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BetQL's NBA Over Under Pick for Today

The playoffs are finally underway and it is a great opportunity to win some NBA over under bets. With the playoffs comes with better defensive play and less interference from the referees. Although we loved the bubble restart games we are ready for playoff basketball where everyone will be trying at all times. The books may be overreacting to some bubble restart data and now is our time to take advantage with our NBA over under picks.

NBA Over Unders Explained

Betting NBA over under is the easiest bet type to understand. All you are betting on is if the final combined score will be over the line or under. The sportsbook sets the line, and then you place a wager if the score will be over that number or under. It is possible to bet an over under for just one team, but the default of over unders also known as totals is the combined score.

BetQL's NBA Over Under Picks

Betting over unders is one of the best ways to have fun while betting on sports, but it can be hard to pick a winner. Most bettors don't love to bet the under because it makes the game less exciting, but a lot of the times it is the right choice. That is why BetQL is here to help you be more profitable on your over under picks. We have the data to back up why you should be betting an over or why you should be betting the under. Our NBA over under model tracks every single game to build a foundation of data to decide if the over or the under will hit for every single game. Stop mindlessly betting overs and start using data to build a bankroll with BetQL.

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