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College Basketball Sharp Picks updated successfully as of Thu 11/21, 6:10 AM
College Basketball Sharp Picks updated successfully as of Thu 11/21, 6:10 AM

College Basketball Sharp Betting Explained

One of the most popular methods to betting on college basketball is to look at the sharp betting trends. Tracking college basketball sharp betting is the process of looking to see which teams are garnering the most total money bets from the sharps. A sharp is someone who is a professional bettor or places large wagers on games. Since college basketball has so many games there are a large amount of college basketball sharps. Sharp bettors have a particular strategy that most often revolves around fading college basketball public betting trends and being contrarian. Betting against the public and against momentum isn’t always the most fun bet to place, but sharps are winners for a reason. If you are looking to really maximize your bets and cash tickets it may be a good idea to start following the sharps for college basketball. If you need a refresher on how college basketball spreads work make sure to head back to our page on that topic to catch up.

College Basketball Sharp Betting Trends

Following sharp college basketball trends can be difficult but also extremely helpful. A majority of sites do not feature sharp betting trends so you really have to go out of your way to find the data. Luckily this is a main feature of BetQL and with our site you can build custom sports betting dashboards that highlight value plays based off of our college basketball sharp betting trends. BetQL allows you to see where the most sharp tickets and the most sharp money is on every college basketball game played. Don’t keep making bets based off your gut and start following our college basketball sharp data and cash out your tickets!