College Football Best Bets for Today

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College Football Best Bets:

Betting on college football can be extremely difficult because there are usually over 100 games in a weekend, games are played at the same time, and the rosters are constantly turning over. BetQL is here to try and help provide you with college football best bets so you can win more bets. Our college football best bet model analyzes dozens of data points for every game to provide you our 5-star ratings. Our star rating can help lead you not only to a college football winner, but a game that also has value. We also offer public betting data and expert picks so if you don't want to follow our best bet model you can tail the public or experts.

Our college football best bets are shown on a 5-star scale that not only shows how confident our model is in the game, but also where you can get good betting value with the college football odds. College football can be difficult because the odds, lines, and spreads are always a bit inflated due to the difference in skill level week to week.

Our college football best bets are processed the second that the odds and spreads are released. On other sites you will have to wait until a handicapper finds the time to analyze all of the lines, but with BetQL our best bets are instant. Our model will identify winners every week of the college football season and even provides bowl game picks. Check out BetQL with a full subscription to get our best bets for every game and every bet type, even over under picks. If you aren't ready to subscribe you can still find the most updated college football lines, odds, and spreads every week right here.

We can’t wait for football season to get back underway, but until next season kicks off you can win some bets betting on the NBA & MLB with BetQL. Just like our football product you can find picks for every game on tonight’s NBA slate and if you want to bet a total make sure you look at our NBA model’s over under picks to find a winner. If you haven’t figured out what game you like tonight check out the most updated odds, lines, spreads and best bets for all the games on tonight, let BetQL help you win more bets with our five star plays.

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College Football Betting Lines Explained

Betting on college football is one of the most exciting ways to bet on sports, but if you aren’t sure how college football odds, spreads, and betting lines work you can feel a bit lost. BetQL is here to not only help you understand how everything works, but to help you make the best college football bets! There are two main ways to bet on college football you can bet the moneyline or bet college football against the spread. Below you can read a more in depth explanation on each bet type.

College Football Betting Odds Explained

For every college football game there are odds that show how likely a team is to win the game which corresponds to how much you can win by betting that side. The larger the odds the bigger the underdog, thus the more you can win betting that team. Negative numbers mean a team is favored and the smaller the number the bigger favorite they are which means there is less value on betting that team. The way that college football odds work is the number next to the team is how much you can win if you were to place a $100 bet on that team. This is easy to understand for underdogs but if you are betting a favorite who is listed at (-110) that means you would need to bet $110 to win $100. College football odds matter the most when you are betting games straight up, or as it is also known against the moneyline. For games where you are betting the spread the odds will always be (-110) on each side, because the college football spread is making the game even in a sense. When you are betting straight up you need to make sure the college football odds make sense for you to bet. If a team is the heavy favorite then the odds will be stacked against them and you may be betting $500 to only win $50. BetQL can always help you find value with the odds because it is an important part of our college football best bet model. Our model takes the odds into account and will not recommend you risk most of your bankroll to only win a fraction. If you want to read a more real world example of how college football odds work take a look at our example below:

College Football Odds Example:

Once again Alabama is playing Clemson in the National Championship game and the sportsbooks have set the college football odds at Bama (-110), Clemson (+100). Alabama had a great regular season and cruised through the playoffs so their odds put them as the favorite, while Clemson had a good year but the books feel they are the underdog. Since Clemson has had Bama’s number the past few years you place a $200 bet on Clemson to win the game. If Clemson wins the game you would profit $200 and get your original $200 back that you put down for the bet. If you were to bet $200 on Alabama and they were to win the game you would get $180 in profit plus the $200 you put down to place the bet.

College Football Spreads Explained

If you want to bet college football games against the spread you will need to have a good understanding of how college football spreads work. The spread also known as the point spread is the number of points a team can either win or lose by and you will still win your bet.

Sportsbooks understand that one team is more likely to win so they provide a point spread to make the game more fair, and attempt to get bets on each side of the game. When Alabama plays a game against a non-power five school everyone knows they will win the game but the real question is by how much. The spread is also listed next to the college football odds so they go hand in hand, and together they are the college football line. Similar to how odds work there will be a positive number listed next to one team they are the underdog, and a negative number next to the favorite. If you see a -6.5 spread next to a team it means they must win the game by a full 7 points to cover the college football spread. If a team has a +6.5 next to their name it means they can not lose by more than 6.5 points or you will not win your bet.

Simply put a college football spread is imaginary points that are given to one team or subtracted from the other team depending on which side you bet. The easiest way to figure out if your team covered the spread is to wait until the end of the game and if you bet the favorite you subtract the spread from the final score, and if the favorite still would win the game without those points then your bet covered the spread and you have won. If you bet the underdog wait until the end of the game, take their final score, and add the points from the spread. If the underdog now wins the game with the spread added to their final score then your bet has covered the spread and you have won.

The way that college football spreads work is that the numbers will always be inverse one another, so if the favorite is -10, then the underdog is +10. There is no way that one team will have more points on the spread than the other, so it is always easy to figure out if the underdog covered or if the favorite scored enough points to survive and win the bet.

With BetQL you can always be sure you are looking at the most updated college football spreads, because we work with the sportsbooks so when they are released on their end they are shown right here. If a spread moves at all during the day or before kickoff you can rest assured it is updated on this page.

College Football Spreads Example:

The Ohio State Buckeyes are playing the Indiana Hoosiers in a regular season matchup. Similar to every other year, everyone knows that Ohio State will win this game, so the sportsbooks set the spread at +/-16 points. The reason the sportsbooks have a point spread is to attempt to make it fair on both sides, so bettors will be inclined to bet both teams. For this specific example let's say the final score is Ohio State 40 - Indiana 10. If you bet on Ohio State against the spread (-16) you would take the real final score and subtract 16 from Ohio State's score. Now the final score would be Ohio State 26 - Indiana 10, which means Ohio State has covered the spread and a bet on the favorite would win. If you bet on Indiana against the spread (+16) you take the real final score and add 16 points to Indiana's score. Now the final score for Indiana bettors is Ohio State 40 - Indiana 26, since Indiana still loses this game that means the Hoosiers did not cover the spread, and Indiana bets did not win.

College Football Lines Explained

When someone asks "what is the line on that game?" they usually are asking what is the spread, but they can also be referring to the odds. Depending on how they most often bet will really clue you in on if they are referring to a college football line as the spread or the odds. It is easiest to say that the college football lines are the combination of both the spread and the odds, so if you are asked for a line you can just tell them what the point spread is and the moneyline odds. With BetQL you will always find the most updated college football lines because when the sportsbooks release their spreads & odds we immediately have them on the site. If the lines move at all during the day or right before kickoff you can rest assured that the college football lines are updated right here as well. If you want to see the line movement, where the line opened to where it sits at that current moment take a look at our college football line movement page. This page can help you understand if there is value in your pick, or maybe it isn't advantageous to bet that line because it has moved too much, too quickly.