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NHL Third Period Moneyline Betting Explained

Betting the 3rd period moneyline of a hockey game is one of the easiest bet type to understand. If you aren't sure how nhl moneyline betting works make sure you head over to our page to read up on that. When you are betting the 3rd period moneyline you are betting who you think will win the third period. The score from the first and second period have no bearing on the outcome of a 3rd period moneyline bet. The way that 3rd period money line odds work is that the favorite be listed with a negative number (ie. -200) that means you will have to bet that amount to win $100. The underdog will be listed with a positive number (ie. +300) that means you will win that amount on a $100 bet. If you have already mastered third period moneyline betting check out the 3rd period puck line spreads. .

NHL 3rd Period ML Example:

The Carolina Hurricanes are hosting the Dallas Stars in a regular season game. After the horn sounds to end the 2nd period the score is Carolina Hurricanes 2 - Dalls Stars 0. Since the Hurricanes are at home and are winning going into the final period the 3rd period moneyline odds have been set as the following, Hurricanes (-200) Stars (+300). Once play resumes and the right before the final horn sounds the Stars are able to score a goal to bring the score to Hurricanes 2 - Stars 1. Right after the goal the game ends and the Hurricanes win, but since the Stars scored in the 3rd period and the Hurricanes did not the Dallas Stars have won the 3rd period money line. If you were to have placed a $100 bet on the Stars (+300) for the 3rd period moneyline your bet would have covered and you would win $400.

NHL Third Period Moneyline Betting

Betting on hockey is tough! Let alone betting 3rd period money lines but luckily BetQL is here to help. When you sign up for BetQL you can be sure that you will always see the most updated 3rd period money line odds because we work closely with the sportsbooks to ensure that any changes on their end are reflected on our site. With a BetQL membership you will always see our highlighted value bets that show where a bettor will find the value and you can use our pre-set dashboards or build / save your own dashboards that specifically identify good 3rd period moneyline bets. Try BetQL today and start cashing more tickets!

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