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BetQL's Stand Out Point Spreads for Week 3:

Eagles vs Commanders
It’s never too early in the season for an NFC East showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles visiting the Washington Commanders this week. Carson Wentz will get to face his old team and try to turn the tide for his new team. Washington has lost eight of the last 10 games in this rivalry, including both games last season. Oddsmakers have also anointed the Eagles as 6.5-point road favorites for their Week 3 showdown.
On the surface, it’s hard to argue against the assessment the oddsmakers have made for this game. The Eagles have been rolling offensively, scoring 62 points over their first two weeks. The addition of A.J. Brown during the offseason has paid immediate dividends for Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia offense. The Eagles now have a proven no. 1 receiver with Brown already amassing 224 receiving yards on 15 catches in just two games. It has helped to make Hurts a more confident and proficient passer, as he’s completed 69.8% of his passes while averaging 9.1 yards per throw. At the same time, the Eagles are showcasing plenty of balance with Miles Sanders averaging 5.9 yards per carry and Hurts remaining a constant threat with his legs. The only caveat is that questions linger about the Philadelphia defense, especially as the Eagles play on the road this week. While they were good against the Vikings last week, the Eagles gave up 35 points against the Lions in Week 1, nearly spoiling a 17-point lead heading into the fourth quarter.
Of course, winning in Detroit is something the Commanders failed to do last week. The Washington defense also had trouble taming the Lions, conceding over 400 yards and 36 points in last week’s loss. The silver lining is that Wentz and the offense found a rhythm in the second half of that game after getting shut out in the first half. Wentz ended up throwing touchdown passes to three different players, giving him seven touchdown passes over his first two games. Terry McLaurin is no longer the only viable target in the Washington passing game. The Commanders already have five players with at least 80 receiving yards in two games. As long as Wentz and his receivers can stay on the same page, the Commanders should be able to score enough points to stay within striking distance of the Eagles, giving them a chance to hang with Philly in a shootout and possibly pull off the upset as a home underdog.

Packers vs Buccaneers
Enjoy this game, folks, because this could end up being the final time that Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady play on the same field. In theory, the Packers and Buccaneers could meet again in the playoffs, as both are expected to be contenders in the NFC. But there’s no guarantee of that happening, so this could be it for two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time facing one another. While the Buccaneers are favored by 1.5 points, that line is down a little from earlier in the week.
It seems that people are back on the Green Bay bandwagon after a comfortable 27-10 win over the Bears last week. Surely, there are lingering questions about Rodgers and the passing game without Davante Adams. Rodgers found a way to make it work against Chicago, throwing for 234 yards and two touchdowns. But there is still no go-to receiver, as nobody on the Packers had more than three catches in that game. Rather than Rodgers and the passing game, it was the rushing attack behind Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon that was the true star of the Green Bay offense, offering a surprising change of pace. The Green Bay defense also looked sharp, completely dominating Justin Fields, who threw for just 70 yards and was sacked three times. However, the Packers struggled against the run, allowing 6.7 yards per carry without Fields doing much of the damage.
On the other side, the Tampa defense has fueled the team’s 2-0 start to the season. The Buccaneers have allowed 13 total points through two weeks while also forcing six turnovers and collecting 10 sacks. All three levels of playmakers, particularly the loaded secondary and linebacker Devin White. That has helped to overcome a somewhat sluggish start by Brady and the Tampa offense. Brady has only completed 59% of his passes while averaging 6.6 yards per pass, which is well below par for him. With Mike Evans suspended for this game, the Bucs could have an even more difficult time getting going offensively. However, Green Bay’s struggles stopping the run could be Tampa’s biggest advantage on offense. Plus, with the Buccaneers playing next-level defense, it seems likely that they can find a way to pull out a win at home.

Rams vs Cardinals
The Rams haven’t exactly looked like defending champions thus far. They were throttled by the Bills at home in their opener and nearly blew a big lead against the Falcons. Of course, they are also 10-1 against the Cardinals over the last five seasons. That could be playing a role in making Los Angeles a 3.5-point road favorite in Week 3.
Not only have the Rams been Arizona’s Kryptonite over the last handful of years but the Cardinals were also dangerously close to starting the year 0-2. They needed a late touchdown and a two-point conversion to force overtime and then won the game on a defensive score. The ironic thing is that Arizona’s defense looked dreadful during the first six quarters of the season. But they held the Raiders to just three points in the second half of last week’s game, allowing Kyler Murray to lead a comeback. But one good half isn’t necessarily a sign of things to come for the Arizona defense. Plus, while Murray is capable of doing extraordinary things, he’s averaging just 5.7 yards per pass through two games, so perhaps the Cardinals are putting too much on his shoulders.
The Rams, likewise, face some questions after the first two weeks of the season. The LA defense nearly blew a 21-point lead last week while Matthew Stafford has already thrown five interceptions this year. That was a problem the Rams overcame last year, but Stafford’s turnovers continue to be an issue. The good news is that every pass that isn’t an interception has a chance to do some damage. Stafford has completed 72.7% of his passes thus far while Cooper Kupp continues to be impossible to defend, already catching 24 passes for 236 yards. Even with a lackluster rushing attack that’s getting just 2.7 yards per carry, the Rams have the offensive weapons to score points against a leaky Arizona defense, which should allow Los Angeles to continue its domination of the Cardinals.

The Most Updated NFL Point Spreads:

If you are here for NFL point spreads you came to the right place because at BetQL we have the most updated point spreads directly from the sportsbooks. If the point spread moves at all at the sportsbook you can be sure that we have the most updated line on this page. Having the most updated NFL point spread is crucial to being a successful football bettor. There is nothing worse that doing research for a game, coming to check the NFL point spreads for Sunday afternoon, heading to your sportsbook to place a bet and then seeing the point spread actually moved earlier that morning.

