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College Basketball Public Betting

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College Basketball Public Betting Explained

Historically one of the most popular betting strategies is betting against the public consensus. Although data has shown that betting against the public for college basketball games has been somewhat profitable over the years it may not be the best strategy, but examining college basketball public betting trends should be a crucial part of anyone’s strategy.

The strategy behind betting against the public or as it’s commonly called “fading the public” is that most bettors do not totally know what they are doing and will pick a winner based on a gut feeling rather than data. Most casual college basketball bettors are more familiar with picking a moneyline winner and aren’t comfortable reading college basketball odds let alone picking a college basketball game against the spread. Since college basketball is one of the most popular sports and is popular among casual fans using this strategy is a great way to gain an edge on the sportsbooks.

College Basketball Public Betting Trends

Tracking trends is a crucial part of being a successful sports bettor, but when it comes to college basketball public betting trends it can be nearly impossible to find all that data in one place. Luckily BetQL has you covered and is here to provide you with the data and insights for you to start making smarter bets. With BetQL you will find college basketball public betting data that you can’t find anywhere else. Using BetQL you can build custom sports betting dashboards that specifically highlight and track college basketball public betting trends. Creating a dashboard is simple and for example you could add in the percentage of public tickets, the percentage of public money, and put that next to our value bet ratings. Betting on college basketball has never been easier with BetQL.