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NBA First Half Lines Explained

If betting a full NBA is too much for you or you think you have a good feeling of how the game will be entering halftime betting the NBA first half may be perfect for you. Here you can find all of the NBA first half odds no matter the bet type, and quick explanations on how betting the first half of an NBA works. If you aren’t positive how NBA odds and all of the other bet types work take a step back and check out our page where we go more in depth. .
Moneyline Example:
Betting the money line for an NBA game is simple you are just picking who you think will score more points. This doesn’t change much when you are betting the first half money line because all you are betting on is which team will score more points before halftime. If the Boston Celtics and the Los Angles Lakers are playing and you bet the Celtics 1st half moneyline all you need is the Celtics to have more points than the Lakers by halftime and you win the bet. It is that simple and if you are looking for more in depth examples of NBA 1st half moneyline betting you can check that out. .
ATS Example:
When you are betting the first half of an NBA game against the spread it is almost the same exact bet as the moneyline example, but now you have to factor in the 1st half spread. If the first half spread is Celtics -2 / Lakers +2 and you place a bet on the Celtics that means you need the Celtics be ahead by 3 points by halftime. If the Celtics cover the bet and are leading by 3 or more points by the end of the first half you can cash that ticket! NBA first half odds are usually a bit worse than the odds for betting a full game but it’s dependent on the book you bet with.

NBA First Half Betting Lines

Taking a look and betting on NBA first half lines is ideal for underdog teams that have a trend of getting off to a hot start or have better odds on a first half bet. Underdogs should not be overlooked for first half betting, especially from home underdogs who tend to come out and play well in front of their home fans before talent and ability take hold in the second half. You can also look at it the other way where a favored team may be known to start pulling away and building a lead after halftime, so fading the favorite for the first half may be a great value bet. BetQL is a great tool for bettors who like to bet on the first half because we always have the most updated NBA first half odds, lines and spreads. We work closely with the sportsbooks to be able to show up to the minute updated lines and odds. If the sportsbook makes an update you can be sure it will be reflected on BetQL. .
Using BetQL you can create a custom sports betting dashboard that specifically identifies value bets for NBA 1st halfs. With BetQL you can add/remove data and save your dashboard for future games. For example you can add data to see each team’s ATS record for the year, the spread opening, and the NBA totals spread movement to help identify which bet you should make for the first half of the game.

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