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BetQL's College Football Moneyline Picks

Each week we will take a look at a few college football moneylines to give you an idea on how much value there is in that bet. Betting moneylines isn't exactly hard but what is hard is finding value in the pick. Our college football moneyline model balances not only the correct pick but how much value there is in that pick. If you aren't a moneyline bettor that is fine because we also have college football picks against the spread that you can check out. Keep reading below to see some of our favorite moneyline picks for this week.

If you want to know the best college football moneyline picks from week to week, look no further than BetQL. During the college football season, there is no better place to come to for moneyline picks. If you are a big-time moneyline bettor, or someone who is just getting started, BetQL has you covered. Every week during the season, we will unlock 3-4 games to let you experience what we have to offer first hand. You will learn how we work and everything we have to offer for each game, including all the data and analytics that we use to make our pick.

College Football Moneylines Explained

Money lines are one of, if not the most, common type of betting. It’s where a ton of sports bettors look when they want to place their wagers every week, and here at BetQL, we know that they want to get the most information on current college football odds as quickly as possible. That’s why if the sportsbooks post them, we do to, and immediately as they come out. Using BetQL, you will know the opening line as soon as it is released, and have our best bet on that line right away. No more waiting on experts to give their picks after doing hours and hours of research, and by then, you may get the worst of the number.

BetQL uses computer models to crunch the numbers and data in a fraction of the time it would take a human. Humans also have biases, whether we like to admit them or not, whereas a computer doesn’t have that factored into its handicapping. And don’t worry, if the lines change at the sportsbook, they change on BetQL. Our bet changes with the current line too, so no matter when you use us to get your best bets and information, our model has the best bet at the current number. Remember, if it updates at the sportsbook, it updates on BetQL. So, stop waiting around for your picks from some dude on twitter who is either making up random stuff, or taking forever to run the data. Trust BetQL to get you all the information you need fast, and start beating the books today.

At BetQL, we know that sports bettors want the most options possible at their disposal before they place their hard-earned money on a college football game. Not only do we have our computer models picks on each game every week, but we have a team of experts working throughout the season to help you make your bets. This is a team of real people who work each week to crunch the numbers and do their own research to find you the best value on certain games. But that’s not where the options stop with BetQL. We have all the betting data you need from the sports books to figure out where the money is going, from public money percentage to sharp money. This lets you see where the big bets are being placed, and which side the sharp bettors are on.

One of the best ways, and most profitable ways, to bet the money line is by looking at the sharp action. These numbers will tell you where all the huge tickets are going on a game, compared to where the small wagers are being placed. For example, one team may have a huge number of tickets on them compiling of 90% of the total bets placed on that game for that type of wager, while the other team only has 10%. However, that 10% team may have over 70% of the total money bet on the game, meaning that the bets placed on that team are very large amounts of money. This lets you separate the more inexperienced bettors from the big cats that are placing massive amounts of money on bets every single night. These gamblers are usually sharp bettors, people that gamble for a living and have inside sources that help them win bets. We have this data via our BetQL model that tells us the Sharp %, making sure you know where the pros are betting each and every game.

How To Bet College Football Money Lines:

Figuring out how money lines work in betting is not as hard as it might sound to someone who is new to the gaming industry. There are so many terms and words that any novice sports bettor probably never has heard before, or at least, never knew what any of them meant. So, let BetQL explain how betting on the money line works in college football. It’s pretty simple really, if the team you place a money line wager on wins, you win! A college football money line bet just means that you are picking a team to win, throwing out any points or numbers they have to win by. The spread has no influence on winning these types of bets.

When you first subscribe to BetQL, you’ll notice that games aren’t listed in order of when they start. That’s because we automatically rank them on our best bets, so the games at the top are always the games that we think have the most value betting on. We do this for every type of bet, including money line betting. Of course, you can switch the order by start time as well, making it easier to find the game you are looking for. Home teams will always be listed at the bottom for each section, so it’s easy to figure out which squad is playing at home.

