MLB First Five Innings Odds

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MLB First Five Innings Betting Explained

MLB first five inning betting is the ideal bet type for teams that have a trend of getting off to a hot start or have better odds on a first five inning only bet. There are also options to bet MLB first five inning run line bets. Betting MLB first five inning spread betting is the same concept as betting the first five inning money line, except you are betting against the spread (ATS), which in MLB is typically +0.5 or -0.5 runs for the first five innings.

MLB first five innings money lines are typically at lower odds than the full game money lines. This makes MLB first five inning money line betting popular among bettors who like to target teams who are big favorites in any given matchup. Underdogs should not be overlooked in MLB first five innings betting, especially from home underdogs who tend to come out and play well in front of their home fans before talent and ability take hold in the second half of a game.

If you arent comfortable betting the first five innings ATS or the moneyline there are also options to bet on MLB first five inning over under totals, which can be a bit more exciting to root for. If you are having trouble finding great value bets you can use BetQL to create a dashboard specifically to find value for MLB first five inning bets. You can add and remove stats to your dashboard and save them for later. For example you can add in a team’s ATS record both home and away to see how often they cover before you place your first five inning bet. BetQL is here to help give you the data to make an informed and winning bet!