NFL Picks Against the Spread

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NFL Sharp Betting Explained

When someone is talking about NFL sharp picks they are talking about who the experts are betting on for any given game. If someone is a “sharp” bettor they are as close as you can be to a professional sports bettor, and this is why people are always interested in who the sharps are picking, especially for NFL games. A lot of bettors will even call this NFL expert picks, but unlike a pick selling service you aren’t looking at one bettors opinion, you are getting an aggregate of all of the experts.
One of the most popular methods to bet on football games is to follow or “trail” the NFL expert picks. Bettors love to follow the sharps because they are the ones who are most successful and are making money betting on football games. Although it can be profitable to follow the sharp betting trends some bettors make their money by “fading” or picking against the sharps for any given game. There is no surefire strategy when it comes to winning football bets so it is up to you whether you want to follow BetQL’s NFL expert picks or the follow the NFL consensus picks.

NFL Sharp Betting Trends

Finding sharp betting trend data can be difficult because you need data from the sportsbooks to be able to accurately tell what truly is an NFL expert pick. BetQL is able to work closely with the sportsbooks so we are able to show users the most updated sharp betting data for any game. Finding value in NFL lines can be difficult so it can be extremely helpful to look at the sharp betting percentages before you make your pick. With BetQL you can always find value in games whether you are betting against the spread or betting a football moneyline because you can create & save dashboards that specifically focus on finding value. Sign up for BetQL and start cashing more tickets!