MLB Public Betting

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MLB Public Betting Trends

There are a lot of different strategies that you can use when betting on MLB games, whether that be betting MLB spreads, money lines, over under totals, or first five innings spreads. One of the most popular methods to start your baseball betting research is by looking at MLB public betting trends. This can be done on BetQL by looking at MLB public betting percentages which can found quickly and easily within the app. MLB public betting or also commonly called MLB consensus picks is looking up to see which teams are garnering the most public tickets for all various bet types. Some bettors choose to follow the public and will bet on the public favorites. However a very popular and profitable strategy is by fading the public and taking the team that is seeing less public tickets.

With BetQL you can create custom dashboards that specifically identify value bets based off MLB public betting data. The app allows you to add / remove data and save the dashboard to check back for the next day’s games. For example you can add the percentage of public tickets or the percentage of public money to see which side the public is leaning. If you are actively fading the public your dashboard will show you exactly which games to fade.