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MLB Consensus Picks

MLB consensus picks are a way to gauge the general sentiment among sports bettors about a particular game. Consensus picks are based on the percentage of public bets placed on a particular team.

We work with the sportsbooks, who provide us their data so we can tell our subscribers which side the MLB public betting is on for every game on today's slate.

Our MLB Consensus picks can be useful to bettors because they provide a snapshot of the general sentiment in the betting market. However, it's important to keep in mind that MLB consensus picks are not always accurate predictors of the actual outcome of a game. The majority of bets may be placed on one team, but that doesn't necessarily mean that team will win, or lose.

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MLB Public Betting

MLB public betting refers to the bets placed by the general public on a particular baseball game. This information can be useful to some bettors because it provides insight into the betting patterns and preferences of the general public.

Some bettors use public betting data as part of their analysis when making a bet, while others prefer to ignore it. It's important to keep in mind that public betting data is just one piece of information and should not be relied on exclusively when making a bet.

The bettors who are looking for MLB public betting data are looking to do what is called fade the public. We will explain more about fading the public below, but this public betting data can be helpful throughout the long haul of the baseball season.

What is Fading the Public in Baseball Betting?

Fading the public in baseball betting refers to a strategy where a bettor goes against the majority opinion of the public and bets on the underdog team or outcome. This strategy is based on the idea that the general public tends to overvalue popular teams or outcomes, leading to inflated odds and lower value on those bets.

Sharp bettors, or better known as the guys who make expert picks, have the theory that public bettors don't exactly know what they are doing, so if one team is completely stacked with public betting, they will be a contrarian and bet the other side.

Fading the public can be a profitable strategy if the public perception is inaccurate, leading to value on the underdog team or outcome. However, it's important to keep in mind that the public can sometimes be right, so it's important to do your own research and analysis before making a bet.

Fading the Public Example:
The New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox and 80% of the public bets are placed on the Yankees to win, a bettor who is fading the public might place a bet on the Red Sox instead, despite the public opinion. This strategy is based on the belief that the odds are more favorable for the underdog team due to the overvaluing of the favorite by the public.

Is it Smart to Fade or Tail Consensus Picks?

Deciding whether to bet with or against the public is a strategic choice that depends on various factors, including your own analysis, risk tolerance, and betting goals.

The public betting data often gravitates towards popular teams, well-known players, or recent performance trends, which can result in odds being skewed in favor of the underdog. This is advantageous to bettors who are looking to fade the public and bet underdogs because you will most often see higher payouts.

When it comes to betting MLB consensus picks, the game tends to attract fewer novice bettors compared to sports like football and basketball. However, this doesn't mean that the public consensus is always accurate. In MLB betting, the direction of public money can often provide a more reliable indication of potential success compared to the consensus in other sports. The lower number of inexperienced bettors in baseball results in a more informed public, making the movement of public money a valuable factor to consider when analyzing MLB betting trends.

MLB Public Betting Trends

Tracking MLB public betting trends is difficult and when you finally find all of the data you need it is most likely coming from a ton of different sources. BetQL has all the MLB public betting data you need and we have all the relevant data in one place.

With BetQL you can create custom dashboards that specifically identify value bets based off MLB public betting data. For example you can add the percentage of public tickets or the percentage of public money to see which side the public is leaning. If you are actively fading the public and want to see all the MLB consensus picks in your dashboard you can easily create that to figure out which games to fade.

How do Consensus Picks Impact the Game?

The MLB line movement seen at sportsbooks usually aligns with the consensus picks. To give a real life example, let's consider a scenario where the Orioles are initially listed as -175 moneyline favorites in the morning and attract 75% of the bets as the day progresses. In such cases, it is highly likely that the moneyline will experience a shift towards -200 or even higher by the time the game begins, reflecting the influence of consensus picks on the betting market.

How is the Public Betting Data Created?

MLB public betting data is created by sportsbooks and aggregated by us at BetQL! The sportsbooks track the amount of money that is wagered on each team and each betting market (moneyline, spread, total, etc.) This data is then aggregated by us and made available to our subscribers.

What are the Different Types of Public Betting?

There are two main types of MLB public betting data:

  • Percentage of bets: This is the proportion of bets that have been placed on a particular team or market. For example, if 60% of bets have been placed on the Yankees to win, then the percentage of bets for the Yankees is 60%.
  • Percentage of money: This is the proportion of money that has been wagered on a particular team or market. For example, if $600 has been wagered on the Yankees to win, and the total handle for the game is $1000, then the percentage of money for the Yankees is 60%.

The difference between the types of public betting, percentage of bets, and percentage of money is important because it can help you identify sharp money. Sharp money is money that is bet by professional or experienced bettors. These bettors tend to wager more money than casual bettors, so they have a greater impact on the betting market.

MLB public betting data can be a valuable tool for sports bettors. By understanding how this data is created, you can use it to make more informed betting decisions.

Here are some of the benefits of using MLB public betting data:

  • It can help you identify games that are overvalued or undervalued by the market.
  • It can help you identify sharp money.
  • It can help you develop a betting strategy.

How to Use BetQL's MLB Consensus Picks

To use BetQL's MLB consensus picks we recommend the following:

  1. Our consensus picks will be displayed as a percentage of bets placed on a particular team or outcome. For example, if the New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox and 65% of the bets are placed on the Yankees to win, that would be the consensus pick.
  2. You can use this information to help inform your betting decisions. For example, if the consensus pick is heavily in favor of one team, you may want to consider betting on the other team as a contrarian bet.
  3. You can also use BetQL's other features, such as its odds comparison tool and expert picks, to further analyze and inform your betting decisions.

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