MLB Line Movement

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MLB Betting Line Movement Explained

Betting line movement is one of the most important aspects of MLB betting. MLB line movement occurs when money comes in on one side or another in a baseball game. These bets can be on the MLB spread, the money line, or the over under, it doesn’t actually matter the bet type because all baseball betting features line movement. The line movement is tracked from where the line started - otherwise known as the “open” - to where the line either currently sits or where it finishes; known as the “close”. The reason line movement occurs is because the odds makers need to make the game enticing to bet for both sides. Using the MLB run line bet type as an example if the Oakland A’s are +1.5 against the Boston Redsox and bettors think it will be a close game and take heavy action on the A’s +1.5 it leaves the sportsbook exposed to lose a lot of money. To entice new bettors to bet on the Redsox the sportsbook will move the line from -1.5 to say -.5 which in turn will make the A’s now +.5. The goal of the sportsbook is to have a decent amount of bets and money on both sides. Watching MLB line movement is important for bettors because you can see where most of the money has been bet and decide if the current betting line is true or if it has moved to favor the sportsbook.

Tracking MLB line movement is nearly impossible to do on your own, but thankfully BetQL makes it very simple to track up to the minutes line movements in betting lines. BetQL works closely with the sportsbooks to update you on by the minute changes. With a subscription to BetQL you will be able to see the line movement on every single game from when it opens to the second it closes. You shouldn’t be making baseball bets without checking BetQL for the MLB line movement!