College Football Consensus Picks

BetQL's College Football Consensus Picks for this Week

Each week we will unlock a few college football games for free so you can see the ins and outs of BetQL. For every game you will be able to see all our betting data for that game including our score predictions, our college football model's consensus pick, see which side the pros are betting, and most importantly you will get all the public betting data for every bet type. You read that right we don't only have public betting data for our best bets we have data around our over under picks so you can get a feel on which way the public is betting the total.

College Football Consensus Picks

When you want the best and most informed bets on the college football season, look no further than BetQL. We use real data and analytics to predict and project the outcome of each and every college football game for the entire season, making sure you have the most knowledge and public betting data when placing your bets. Every week during the season we will unlock 3-4 games to let you experience what we have to offer first hand. You will learn how we work and everything we have to offer for each game, including all the data and analytics that we use to make our pick. For each of the free picks that we offer during Week 1, you will be able to see our projected score, which side our college football model is projecting, all the public betting info and percentages, and which side the sharps are on for each of these games. We also will have entire previews written by our college football experts giving away their picks and thoughts on each game. All of that information will be available to you no matter how you bet, so make sure to check out BetQL and every week after that for all the college football consensus information you need to make smarter and more informed bets on college football.

College Football Public Betting Explained

Historically one of the most popular betting strategies is betting against the public consensus. Although data has shown that betting against the public for college football games has been somewhat profitable over the years it may not be the best strategy, but examining college football public betting should be a crucial part of anyone’s strategy.
The strategy behind betting against the public or as it’s commonly called “fading the public” is that most bettors do not totally know what they are doing and will pick a winner based on a gut feeling rather than data. Most casual college football bettors are more familiar with picking a moneyline winner and aren’t comfortable reading college football odds and spreads, let alone picking a game against the spread. Since football is by far the most popular sport and the most popular sport for casual fans to bet on this strategy holds a bit more water.
Of course BetQL has you covered in terms of college football public betting percentages and the number of public bets. If you think you want to try fading the public you can also check out which side the sharps are picking.

College Football Consensus Picks Explained

In sports betting, most people always look straight to spread betting or the money line to place their bets. Some people choose to bet on the total, another common form of betting. But one of the most underutilized and forgotten about ways to bet is using public data. By using the public betting data, bettors are able to figure out where all the bets are going for a certain bet. This is very useful for anyone who wants to either fade the public or side with the public, and there are some bettors out there who bet solely on public betting data. Another reason public data is helpful is because it allows you to see where the sharp money is going.

One of the best ways, and most profitable ways, to bet the spread, money line, or total is by looking at the public to sharp action. These numbers will tell you where all the huge tickets are going on a game, compared to where the small wagers are being placed. For example, one team may have a huge number of tickets on them compiling of 90% of the total bets placed on that game for that type of wager, while the other team only has 10%. This information is retrieved by using the public betting data. However, that 10% team may have over 70% of the total money bet on the game, meaning that the bets placed on that team are very large amounts of money. This lets you separate the more inexperienced bettors from the big cats that are placing massive amounts of money on bets every single night. These gamblers are usually sharp bettors, people that gamble for a living and have inside sources that help them win bets. We have this data via our BetQL model that tells us not only the Sharp %, but the public % as well, making sure you know where the pros are betting each and every game.

The public data plays a huge part in sports betting, so make sure to check out where the public and sharps are betting to make a more informed bet! If you want to see the public odds for the Heisman race this season be sure to check out our article on that, and if you are looking for public odds for the College Football playoff we have that too. Find out who our experts are betting and get the best consensus picks for this college football season.

College Football Public Betting Trends

Never miss out on using the public betting data to make a smarter and more informed bet using BetQL. We have all the public data for every single game during the 2021 college football season, so you will always know who the public is betting on. We even adapt in-game, so you can find the best value while the ball is in the air. We have you covered for every game, from the first kickoff of the season until the last second ticks off the clock in the College Football Championship.  When you use this data to find the sharp numbers and public betting data, it can be a huge advantage when betting on a game, so make sure to subscribe to BetQL so you never miss out on any of this critical data!

More Than Just Football

BetQL is more than just football picks our tool has everything a bettor needs for the NBA, college basketball, and baseball. This time of year our main focus moves to baseball and you know that with a BetQL subscription you will get our model's expert picks every day, every night, and every single game. Not only can you get our MLB best bets today but if you don't like to bet moneylines and runlines, you can tail our model's MLB over under picks. Start backing our baseball picks and build that bankroll up before football season starts.

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