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NFL 2nd Half Moneylines updated successfully as of Thu 5/28, 5:09 PM
NFL 2nd Half Moneylines updated successfully as of Thu 5/28, 5:09 PM

NFL Second Half Money Line Betting Explained

Betting an NFL second half moneyline is straightforward but may be a bit confusing to a novice bettor. When you are betting a second half moneyline you are simply picking which team will win the second half. The score from the first half has no impact because betting the 2nd half moneyline only takes into account the score from the second half. When you are looking at the money line for the second half of an NFL game the favorite will be listed as a negative number (ie. -300) that means you will have to bet that amount to win $100. The underdog for the second half will be listed as a positive number (ie. +300) that means you will win that amount on a $100 bet. If you need a refresher on how NFL lines work you can check out our page on that topic to get back up to speed.
NFL second half money line bets are ideal for teams that have a trend of getting behind early but make comebacks. Second half money line bets are also good for when a large favorite gets behind in the first half to an underdog. There are also options to bet NFL first half spreads. Betting NFL first half spreads is the same concept as betting NFL first half money lines , except you are betting against the spread (ATS).
NFL second half money lines are typically at lower odds than the NFL full game money lines. However, the second half money lines are adjusted based on a combination of the results from the first half with what the lines are for the whole game. This makes second half money line betting popular among bettors who like to target teams who are big favorites in any given matchup and might be down at the first half. Underdogs should not be overlooked in NFL second half money line betting, especially from home underdogs who may be down after halftime but have a good chance for a second half come back. If betting only the 2nd half may not be for you, you can check out our NFL money lines page where you will find all the info you need for full games.

NFL 2nd Half Moneyline Example:

The Carolina Panthers are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home in Charlotte North Carolina. At halftime the Buccaneers are winning by a score of 13-10. Since many people would believe the Panthers to be the better team and they happen to be playing at home this would be a good opportunity to make some money on a 2nd half moneyline bet. The odds listed for the Panthers moneyline 2nd half is at (-110) and you place a $100 bet on them to win. When the third quarter starts Cam Newton is able to drive the Panthers down the field and score a touchdown making the score Panthers 17 - Bucs 13. When the Bucs get the ball back they are able to kick a field goal making the score Panthers 17 - Bucs 16 this was the lost score in the third quarter. When the fourth quarter gets underway the Panthers score another touchdown which widens the gap to make the score Panthers 24 - Bucs 16. With only seconds left in the game the Bucs get lucky and score a touchdown, and are able to score the 2 point conversion tying the game at 24! The game goes into overtime but both teams are left scoress and the game ends an unprecedented tie. Although the game tied did the Panthers cover and did you win your 2nd half moneyline bet? To figure this out all we have to do is subtract the 1st half score from the final and when we do that we see the second half score was Panthers 14 - Bucs 11. Since the Panthers scored more points in the second half your second half moneyline bet has covered! Your $100 bet at (-110) has brought you $90 in profit.

NFL Second Half Money Line Betting Trends

Finding second half moneyline betting trend data can be difficult and when you do find the data it may be coming from multiple different sources. BetQL has all the 2nd half moneyline betting trends in one single place and we allow users to create & save dashboards. Users are able to create dashboards that focus solely on finding value on NFL 2nd half moneyline bets. With BetQL you will never be left searching for data and missing your small window to get a 2nd half bet into the sportsbook. Sign up for BetQL and start cashing more tickets!