MLB Sharp Betting

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MLB Sharp Betting Trends Explained

There are a lot of different ways to bet on baseball and one of the most popular methods to start your research is by looking at MLB sharp betting trends. This can be done by looking at MLB sharp betting percentages which can be found quickly and easily within the BetQL app. MLB sharp betting is looking up to see which teams are garnering the most total money bet on for all various bet types including; MLB spreads, MLB run lines, and over under totals. Sharp bettors are the closest thing you can get to a professional bettor and they usually use more strategy and data behind their plays. Some bettors choose to follow the sharp money and will bet on the sharp favorites. However a very popular and profitable strategy is by fading the sharp and taking the team that is seeing less total money and siding with the team that the sports books have less liability on.

Using BetQL you have the ability to create custom sports betting dashboards that highlight trends and value plays for whatever bet type you play most. It easy to create a MLB sharp betting dashboard with BetQL because you can add and remove so many different types of data. You can add in the percentage of sharp tickets while comparing it against the percentage of public tickets to see exactly where every is placing their bets. BetQL’s goal is to provide you with the best data and insights to make profitable bets.