Whether you want to check for the most updated spreads and lines, or you want to know which way BetQL's model is picking don't worry we have your covered! Never get caught up by a website that is posting images of spreads from earlier in the week again, make sure you are looking at live NFL point spreads at BetQL!

NFL Point Spreads Explained

The most common way to bet on the NFL, and college football for that matter, is betting Against The Spread (ATS). So, what is betting ATS? For every game, there will be a point spread. The point spread will be shown next to each team and will always be inverse numbers of each other. For example you may see (-6) next to one team and (+6) next to the other. These numbers are the point spread and they will be inverse numbers every single time. The team that is favored will be listed with a negative number (ie. -6) and that is the number they need to win the game by. In this example the favorite must win by 6 or more points to “cover” the spread and win the bet. If they win the game by exactly 6-points the bet is considered a “push” or “no-bet”. The team with the positive number is called the underdog and next to their team will the same point spread number as the favorite, but positive. This number is the maximum their team can lose by. In this example the underdog can lose by 6 points or less to be considered a win. If the team loses by exactly 6 then the bet is considered a “push” or “no-bet”.

You may be wondering why NFL point spreads exist and the answer to that is to make it fair / more approachable to bet each side. The sportsbook aim is to get as many people to bet on the favorite as they have people betting the underdog. This is because they will make money no matter who wins if both sides are equal. Everyone has a good idea who is going to win the game straight up or "on the moneyline" but the point spread is added to even the game out and make things a bit more fair. No one thinks the Rams will lose to the Jaguars outright but when the Jaguars are given a 7.5 point head start things become a lot more fair.

NFL Point Spread Example: Green Bay Packers (-7) vs. Chicago Bears (+7)
(Packers Must Win By More Than 7 Points) Chicago Bears +7 (Bears Can’t Lose By More Than 7 Points)

The Green Bay Packers are playing the Chicago Bears in Chicago at Soldier Field, and the NFL point spread is set at 7 with the Packers favored. The Bears (+7) can lose the game by up to 7 points and still cover. The Packers (-7) must win the game by at least 8 points to cover the point spread, as a 7-point win would be a push and you just get your bet refunded. So, let’s say the Bears with their new starter Justin Fields beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers 24 to 21. In this scenario, the Bears (+7) actually won 31 to 14 against the Packers (-7). That’s because if you are going by the point spread, you add 7 to the final score for the Bears, and take away 7 points for the Packers. Whoever came out on top after that calculation, was the winner of the bet. In this case, all Bears backers win and everyone who bet the Packers takes the loss.

NFL Odds Explained

When some one mentions NFL odds they are talking about the statistical probability that a team is likely to win the game. When betting on the NFL the odds will always be listed next to the point spread, the over under, or whatever line you are betting. For example if you are betting on an over under your sportsbook will show, Over (-110), Under (-120) these numbers are the odds and they signify how likely that bet is to win. The NFL odds will always be in parenthesis (-110) next to the bet type!

The format of NFL odds you will most likely see on your sportsbook is called American Odds, which works in values of 100. When you see (-110) that means you have to wager $110 to win $100. If you see (-250) that means you will have to wager $250 to win $100. American odds are easiest to understand when you are betting in multiples of 100. On the other side if you see a positive number that team is the underdog so if a team is (+110) it means if you place a $100 wager on that team and they will you will get $110.

We know betting against the spread can be a bit confusing and learning about NFL odds and point spreads isn't exactly easy so we wrote out some examples for you below

NFL Odds Example: Chicago Bears (+7, -110) vs. Green Bay Packers (-7, -110)

This NFL odds example should be fairly simple to understand once you know what the numbers mean. In this instance, both odds are listed as -110. This simply means is that in order to win $100, you must bet $110 dollars on either side. The amounts do not have to be this small or large either, as it would mean the same thing with any amount. An $11 wager would win you $10, while an $1,100 dollar wager would win you $1,000, and so on. This extra price you have to pay is called “vig” or “juice” on a line. Think of it like a tax you are having to pay the books to place your bet.

There are times when you will see a “plus-money” odds with a spread bet, however, that is very rare. If you do see one, it will simply have a “+” instead of a “-“ in front of the number. Let’s say the number is +160. What this means is that if you bet $100 on this line, you would win $160. So, you are not having to pay a tax at all, and instead, you are getting a much higher payout. Lines like these are always on a bet that is more unlikely to win, so you will have to be okay with the risk that involves being in the unfavorable situation. The larger the odds, the bigger the underdog, and the more you can win by betting them if they win.

Luckily for all of us, BetQL is here to tell us if there is any value in the lines that get released each week. If a team is favored by a -500 mark, you have to bet $500 to win $100, which means that is a huge favorite and a big risk if they lose. BetQL will let you know

NFL Lines Explained:

Lines are very easy to figure out. When someone says “What’s the line?”, they are basically just asking you what the spread is. In the examples from above, you’d just say that the spread is 7 with Green Bay favored, and the odds are -110 both ways. When you go to the sportsbook, you’ll see a whole bunch of numbers that will probably be confusing or overwhelming to the novice sports bettor. Betting the NFL can also be heartbreaking, but by knowing what the line is, you’ll be able to make a more informed bet. Don’t go into a sportsbook unprepared and without knowing what certain dialogue means. BetQL is here to help you bet on these lines and make smarter bets that win.

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