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College Football Totals Betting Explained

College football totals betting is wagering on the combined points scored between both of the teams playing in a selected game. More commonly this type of bet is called a college football over under bet. The over under line for college football totals betting is typically set between 40 and 80 points. Similar to betting the NCAAF spreads , there can be a “push” if the total amount of points scored in the game exactly equals the total. You can also bet on the total points scored in the first half or the second half. If you have a feeling that the game will be high scoring or you have a tip that the defenses will stay tough and there won’t be many points scored college over under betting may be perfect for you.

College Football Over Under Example:

Alabama is playing Clemson and the over under line is set at 65 points. Looking back at past Alabama-Clemson matchups you have a feeling the score will come very close to this line. You really like Alabama to score a lot of points but maybe don’t like Clemson to score as many as they are projected to, so you take the under. When the game is over and everything is all said and done the final score is Alabama 26 - Clemson 23. When you add these two scores together the final is 39 which did not come close at all to hitting the 65 so the under bet was a good choice.

College Football Over Under Lines

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