Juan Soto Trade Causes Padres World Series Odds To Plummet

Some sportsbooks saw a 900-point decrease in odds

Juan Soto Traded To San Diego Padres For Massive Haul

Tuesday morning has been a crazy one in the sports world, as we finally know where 23-year-old superstar Juan Soto is going to end up. The San Diego Padres have pulled the trigger on the young star, while also acquiring All-Star Josh Bell in the same deal with the Nationals to further bolster their offense to make one of the most lethal lineups in MLB. It was one of the biggest deals to go down in baseball history, and now San Diego has a core that features Soto, Bell, Fernando Tatis Jr. (when healthy), and Manny Machado. It didn't come without having to pay a hefty price, as the Padres organization has basically gutted their farm system by trading away four of their top 10 prospects to the Nationals.

Washington received LHP MacKenzie Gore, OF Robert Hassell lll, SS C.J. Abrams, OF James Wood, and RHP Jarlin Susana. That's a huge amount to give up, but if it wins the Padres a World Series, I think they will be happy with the deal. So, what does all of this do to the sports betting market? Well, whenever we have a huge trade go down, it almost always moves the market. Sometimes it moves it to the extreme, and that is what we have seen happen here. The huge shift in odds has Padre's bettors jumping for joy if they took them at the All-Star break, as the line has gone nuclear in just a few weeks.

At the All-Star break, the Padres were listed in most sportsbooks at +3000. Those 30/1 odds are long gone at this point, with their odds moving to 20/1 as of this morning even before the trade. The momentum has been growing for San Diego for a while to make a huge trade after last season's failed trade for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner, but this time the Dodgers did not step in and steal the deal. The odds change reflects this prediction as we moved closer to the trade deadline.

After the trade went down, sportsbooks immediately saw their odds for a Padres World Series change dramatically. Take a look below at some of the biggest swings in odds at several prominent sportsbooks after Soto was traded to San Diego:

Padres World Series Odds: (At AS Break -> Morning before trade -> After trade)

DraftKings: +3000 -> +2000 -> +1100

FanDuel: +3000 -> +1700 -> +1100

BetMGM: +3000 -> +1800 -> +1000

BetRivers: +2800 -> +2000 -> +1200

Caesars: +3000 -> +2000 -> +800

PointsBet: +2900 -> +2200 -> +1200