winner like alone a winner ATS. BetQL’s NBA expert picks come from our model which takes into account hundreds of data points. Our model works towards being consistent and profitable rather than getting hot for a short period of time. Stop betting on teams and start betting on the numbers. Our NBA expert picks come straight from a computer, which means we have consistent winners and no human error.

NBA Picks Against the Spread

If you can pick who will win in an NBA game that is great, but you won’t be getting rich any time soon. The true sign of a profitable NBA bettor is how well they pick against the spread. If you need a refresher on how NBA spreads work, make sure you check out our page that explains that in more depth.

At BetQL we specialize is giving out NBA picks against the spread. Not only will we show you how confident we are that a team will cover the spread, but we will also show you the percentage of NBA experts who are betting each side. No matter the game we have NBA picks ATS for every single game. If the sportsbooks have put out a line on the game, we have a pick against the spread for that game.

If you are a new bettor and you aren’t ready to bet NBA against the spread, you can still see our NBA money line data and see if that is more your speed. When you are ready to start betting more and understand the ins and outs BetQL will be here with winning NBA picks against the spread for you!

College Basketball Best Bets

BetQL is the place to find college basketball best bets. If you are looking to find value in your bets against the spread, you are in the right place. At BetQL we use a star rating to indicate our college basketball best bets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular season game, a playoff game, or an NBA finals game we will have NBA best bets for today. Our NBA best bet star ratings range from 1-5 and you will always see our 5-star bets listed at the top. Our model is confident that our 5-star plays will hit and, in most cases, hits more often than the NBA expert picks you are getting from other places.