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College Football Betting Lines Explained

Betting on college football is one of the most exciting ways to bet on sports, but if you aren’t sure how college football odds, spreads, and betting lines work you can feel a bit lost. BetQL is here to not only help you understand how everything works, but to help you make the best college football bets! There are two main ways to bet on college football you can bet the moneyline or bet college football against the spread. Below you can read a more in depth explanation on each bet type.

College Football Betting Odds Explained

For every college football game there are odds that show how likely a team is to win the game which corresponds to how much you can win by betting that side. The larger the odds the bigger the underdog, thus the more you can win betting that team. Negative numbers mean a team is favored and the smaller the number the bigger favorite they are which means there is less value on betting that team. The way that American college football odds work is the number next to the team is how much you can win if you were to place a $100 bet on that team. This is easy to understand for underdogs but if you are betting a favorite who is listed at (-110) that means you would need to bet $110 to win $100.

College Football Odds Example:

Once again Alabama is playing Clemson in the National Championship game and the sportsbooks have set the odds at Bama (-110), Clemson (+100). Alabama had a great regular season and cruised through the playoffs so their odds put them as the favorite, while Clemson had a good year but the books feel they are the underdog. Since Clemson has had Bama’s number the past few years you place a $200 bet on Clemson to win the game. If Clemson wins the game you would profit $200 and get your original $200 back that you put down for the bet. If you were to bet $200 on Alabama and they were to win the game you would get $180 in profit plus the $200 you put down to place the bet.

College Football Over Unders Explained

College football totals betting is wagering on the combined points scored between both of the teams playing in a selected game. More commonly this type of bet is called a college football over under bet. The typical betting line for college football over unders is set between 40 and 80 points. Similar to betting the spread, there can be a “push” if the total amount of points scored in the game exactly equals the total.

College Football Betting Lines

Betting college football is tough whether you are betting the moneyline, against the spread, or taking an over under. There are so many games every weekend that you may not be able to find good value, the odds and spreads are constantly changing, and you may not have all the data in one place to make an informed bet. BetQL solves all of these problems because we highlight value in bets no matter the bet type or the sport, we have up to the minute changes in college football odds, and all the relevant data you need to bet college football can be found in one place. With BetQL you can create and save betting dashboards that specifically help you find value in college football lines and can help you start cashing more tickets today. Sign up for BetQL and try it out for your self.