NBA Over Under Picks

BetQL's NBA Over Under Picks

Check out BetQL's over under picks for every game on tonight's NBA slate. Our NBA over under model gives out bets for each and every NBA game on our 5-star scale that not only tells what is a good bet, but also weighs how much value is in the pick. If you are betting NBA over unders then look no further because BetQL has you covered for every game the rest of the season. Our NBA over under model analyzes data the minute the spreads are released so you always know you are looking at the most up to date picks. Stop betting with your gut and start using BetQL's NBA over under picks to win more bets.

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NBA Over Unders Explained

Betting NBA over under is the easiest bet type to understand. All you are betting on is if the final combined score will be over the line or under. The sportsbook sets the line, and then you place a wager if the score will be over that number or under. It is possible to bet an over under for just one team, but the default of over unders also known as totals is the combined score.

BetQL's NBA Over Under Picks

Betting over unders is one of the best ways to have fun while betting on sports, but it can be hard to pick a winner. Most bettors don't love to bet the under because it makes the game less exciting, but a lot of the times it is the right choice. That is why BetQL is here to help you be more profitable on your over under picks. We have the data to back up why you should be betting an over or why you should be betting the under. Our NBA over under model tracks every single game to build a foundation of data to decide if the over or the under will hit for every single game. Stop mindlessly betting overs and start using data to build a bankroll with BetQL.

NBA Playoff Over Under Picks

Betting the playoffs against the spread can be difficult and feel futile because the bookmakers are so sharp, but betting NBA over unders can be an easy way to get back at the books. Although the over under lines are sharp there is more data to back up how many points each team will score. With a BetQL subscription you can get our model's over under picks for every game during the playoffs along with the star rating of how confident the bet will hit. Not only can use our model data but you can also get our expert over under picks from everyone at the BetQL audio network. We have also done the leg work to figure out which teams are most likely to hit the over and which teams are most likely to hit the under. Check that out below and start cashing some over under winners this playoff season.

Best NBA Teams at Hitting the Over

Minnesota Timberwolves
Picking against the spread during the playoffs can be a challenge, which is why over/under wagers shouldn’t be overlooked. Among teams in the playoffs, nobody was better at hitting the over than the Timberwolves. Naturally, Minnesota was the highest-scoring team in the league this season, averaging 115.9 points per game with Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards both averaging over 20 points per game. Since the T’Wolves aren’t the most defensively savvy team, 50 of their 82 games went over the point total, leading the league at 61%.

Miami Heat
It’s not every year that one of the NBA’s best teams is also one of the best at hitting the over. But the Heat managed to accomplish that this season. Miami’s games went over the point total 59% of the time, even with the Heat also finishing with the best record in the Eastern Conference. Oddly enough, Miami was middle of the pack in scoring at 110 points per game. But the trio of Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, and Bam Adebayo all averaged at least 19 points per game, so Miami’s upside was high with regard to the over/under.

Denver Nuggets
The Nuggets barely squeaked into the playoffs, finishing with just a two-game cushion ahead of the teams in the Play-In Tournament. When Denver gets to the playoffs, the Nuggets will be one of the best teams at hitting the over, doing so in 56% of their games. Denver averaged over 112 points per game thanks to Nikola Jokic, who led the way with 27.1 points per game and led the Nuggets in every other important statistical category. But Denver also gave up 110 points per game, pushing their games over the point total more often than not.

Best at Hitting the Under

Dallas Mavericks
Thanks to the best defense in the Western Conference, the Mavericks excelled at hitting the under this season, doing so 61% of the time. Only the Celtics allowed fewer points this season, as Dallas allowed just 104.7 points per game. At the same time, the Mavericks scored the third-fewest points in the Western Conference, less than any other team finishing in the top 12 spots in the West, so it’s easy to see why they were such a good bet to hit the under.

Golden State Warriors
It’s hard to envision any team with Stephen Curry hitting the under with any regularity. But keep in mind the Warriors only had Klay Thompson for 32 games, so Golden State’s dynamic scoring duo didn’t even play half a season together. The Warriors also gave up the second-fewest points in the Western Conference, leading to 56.3% of Golden State’s games failing to reach the expected point total.

Utah Jazz
Not even Utah’s 25.9 points per game from Donovan Mitchell could get the Jazz over the point total regularly. In fact, Utah ended the regular season with the seventh-most points in the league, averaging 113.6 points per game. But Utah’s defense was solid and oddsmakers kept expecting the Jazz to be more dynamic offensively than they were. It wasn’t a drastic margin, but the Jazz hit the under in 53.8% of their games.

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