NFL Over Unders

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NFL Over Under Betting

NFL totals betting is wagering on the combined points scored between both of the teams playing in a selected game. There are also options to bet on how many points only one of the teams will score. More commonly this type of bet is called an over under bet. In the NFL over unders are typically between 38 and 60 points. Similar to betting the spread, there can be a “push” if the total amount of points scored in the game exactly equals the total. You can also bet on the total points scored in the first half, otherwise known as NFL first half over unders. Once the first half of a game is over, you can also bet on the total points scored in only the second half of an NFL game, which is referred to as NFL second half over unders.

When betting NFL over unders, many sportsbooks will allow you to “buy points”, which will change what the NFL total is at adjusted odds. For example the Patriots-Rams matchup has an over-under of 50 points. You really like the Patriots to score a lot of points but maybe don’t like the Rams to score as many as they are projected to. In this case you could “buy” 1 point to make the total 49 points instead of 50 points. But the odds would adjust from -110 to -120 and lessing your potential payout.

NFL Over Under Spreads

NFL over-under betting can be tricky and you must find value in your NFL spreads in order to remain profitable over the long term. To do this, BetQL has created value models to help you find which NFL games have the most value for NFL over under bets. BetQL will also always have the most updated NFL over under lines. We work closely with the sportsbooks to ensure anytime they update the NFL totals spreads we have the same update on our site. Betting NFL totals is easier than ever when you have the data BetQL can offer.