FanDuel Dinger Tuesday Picks - June 18th

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Dinger Tuesday Strategy

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With FanDuel's Dinger Tuesday promo, you can win $100+ in bonus bets that will let you bet on MLB games for a whole week with none of your own money. Click the link below to read our full directions and see our most commonly asked questions there as well. If you are already up to speed on Dinger Tuesday and how to take advantage of this amazing promo, then just scroll down and see our Fanduel Dinger Tuesday picks.

Dinger Tuesday Directions

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Dinger Tuesday Picks

Dinger Tuesday Picks For June 6th

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It's Dinger Tuesday, baseball fans, and that means it's time to rain down some long balls and cash in on some bonus bets! Whether you're a seasoned handicapper or just swinging for the fences, this promotion offers a chance to add some extra excitement to your MLB Tuesday. In this article, we'll crack open the stats, analyze the matchups, and identify the hitters most likely to go yard, giving you the edge you need to rack up those bonus bets and make Dinger Tuesday a winning day!

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When you sign up Bet $5, Get $150 regardless if your bet wins or loses, then opt in to Dinger Tuesday and bet $25 on a player to hit a homerun and recieve $5 in free bets for any homerun hit in that game!
Sign up for FanDuel and Get in on the Dinger Tuesday Action!
When you sign up Bet $5, Get $150 regardless if your bet wins or loses, then opt in to Dinger Tuesday and bet $25 on a player to hit a homerun and recieve $5 in free bets for any homerun hit in that game!
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My Favorite Dinger Tuesday Picks this Week

Alec Burleson (+600)

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Look no further than St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Alec Burleson for a prime home run candidate this coming game. Here's why Burleson is poised to go yard:

Munoz's Lefty Kryptonite: The Miami Marlins' starter, Roddery Munoz, has been a disaster against left-handed hitters this season. A whopping 6 of his surrendered 8 home runs have come against southpaws, making him a juicy target for Burleson.

Burleson's June Sizzle: While Nolan Gorman is another lefty option to consider, Burleson's recent performance gives him the edge. Burleson is scorching hot in June, racking up 15 hits, including 4 home runs, showcasing his improved contact and power.

Favorable Matchup: Putting it all together, this matchup screams Dinger Tuesday magic. A struggling pitcher on the mound and a red-hot lefty hitter at the plate is a recipe for success. Burleson's recent hitting tear combined with Munoz's vulnerability against southpaws makes him a strong favorite to launch a homer and boost your Dinger Tuesday picks!

Spencer Steer (+500)

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Buckle up, Dinger Tuesday Gang! Let's set our sights on Cincinnati Reds' Spencer Steer as a potential home run hero. Here's the breakdown:

Falter's Home Run Woes: Pittsburgh Pirates starter Bailey Falter has been surrendering long balls at an alarming rate. In 72.1 innings pitched, he's already coughed up 11 home runs. That makes any hitter a threat, but Steer presents a particularly intriguing matchup.

Steer's Past Success: Steer has a history of feasting on Falter. In their limited head-to-head encounters (6 at-bats), Steer has gotten the upper hand with 4 hits, including a towering home run. This prior success suggests Steer is comfortable facing Falter and can exploit his pitching weaknesses.

Steer's Recent Heat: Even beyond his past success against Falter, Steer is swinging a hot bat. He's collected 4 hits in his last 5 games, including a home run on Sunday. This hot streak indicates he's locked in and primed to launch another long ball.

The Dinger Tuesday Edge: With Falter's homerun susceptibility and Steer's recent tear, this matchup offers a prime Dinger Tuesday opportunity. Steer's past success against Falter adds another layer of confidence. So, if you're looking for a hitter to go yard, look no further than Spencer Steer!

Josh Naylor (+390)

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This week, we turn our attention to Josh Naylor of the Cleveland Guardians, a player seemingly building a case for the mythical "Dinger Tuesday Hall of Fame." Here's why Naylor might just be your ticket to Dinger Tuesday glory:

Tuesday Terror: Naylor appears to have a special affection for Tuesdays. A whopping 8 of his 17 home runs this season have come on that very day! Even more impressive, he's launched 4 homers in the past 3 Tuesdays, showcasing a remarkable consistency on Dinger Tuesdays.

Hot Streak: This trend isn't just a coincidence. Naylor is simply swinging a hot bat right now. His recent power surge suggests he's locked in and capable of extending his Dinger Tuesday dominance.

