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MLB Over Under Betting Explained

Betting the total for a baseball game is a bet on how many total runs will be scored in a game. A majority of bettors call this bet type an MLB over under and the lines are typically between 6 and 13 runs. There can be a “push” if the total amount of points scored in the game exactly equals the total. If you aren't familiar with lines and don’t understand how MLB odds work make sure you head over to our page on that topic to get caught up.

MLB Over Under Example:

The Rockies-Padres matchup has a run total that is 11.5 runs. While you think that there will be plenty of runs scored, you don’t feel confident on the total going over 11.5 so you bet the under. After the whole game is played the score is Rockies 5 - Padres 3. Since the total runs scored in the game ended up being 8 and the over under line was set at 11.5 the under bet hits.

MLB Over Under Betting Trends

MLB over-under betting can be tricky and you must find value in MLB spreads in order to remain profitable over the long term. To do this, BetQL has created value models to help you find which games have the most value. BetQL also allows you to create custom betting dashboards that can specifically help find winners when it comes to MLB over unders. You can add and remove stats and save a custom dashboard to help identify value plays. For example you can add in the run line movement to see if the public or sharps have influenced the run line to change. BetQL is here to give you the data to make informed bets and help you cash more tickets!