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BetQL is a NYC-based sports betting information service that analyzes every bet, everyday to find mispriced lines. Our customers pay a subscription to access our premium data.

We pay a up to $100 CPA* or 30% revenue share for every customer you refer to BetQL.

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Since BetQL doesn't take bets, we monetize bettors in all 50 states - not just those with legalized betting.

Conversion Rate

In the last 18 months, BetQL has converted 10,000 customers from 300,000 free users.

Lifetime Value

The average BetQL customer spends around $250 over their lifetime with us.

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We will provide a unique URL that tracks all your referrals.

Your personal dashboard tracks traffic, conversion rates and affiliate dollars generated.

We will provide a unique URL that tracks all your referrals.

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We analyze every bet, you beat the sportsbooks

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Sign up to our Cost Per Acquisition* (CPA) plan to receive excellent referral fees for every new user who becomes a paying customer at betql.co.

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David Stern,
BetQL Investor
BetQL is absolutely necessary with the proliferation of sports betting here in the US. Through data, they seek to educate consumers and increase the entertainment value of betting.

How It Works

The model projects team performance and takes into account player performance, matchups, weather and injuries.

From there, we set our own line, compare it with vegas and assign a star rating to each game.

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More Analysis

Pro Bettor Report

View who the professional bettors are putting money on

Public Bets

See who the public is betting on

Game Analysis & Trends

Get matchup grades, and betting trends for each game

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Paid for the all sports package. I'm up 6K this month. Easily a great investment.
-Andrew H.
Love this app! It has great trend analysis and allows you to quickly look at the games of the day that could provide a return. Wish I heard of it sooner.
-Joe L.
Great info in this app. It makes sports betting easier for the novice and all the way up to the professional bettor.
-Rick P.
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