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College Basketball Picks

College basketball can be cruel, and it can be even more cruel when you are betting on the games. There are over 300 division I college basketball teams and dozens of games a night, so it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the data you need to make good college basketball bets. BetQL is here for you and we have college basketball picks every night of the week. We work to gather data from a dozen different sources that feed into our model and provide users with winning college basketball picks.

If you are looking for a winning college basketball pick or you want the data to craft your own NCAAB pick, BetQL has you covered. With a BetQL subscription you can see how well a team plays at home versus on the road, see how often they win against the spread, and see the difference between the current line and where our model would have placed the line.

Stop trusting your gut and your recent memory to make college basketball picks and more importantly stop wasting your time checking different sites for data. All the college basketball data you need is right here at BetQL.

We can’t wait for college basketball season to get back underway, but until next season kicks off you can win some bets betting on the NBA & MLB with BetQL. Just like our football product you can find picks for every game on tonight’s NBA slate and if you want to bet a total make sure you look at our NBA model’s over under picks to find a winner. If you haven’t figured out what game you like tonight check out the most updated odds, lines, spreads and best bets for all the games on tonight, let BetQL help you win more bets with our five star plays.

If you aren’t a big NBA fan or you are trying to build up your bankroll for later tonight with some baseball bets, BetQL has you covered. Our MLB model has five star picks for all of today’s game waiting for you, whether you like to bet against the spread or need a moneyline winner, BetQL has you covered. If you are looking to bet an over our MLB over under model has five star picks waiting for you. If you are still doing research on all the games on today take a look at all the most updated odds, lines, spreads, and best bets from BetQL. Start winning more of your baseball bets with BetQL and build your bankroll for next season.

College Basketball Expert Picks

When you need a winner badly it is not a bad idea to go searching for a college basketball expert picks. There are a lot of experts in terms of gambling or just college basketball in general who can help point you towards an easy winner, but you are limiting yourself to one person’s opinion with their expert pick. BetQL’s college basketball expert picks come from our model which takes into account of hundreds of data points. Every tout gets hot, but we all know that can only last so long. Stop betting on teams and start betting on the numbers. Our college basketball expert picks come straight from a computer, which means we have consistent winners and no human error.

With BetQL you not only get our college basketball picks but you can see which side how the most money wagered on them and the number of tickets. Stop wasting your time jumping around from site to site to find picks when you can find all of the expert picks data right here on BetQL. No matter the game, division, or conference BetQL has data and picks on that game.

College Basketball Picks Against the Spread

If you can pick who will win in a college basketball game that is great, but you won’t be getting rich any time soon. The true sign of a profitable college basketball bettor is how well they pick against the spread. If you need a refresher on how college basketball spreads work, make sure you check out our page that explains that in more depth.

At BetQL we specialize is giving out college basketball picks against the spread. Not only will we show you how confident we are that a team will cover the spread, but we will also show you the percentage of college basketball experts who are betting each side. No matter the game we have college basketball picks ATS for every single game. If the sportsbooks have put out a line on the game, we have a pick against the spread for that game.

If you are a new bettor and you aren’t ready to bet college basketball against the spread, you can still see our college basketball money line data and see if that is more your speed. When you are ready to start betting more and understand the ins and outs BetQL will be here with winning college basketball picks against the spread for you!

Top College Basketball Picks for 2021

The college basketball regular season is finally over and we now know each team's path to winning the NCAA Championship. More importantly though we know which teams are the top college basketball picks for this season. Of course we know teams like Michigan, Gonzaga, Illinois, and Baylor are the juggernauts, but that is just straight up. We are interested in college basketball picks against the spread here so we want to know who is the best team in college basketball at covering the number. We have done a deep dive in our internal college basketball data to not only find out which teams are the best against the spread, but the value betting those teams. There are a ton of teams that were great against the spread this year, but we are only interested in our March Madness teams this year because we are looking to win this March and help out all the college basketball bettors out there. Feel free to use our college basketball picks against the spread to make bets this March Madness and read up on our analysis below to get a feel for some of our favorite teams this year

Drake Bulldogs (20-6-1 Against the Spread)
You may be a bit surprised to find out that out of the 64 March Madness teams that the Drake Bulldogs are the best team against the spread this season, but when you take a deeper look it makes sense one of the best mid majors this season is the best against the spread. Drake has been a shocker all year and some people may have even been shocked to see them make the tournament this season. Coming out of the Missouri Valley Conference you usually have to win the conference tournament to be able to dance in March, but this year has been different in a lot of way and the MVC is now sending two teams. Although we don't think the NCAA Tournament selection committee takes a lot of stock in how teams play against the spread we hope they let the Bulldogs in as an at-large bid for us bettors out there. Now the Bulldogs will have to win to be able to really go dancing this year as they will be part of the first four in games this season. With a little bit of irony the current number two team in the Missouri Valley Conference will be playing the former Missouri Valley juggernauts the Wichita State Shockers.

