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MLB Betting Lines Explained

When it comes to betting on the MLB or betting on baseball in general there are so many different bet types. You can bet a game against the spread, moneyline, total runs over under, first five innings and more. It can be a bit difficult to understand how all the different bet types work and how to win. Luckily BetQL is here to help and below you will find an explanation on everything!.

MLB Odds Explained

When someone is talking about MLB odds they are talking about how likely the sportsbooks believe a team will win a game. Odds are used in every type of baseball bet and it shows a bettor how much they can win if their bet covers. With MLB odds the favorite will be listed as a negative number (-200) and that number shows how much a bettor would need to wager to win $100 in profit. The underdog is listed with a positive number (+150) and that number shows how much a bettor would profit off a $100 bet. MLB odds typically range from -300 for a huge favorite to +290 for a big underdog.

MLB Moneylines Explained

Moneyline betting is the most straight forward type of betting. When you are betting on an MLB moneyline you are picking which team is going to win the game. Similar to betting against the spread moneyline odds will list the favorite as a negative number and the underdog as a positive number. Although baseball moneyline betting odds are much lower than the odds for betting against the spread because it is a much easier type of bet to win. This is why betting against the spread is much more popular because there is more money to be won!.

MLB Moneyline Example:

The Chicago Cubs are facing off against the Cincinnati Reds in Chicago at Wrigley Field on a beautiful summer day. The Cubs are the favorite and their odds are listed at (-200). The Reds are the moneyline underdog and their odds are listed at (+150). You place a $100 bet on the Cubs moneyline which means all you need the Cubs to do is win the game outright. Once the game starts the Cubs jump out to an early lead and after the first five inningsthe Cubs are in the lead 4-0. From the fifth inning on the game does not get much better for the Reds as they continue to be held to zero runs. After Kanye West sings a beautiful rendition of the 7th inning stretch in his hometown Reds fans begin to file out because the score is Cubs 6 - Reds 0. The Reds have nothing left to give and once the game ends the final score shows Cubs 8 - Reds 0. Since the Cubs won the game easily they have covered the moneyline bet. Since the Cubs were (-200) your $100 bet has resulted in a $50 profit!.

MLB Lines Explained

An MLB line refers to how many runs a team must win by or the total amount of runs a team can lose by in any given baseball bet. The line is something you only need to worry about if you are betting baseball against the spread. Specifically for baseball when you are betting against the spread most bettors will call it the MLB run linerather than a betting line. If you are looking for a more in depth explanation of how run lines work make sure to head over to our page on that topic!.

MLB Over Unders Explained

A baseball over under bet is a simple bet on how many total runs will be scored in a game. Commonly this bet type is called a totals bet because you are betting on the combined total runs in a game. The totals line is typically set from about 5 runs to 9.5 runs depending on how the oddsmakers think the game will turn out. If you are looking to find an in depth example on how MLB over underswork check out our page on that topic.

MLB First Five Innings Explained

If betting a full baseball game is too much for you, you can bet on the score after the first five innings. Similar to other sports where you can bet the 1st half or the 2nd half you can bet the outcome after the first five innings. Since there are no halves in baseball they have decided that the 5th inning is the dividing line for bettors. If you are looking for a full breakdown of MLB first five inningbetting including an example check out our page on that bet type.

MLB Betting Trends

Keeping track of MLB betting trends can be difficult and even when you feel like you have a handle on it you may be looking at a dozen sources of data. With BetQL you can find all baseball betting trends in one place. Our users are able to create and save dashboards that focus on what ever MLB bet type they play most. You will always find value in your baseball bets with BetQL because we highlight the best value plays of the day. Once you sign up for BetQL you will stop asking around for MLB bets for today because you know you can find the best baseball bets everyday on BetQL. Sign up for BetQL today and start cashing more tickets!

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