Join the Naylor Narrative: Whether it's pure coincidence or a mystical power, Naylor's Tuesday home run exploits are undeniable. If you're looking for a hitter with a knack for launching homers on Dinger Tuesday, Naylor deserves serious consideration.

Bryson Stott (+800)

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Sure, June might be known as "Kyle Schwarber Month," but for the Philadelphia Phillies' Bryson Stott, there's no need to wait! Here's why Stott remains a compelling Dinger Tuesday pick despite Michael King's struggles being widely known:

King's Continued Kryptonite: Michael King's home run woes continue. He's surrendering long balls at an alarming rate, making him a juicy target for any power hitter. While this is good news for Dinger Tuesday hopefuls, it's important to remember others might be eyeing Stott for the same reason.

Stott's Storied Success: This matchup isn't just about King's struggles. Stott owns King in their limited head-to-head encounters. In a mere 3 at-bats, Stott has already launched a staggering 2 home runs against the pitcher! This past performance speaks volumes about Stott's comfort level facing King and his ability to exploit his weaknesses.

Value Beyond the Hype: Schwarber is the obvious Dinger Tuesday pick in this game, although Schwarber's power is undeniable, Stott's historical success against King might offer more value due to potentially lower odds.

The Dinger Tuesday Verdict: Stott's past dominance against King, combined with King's ongoing struggles, makes him a strong candidate to go yard on Dinger Tuesday. While Schwarber might garner more attention, Stott could potentially offer more value with potentially better odds. However, keep in mind that baseball is unpredictable. Analyzing recent hitting trends and any adjustments King might have made since facing Stott could provide additional insights.

The Final Swing: Bryson Stott has a compelling case for your Dinger Tuesday pick. His past success against King and the pitcher's current struggles create a favorable matchup. While Schwarber might be a popular choice, Stott could offer value.

Dinger Tuesday Directions

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Step 1 - Opt in to the Dinger Tuesday Promo.

In FanDuel's promo section you have to click OPT IN on the promo to be eligible to receive bonus bets. This is the most crucial step.

Step 2 - Deposit $250 into your FanDuel account.

We recommend depositing $250 so you can fully take advantage of this promo. You can deposit less and still have fun with Dinger Tuesday, but if you want our expected results you need to place a wager on at least 10 games throughout the day. Keep reading below to see a more in depth answer.

Step 3 - Place a $25 wager on a player to hit a HR in at least 10 different games.

To be eligible for the Dinger Tuesday promo you have to place at least $25 on a player to hit a home run. We recommend betting at least 10 different games to be able to stack as many bonus bets as possible.

Step 4 - Track the number of homers hit and stack up bonus bets.

This is the fun part! We recommend following an account like RotoGrinders MLB HR Account to make sure you are up to date on every single long ball hit throughout the night. Once all the games wrap up, you can start counting out your bonus bets and focus on the next slate of games. You are betting totally risk-free!

Dinger Tuesday FAQ

Q: What is Dinger Tuesday?

A: Dinger Tuesday is a promotion run by FanDuel Sportsbook that gives users a $5 bonus in site credit for every home run hit in the game they bet on, regardless of whether or not their selected player hits a home run. The promotion is available on Tuesdays during the MLB regular season.

To participate in Dinger Tuesday, users must place a $25 or more bet on any MLB game on Tuesday. If any player in the game hits a home run, the user will receive a $5 bonus in site credit. The bonus can be used to place more bets on MLB games.

Dinger Tuesday is a popular promotion among FanDuel users. It is a great way to get some extra money to bet on MLB games. The promotion is also a good way to support your favorite team, as you will earn a bonus for every home run they hit.

Q: How does Dinger Tuesday work?

A: Dinger Tuesday is a promo run by FanDuel. Once you place a $25 wager on a player to hit a home run, you will receive a $5 bonus bet for every home run hit in that game up to $25.

Q: What is the goal with Dinger Tuesday?

A: The goal of Dinger Tuesday is to win a bit of money but the main goal is to stack bonus bets. FanDuel's bonus bets come as a lump sum and they can be used in whatever amount you want when betting. Say you get $100 in bonus bets, you are able to bet that $100 in any increments you would like so ideally you could do five, $20 parlays for the rest of the week.
Betting on baseball day in and day out is challenging so the goal here is to get as much free money to play with so you can survive until football season starts.

