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College Basketball Picks

College basketball can be cruel, and it can be even more cruel when you are betting on the games. There are over 300 division I college basketball teams and dozens of games a night, so it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the data you need to make good college basketball bets. BetQL is here for you and we have college basketball picks every night of the week. We work to gather data from a dozen different sources that feed into our model and provide users with winning college basketball picks.

If you are looking for a winning college basketball pick or you want the data to craft your own NCAAB pick, BetQL has you covered. With a BetQL subscription you can see how well a team plays at home versus on the road, see how often they win against the spread, and see the difference between the current line and where our model would have placed the line.

Stop trusting your gut and your recent memory to make college basketball picks and more importantly stop wasting your time checking different sites for data. All the college basketball data you need is right here at BetQL.

College Basketball Expert Picks

When you need a winner badly it is not a bad idea to go searching for a college basketball expert picks. There are a lot of experts in terms of gambling or just college basketball in general who can help point you towards an easy winner, but you are limiting yourself to one person’s opinion with their expert pick. BetQL’s college basketball expert picks come from our model which takes into account of hundreds of data points. Every tout gets hot, but we all know that can only last so long. Stop betting on teams and start betting on the numbers. Our college basketball expert picks come straight from a computer, which means we have consistent winners and no human error.

With BetQL you not only get our college basketball picks but you can see which side how the most money wagered on them and the number of tickets. Stop wasting your time jumping around from site to site to find picks when you can find all of the expert picks data right here on BetQL. No matter the game, division, or conference BetQL has data and picks on that game.

College Basketball Picks Against the Spread

If you can pick who will win in a college basketball game that is great, but you won’t be getting rich any time soon. The true sign of a profitable college basketball bettor is how well they pick against the spread. If you need a refresher on how college basketball spreads work, make sure you check out our page that explains that in more depth.
At BetQL we specialize is giving out college basketball picks against the spread. Not only will we show you how confident we are that a team will cover the spread, but we will also show you the percentage of college basketball experts who are betting each side. No matter the game we have college basketball picks ATS for every single game. If the sportsbooks have put out a line on the game, we have a pick against the spread for that game.
If you are a new bettor and you aren’t ready to bet college basketball against the spread, you can still see our college basketball money line data and see if that is more your speed. When you are ready to start betting more and understand the ins and outs BetQL will be here with winning college basketball picks against the spread for you!

College Basketball Against the Spread Example:
If you want to bet against the spread tonight but aren't sure how this bet type works we are here to help you out! You can look above at our college basketball picks against the spread and back our model, or you can keep reading to learn more about how to pick against the spread and make your own picks tonight!

West Virginia is taking on Texas tonight and the game is in Austin Texas, the point spread before tip off is +/- 10.5 with Texas listed as the favorite. This means Texas is (-10.5) points and West Virginia is +10.5 points. The way betting college basketball against the spread works depends on which side of the game you bet. We will show examples for both sides of this bet, but for the example let's say the final score is

West Virginia 65
Texas - 74

Let's do the first example picking the underdogs, so in this situation you bet West Virginia +10.5. Since you bet the underdog all you have to do is take West Virginia's final score, 65, and add 10.5 points. Now your final score for you against the spread bet is West Virginia 80.5 to Texas 74. Since your score is now greater than Texas' with the spread applied you won your bet!

Now let's take a look at betting the favorite, Texas (-10.5). To figure this out we just do the opposite of what we did for the underdog. We take Texas' final score of 74, and we subtract the 10.5 from the spread. The final score for Texas bettors is now West Virginia 65 - Texas 63.5. Since West Virginia has a higher score than Texas with the spread applied, Texas bettors have lost.

If you still don't feel comfortable betting against the spread after reading our example, don't worry. We have expert college basketball picks against the spread for you every night. Tail our computer picks and start winning!

College Basketball Computer Picks

Tired of taking college basketball picks from so called experts, and losing money? Then it may be time to check out our college basketball computer picks, where our sports betting model creates an automated pick for every game, every day.

The second the odds, lines and spreads are released our college basketball computer picks are created. Our model simulates every game 10,000 times to provide our computer pick.

If you are looking for college basketball expert picks that have zero bias and only use data, then you are in the right place. BetQL's college basketball computer picks are the perfect solution to any cold streak. Check out a free trial and start using our computer picks tonight.

College Basketball Predictions

Want to know how a game will turn out before it even tips off? BetQL's college basketball predictions are what you need! Our computer picks simulate the game 10,000 times to create our college basketball predictions.

When the odds are released for a game our computer picks are created, which are the perfect college basketball predictions. We show our users the score projection for every game and compare it to the spread. Want to know the final score, or the first half score for any game tonight then take a look at our college basketball score projections. You can use our predictions to make better picks tonight!

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