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NFL Sharp Picks updated successfully as of Mon 4/6, 5:14 AM
NFL Sharp Picks updated successfully as of Mon 4/6, 5:14 AM

NFL Sharp Betting Explained

When someone is talking about NFL sharp picks they are talking about who the experts are betting on for any given game. If someone is a "sharp" bettor they are as close as you can be to a professional sports bettor, and this is why people are always interested in who the sharps are picking, especially for NFL games. A lot of bettors will even call this NFL expert picks, but unlike a pick selling service you aren’t looking at one bettors opinion, you are getting an aggregate of all of the experts. One of the most popular methods to bet on football games is to follow or "trail" the NFL expert picks. Bettors love to follow the sharps because they are the ones who are most successful and are making money betting on football games. Although it can be profitable to follow the sharp betting trends some bettors make their money by "fading" or picking against the sharps for any given game. There is no surefire strategy when it comes to winning football bets so it is up to you whether you want to follow BetQL’s NFL expert picks or the follow the NFL consensus picks

NFL Expert Picks

Picking winners for football is hard. Picking winners for the NFL is even harder. No one is as good as they were last week, and more importantly, no one is as bad as they were last week. One week you can be on top of the world picking NFL games and the next week you are begging for a single win. If you really want to be successful betting on football you know you have to do your research and not be afraid to look for help. BetQL is here to help and you know you can always find NFL expert picks on this page. We have the data that few other sites have that can tell you exactly which side the NFL experts are picking this week. Stop listening to your gut and the talking heads on the network pregame shows. Start listening to the real experts who are actually betting on these games. Use BetQL to find NFL expert picks, how many sharps are on a team, and the number of sharp tickets that are on the game. BetQL is here to take you from a casual bettor to a sharp!


If you are betting on the NFL you are most likely betting against the spread, and if you aren’t betting against the spread it’s time to grow up and start betting like an adult. Anyone can pick a winner but only a real bettor can hand out NFL picks against the spread. Betting against the spread is the real way to test your skills. The handicappers in Vegas get paid a lot to do what they do, because they are great at setting lines. Consistently winning against Vegas is nearly impossible, so if you want to be a successful sports bettor you need to use BetQL for NFL picks ATS. At BetQL we have data that shows you where the pros are putting their money for NFL picks against the spread. You can see what percentage of the sharp money is on a team, but you can also see what percentage of the sharp tickets on each team. If you are using other sites to see their NFL expert picks against the spread you are missing the mark because those sites are showing you only one bettor. With BetQL you can see an aggregate of pro bettors and tail them all the way to the cage to cash your ticket. Once you start following BetQL’s expert picks you will stop searching for NFL picks ATS and just come directly to us.

NFL Sharp Betting Trends

Finding sharp betting trend data can be difficult because you need data from the sportsbooks to be able to accurately tell what truly is an NFL expert pick. BetQL is able to work closely with the sportsbooks so we are able to show users the most updated sharp betting data for any game. Finding value in NFL point spreads can be difficult so it can be extremely helpful to look at the sharp betting percentages before you make your pick. With BetQL you can always find value in games whether you are betting against the spread or betting a NFL moneyline because you can create & save dashboards that specifically focus on finding value. Sign up for BetQL and start cashing more tickets!