College Football Consensus Picks

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BetQL's College Football Consensus Picks

Each week we will unlock a few college football games for free so you can see the ins and outs of BetQL. For every game you will be able to see all our betting data for that game including our score predictions, our college football model's consensus pick, see which side the pros are betting, and most importantly you will get all the public betting data for every bet type. In the table above you will see the table is sorted by which game we have the most college football public betting data for, against the spread. If betting against the spread isn't your favorite bet type then you can check out our moneyline picks or over under picks, but for any bet type you will be able to see all the public betting data we have. If you aren't comfortable with the public picks then you can either check out our college football best bets or see which side the college football experts are picking this week. If you like to fade the public or tail the consensus pick BetQL has all the data you need. Below you will see our public betting analysis each and week

We can’t wait for football season to get back underway, but until next season kicks off you can win some bets betting on the NBA & MLB with BetQL. Just like our football product you can find picks for every game on tonight’s NBA slate and if you want to bet a total make sure you look at our NBA model’s over under picks to find a winner. If you haven’t figured out what game you like tonight check out the most updated odds, lines, spreads and best bets for all the games on tonight, let BetQL help you win more bets with our five star plays.

If you aren’t a big basketball fan or you are trying to build up your bankroll for later tonight with some baseball bets, BetQL has you covered. Our MLB model has five star picks for all of today’s game waiting for you, whether you like to bet against the spread or need a moneyline winner, BetQL has you covered. If you are looking to bet an over our MLB over under model has five star picks waiting for you. If you are still doing research on all the games on today take a look at all the most updated odds, lines, spreads, and best bets from BetQL. Start winning more of your baseball bets with BetQL and build your bankroll for football season.

College Football Public Betting Explained

Historically one of the most popular betting strategies is betting against the public consensus. Although data has shown that betting against the public for college football games has been somewhat profitable over the years it may not be the best strategy, but examining college football public betting should be a crucial part of anyone’s strategy.

The strategy behind betting against the public or as it’s commonly called “fading the public” is that most bettors do not totally know what they are doing and will pick a winner based on a gut feeling rather than data. Most casual college football bettors are more familiar with picking a moneyline winner and aren’t comfortable reading odds let alone picking a game against the spread. Since football is by far the most popular sport and the most popular sport for casual fans to bet on this strategy holds a bit more water.

Of course BetQL has you covered in terms of college football public betting percentages and the number of public bets. If you think you want to try fading the public you can also check out which side the sharps are picking.

College Football Consensus Picks

Picking a winner in college football can be tough because there is just too much to follow. Occasionally you may want to see who the experts are picking, which is pretty easy to find online, but what you may have trouble finding are college football consensus picks. Knowing which side the public is betting for every game and every bet type can be incredibly valuable. If you want to fade the public you can easily do that, or you can tail any college football consensus pick. With BetQL you will also be able to see which side the college football public is betting for ever game and every bet type.

College Football Public Betting Trends

BetQL prides itself on having the most up to date college football betting odds and public betting information at all times. We are able to work closely with sportsbooks and are able to reflect up to the second college football public betting changes. If the public betting percentages change at your book you can be sure that BetQL has that updated. No longer do you have to go searching around to find public betting data for this week because BetQL has everything you need in one place! BetQL allows users to customize and save dashboards that focus specifically on finding value using public betting data. Sign up for BetQL and start cashing more tickets!