NFL 2nd Half Best Bets

NFL Second Half Lines Explained

Betting an NFL 2nd half is similar to betting the full game but you are exclusively betting the score of the second half. The best way to think about it is that at halftime the scores are reset to 0-0 and you are betting on who will win the second half. An easy way to figure out if you are covering your bet is to take a look at a box score and only look at the scores for the 3rd & 4th quarter. When you are betting an NFL 2nd half spread you have to remember you are now betting against the spread. Although a team may win the 2nd half straight up, you have to account for the point spread. NFL 2nd half spreads will not be presented until halftime so if you want to bet you need to hurry and place your bet during the break.

NFL Second Half Spread Example:

The Indianapolis Colts are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa Bay and at halftime the score is Bucs 17 - Colts 10. Once halftime starts the 2nd half spread is released at +/- 3 the favorite is listed as the Bucs (-110), Colts (+110). Since we are betting on just the second half of this game and the Bucs are winning by 7 at halftime, the Bucs will need to win the game by 11 points to win. The Colts can lose the game but if they keep the score within 10 points a 2nd half bet on the Colts will cover. Luckily for the Colts their defense has kept Tom Brady and the Bucs out of the endzone for the third quarter. Going into the fourth quarter the game remains Bucs 17 - Colts 10. Unfortunately the Colts could only keep Brady out of the endzone for so long and the Bucs finally break the 2nd half stalemate. The score is now Bucs 24 - Colts 10 and looking just at the second half score it is Bucs 7 - Colts 0. In the fourth quarter Phillip Rivers is able to lead a drive down the field that scores and now the score is Bucs 24 - Colts 17. The second half score is now Bucs 7 - Colts 7. Unfortunately Phillip Rivers does what he does best and throws a soul crushing 4th quarter interception and the game ends. The final score is Bucs 24 - Colts 17 and the second half score is Bucs 7 - Colts 7, and the if you remember the 2nd half spread was +/- 3 so when you add 3 to the Colts second half score, because they were the underdog, the score because Bucs 7 - Colts 10, and everyone holding a Colts 2nd half betting slips wins.

BetQL's NFL Second Half Spreads

Betting NFL 2nd half spreads can be difficult because the lines are always moving, it can be tough to find value, and you only have a short amount of time to get your bet in. With BetQL you won't have any of these issues because we provide users with the most updated 2nd half lines and spreads. If there is a change to the 2nd half point spread at your sportsbook you can ensure that it is updated at BetQL. Finding value in 2nd half lines is not a problem for BetQL users because we always highlight the games that have the most value for each and every bet type. BetQL also allows you to create & save your own custom dashboards which means you can create a dashboard that specifically focuses on finding NFL second half winners.

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