When it comes to the actual odds on money line bets, they are graded on a scale where $100 is the key figure of every wager. The teams that are the favorites to win are identified with a minus symbol (-) next to their number, while the underdogs have a plus sign (+) next to the figure beside them. When betting the favorite, the number and minus sign means that is the amount that you would have to bet to win $100. When betting the underdog, the number and plus sign mean that is the amount you will win by wagering $100. We know, this still may be a bit confusing, so let’s take a look at some examples from last year’s college football games to get a better understanding of how the money line works.

College Football Moneyline Example: Clemson -300 (Bet $300 To Win $100) vs. Notre Dame +230 (Bet $100 to win $230)

In one of the best matchups of the year last season, Clemson came into Notre Dame as the No. 1 team in the country, but missing their star QB Trevor Lawrence. Notre Dame was the No. 4 team in college football, so this was a heavily bet on and anticipated match. Despite not having Lawrence, Clemson was still favored by quite a bit, which is indicated in their -300 money line odds. Bettors who laid the steep price were disappointed and went home empty-handed, as the Fighting Irish prevailed in an OT classic to take down the No. 1 team. Clemson had their chance at the end of the game to come through for their backers, but failed on a fourth and long attempt. It was clear how much Clemson missed Lawrence, as the Irish focused on stopping star RB Travis Etienne instead, holding him to just 28 yards total in the game on 20 carries. They couldn’t get anything going on the ground, which forced their freshman QB D.J. Uiagalelei to pass all game.

Those who bet the Irish to win were rewarded with a big payday, as they took home +230 winnings on whatever they bet. The spread had no factor here, so as long as the team they picked won the football game, they won. Most of the time if a number is as large as -300, bettors won’t lay that type of money to win, and instead look for the team to win by a certain number of points via the spread. They lost too, because Clemson was defeated outright.

College Football Moneyline Example: Example: BYU -360 (Bet $360 To Win $100) vs. Coastal Carolina +285 (Bet $100 To Win $285)

In a game that was never supposed to be, BYU took on Coastal Carolina in what was one of the best NCAA Football games in recent memory. The constant canceling and rescheduling of games in 2020 was frustrating for many, but it did give us this incredible game. Liberty University had a COVID-19 outbreak, which led to it’s highly anticipated matchup against Coastal Carolina to be cancelled. Coastal was unbeaten at this time, and with fellow undefeated BYU looking to play a game to strengthen its resume for a playoff berth, it seemed like a logical choice for these two unbeaten teams to duke it out.

The game lived up to the hype in a big way. It was a very great battle between one of the best rushing attacks in the nation in Coastal Carolina, against Heisman Trophy candidate Zach Wilson and the high-powered passing game of BYU. The game came down to the final play, where the underdog Coastal Carolina held a slim 22-17 lead. Wilson hit his target Dax Milne over the middle for a 17-yard gain as time expired, and Milne was stopped literally inches from the goal-line, as Coastal hung on and won outright.

Coastal money line bettors were cheering up and down the aisle ways as their team took home the victory, and they took home +285 odds on their bet. BYU money line bettors were furious that Milne was stopped just short of the goal-line, causing them to lose their bets on a very high-priced favorite. There is always risk in backing the underdog, but in some cases, it pays of greatly.

College Football Moneyline Example: Example: Oklahoma -145 (Bet $145 To Win $100) vs. Texas +125 (Bet $100 To Win $125)

In a game that pitted two bitter rivals against each other, this classic did not disappoint. After suffering two devastating losses before coming into this one, Oklahoma needed a victory in the worst way if it had any chance to still make the College Football Playoff. Texas meanwhile, also had a setback against TCU that sent them tumbling down the leaderboards. This was a game both teams needed, and one that was fairly evenly matched.

The game ended up going to 4OT, and anytime that is the case, you have an instant classic on your hands. Bettors were just as nervous, as no matter who they bet on, the game was a play away from winning or losing them money. In the end, it was the favorite who prevailed against the underdog. Oklahoma beat Texas 53-45 in an absolute thriller of a game, and those who laid the -145 with the Sooners breathed a sigh of relief as their team got a much-needed victory. Texas backers went home without a dime, as they and the team were disappointed to say the least about the loss. Sometimes it pays off to lay the number with the favorite, because they are favored for a reason, and more often than not, they grab the win. Money lines aren’t hard to understand, but they are hard to bet, two very different things.

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