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NHL 3rd Period ATS Odds
NHL 3rd Period ATS Odds

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NHL Third Period ATS Betting Explained

Betting the 3rd period against the spread is one of the most popular ways to bet on the NHL but it can be a little difficult to understand, so we are here to help. Betting hockey against the spread or as some bettors call it against the puck line can be a bit confusing so if you aren’t up to speed on how NHL puck lines work make sure you head over to that page. When you place a bet on the 3rd period against the spread you are betting on which team will win the third period facturing the puck line that is set by the bookmakers. With a 3rd period puck line bet you are exclusively betting the score in the 3rd period the score from the first two periods does not factor in this bet. If your team wins the 3rd period against the puck line then your bet has covered. .

NHL 3rd Period ATS Example:

The Detroit Red Wings are playing the Buffalo Sabres at home and after the 2nd period the score is Red Wings 3 - Buffalo Sabres 2. The Red Wings have shown after two periods that they are the better team and the oddsmakers have placed the puck line for the third period at +/- .5 with the Red Wings as the favorite. After a hard fought third period the final buzzer sounds and the final score is Red Wings 4 - Buffalo Sabres 2 which means the third period ended Red Wings 1 - Buffalo Sabres 0. Since the puck line was -.5 for the Red Wings and they scored a goal and the Sabres did not it means a bet for the Red Wings 3rd period ATS covers!

NHL Third Period ATS Betting

Betting on hockey is hard enough let alone when you are betting strictly on the 3rd period against the spread. There are a lot of barriers that make wagering on the 3rd period puck line difficult it can be tough to find value in the lines, the lines and odds are constantly moving, and you may not have time to pull all the relevant data in one place. Using BetQL can help you with all of this because we highlight value in every bet type for every sport, we have update to second updates for hockey odds , lines and spreads, and our pre set dashboards show relevant data all in one place. Once you sign up for BetQL you can create and save your own custom dashboards that specifically find value in 3rd period against the spread bets. Try out BetQL today and start cashing more tickets!