On the year the Drake Bulldogs were 20-6-1 against the spread which translates to a 76.9% win rate against the number. Anything that gives you a return nearly 80% of the time is a great bet and that's why the college basketball experts have been cleaning up on Drake this season. Part of that record does have to do with the lower quality competition they play day to day. Drake was listed as the favorite against the spread in 22 of their 26 regular season games this year. As the favorite Drake was 18-4 against the spread which is very impressive. Unfortunately for Drake they will be facing off against Wichita State who is the early favorite in their matchup. Drake will be the underdog for only the 4th time this season where they have a 2-2 record against the spread. Three of those games were against MVC rivals Loyola Chicago where the Bulldogs were 1-2 against the spread.

Although Drake is technically the best ATS college basketball pick for the regular season this may not translate well to the NCAA Tournament. We will get to see Drake in action soon enough and we are excited to see if this record translates.

UConn Huskies (16-5-1 Against the Spread)
Their first year back in the Big East and the Huskies are already delivering results. Finishing 3rd in the standings in the Big East regular season the Huskies put together a great year against the money, but they shined against the spread. Ending the year with 16-5-1 record against the number the Huskies were underrated by the people who make college basketball expert picks all season. Not only did UConn thrive against the spread, they crushed teams when they were the favorite against the number. With a 14-2 record against the spread while they were the favorite UConn has looked very impressive against lower level Big East teams. When they face off against Maryland in the NCAA Tournament they will be favored, which has us circling the game on the calendar.

St. Bonaventure Bonnies (14-5-1 Against the Spread)
Year after year some of the best mid majors come out of the A-10 Conference and this year is no different as the A-10 Tournament Champion St. Bonaventure Bonnies march into the big dance as one of the best teams against the spread this year in college basketball. Sporting a 14-5-1 record against the spread this season the Bonnies tore through the A-10 which can be more difficult than it seems on paper. Unfortunately for St. Bonaventure a majority of their wins against the spread came when they were the favorite against lower level A-10 teams, where they finished 12-1 against the number. They will be the underdog against LSU when they face off in this round one matchup where they haven't had nearly as much success. The Bonnies were 3-3 on the year when they were getting points on the line. This will be arguably the toughest game on St. Bonaventure's schedule this season but the Bonnies have covered 6 of their last 7 games including a huge win against VCU another tournament team that they just squared off against in the A-10 Championship. Don't take the Bonnies or their record against the spread lightly this year in the big dance.

Michigan Wolverines (17-7 Against the Spread)
Our first big name powerhouse program to end up on this list shouldn't be much of a surprise as the Michigan Wolverines have dominated much of the regular season this year. Ending the year with a 17-7 record against the spread playing in the Big 10, arguably the best conference in college basketball is a huge feat. The Wolverines have been a favorite to win the National Championship all year which we can't wait to see play out, but more importantly we want to know if they are going to cover the number. We will have to wait to see exactly which #16 seed they will obliterate in their opening game until later in the week, but taking a look back at their regular season performance shows an impressive run for the Wolverines against the spread. As the favorite Michigan was an astounding 16-7 against the spread in the Big 10 and you know they will look to keep that rolling into the tournament. The Wolverines were great at covering big numbers against the lower level Big 10 teams, but we do want to highlight Michigan faced a (-31) point spread early this year against Oakland, which they didn't cover. You have to think against a #16 seed they will face a similar number so just be cautious when placing a college basketball ATS bet against Michigan.

Houston Cougars (18-8 Against the Spread)
It may be a bit of a surprise to see the last team on our list and the fifth best team in the NCAA Tournament against the spread is the Houston Cougars. This is a team that although led the American Conference the entire year has not gotten a bunch of love from the national media. The selection committee has given them the respect they deserve with a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament, but we feel like they aren't getting the attention for their record against the spread. Houston has played great as a favorite this year with a 17-8 record against the spread as the favorite. They will be a huge favorite in their first game against Cleveland State, as that opening line is sitting at Houston (-20). The Cougars have done well covering big numbers this season including a 13 point spread in the American Conference Championship game against Cincinnati. The Cougars were only listed as an underdog once this season, a game against Texas Tech where they not only covered but won straight up. Houston should be a favorite throughout this tournament and we recommend keeping your eye on the Cougars

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