Q: Is Dinger Tuesday a good way to make money?

A: No, the short answer is that Dinger Tuesday is not a good way to build a bankroll. As stated above the main goal of Dinger Tuesday is not make huge profits, but to stack bonus bets. The long answer is Dinger Tuesday can be a great way to make money if you are sharp at picking baseball games. The bonus bets allow you to place wagers you may usually be too scared to bet, and helps keep you in the game without depleting any of your bankroll.

Q: Who is Dinger Tuesday for?

A: Dinger Tuesday is for daily or a-few-times-a-week bettors who want some skin in the game, but want to stop losing their own money. If you watch your favorite team on a night to night basis then try Dinger Tuesday to get a bunch of bonus bets so you can bet on your favorite team, parlay the moneyline with your favorite player getting a hit, and bet the whole thing risk-free!

Q: Why do you have to Wager $250?

A: You don't have to wager $250, but it is highly recommended to bet as many games as possible so you have the potential to gain as many bonus bets as possible. For example, if you only bet two different games and neither of your players hit, you are down $50 that you wagered. Say there were only three total home runs in those games combined. Now you only have $15 in bonus bets.

If you place a wager on 10 different games and two of your to hit a home run bets hit at +400. You would win $200 while you wagered $250, so you are -$50 but say there were 15 home runs hit in those 10 games. Now you are going to be receiving $75 in bonus bets along with your $200 in winnings.

Q: What is the Perfect Number of Games to Bet?

A: The perfect way to bet Dinger Tuesday is to get every single "to hit a home run" bet correctly and not to bet any games that end with zero home runs. Unfortunately, this isn't so simple to do. We recommend betting at least 10 games to get started but on an average slate of 15 games the sweet spot is probably around 12-13 games. There are certain MLB stadiums that do not lend themselves to home runs and on certain nights it may be a bad pitching or weather matchup.

Q: What is a good betting strategy for Dinger Tuesday?


Choose the right games to bet on. Not all games are created equal when it comes to Dinger Tuesday. You want to choose games that have a high likelihood of home runs being hit. You can look at the teams' home run rates, the weather conditions, and the starting pitchers to get an idea of which games are most likely to produce home runs.

Bet on the underdogs. The favorites are more likely to be bet on by other users, so their odds will be lower. The underdogs, on the other hand, are less likely to be bet on, so their odds will be higher. This means that you can get a better return on your investment if you bet on the underdogs.

Spread your bets out. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, spread your bets out across multiple games. This will help to reduce your risk and increase your chances of winning.

Be patient. Dinger Tuesday is a long-term strategy. Don't expect to win every bet. Just be patient and keep betting on the right games and you will eventually come out ahead.

Q: What are some Tips when Betting on Some one to Hit a Home Run?

A: There is no foolproof method for predicting who will hit a home run in a given game, here are a few tips that may help you make informed choices:

1. Player Performance: Consider the player's recent performance, including their batting average, slugging percentage, and home run statistics. Look for players who have been consistently hitting home runs or have shown a power surge lately.

2. Matchup Analysis: Assess the matchup between the hitter and the pitcher. Look at factors such as the pitcher's stats, their tendencies (e.g., ground ball versus fly ball pitcher), and the hitter's historical success against that specific pitcher.

3. Ballpark Factors: Take into account the ballpark where the game is being played. Some ballparks are more hitter-friendly, with shorter fences or favorable wind patterns, which can increase the likelihood of home runs.

4. Lineup Position: Consider where the player is batting in the lineup. Hitters who occupy the middle of the lineup generally have more opportunities for RBIs and home runs due to the presence of high on-base percentage hitters in front of them.

5. Recent Form: Look for players who are in a good rhythm and displaying confidence at the plate. Consider factors such as hitting streaks, recent home run streaks, or any notable changes in their approach or mechanics.

6. Injuries and Rest: Check if there are any injuries or fatigue concerns that may affect a player's performance. A player who is nursing an injury or hasn't had sufficient rest may be less likely to hit a home run.

7. Expert Analysis: Read expert opinions and analysis from reputable sources who specialize in fantasy sports or baseball. They may provide insights into specific matchups, player trends, or statistical indicators that can help inform your decision-making.

Q: Who were the Best Dinger Tuesday Picks last year?

A: Last season's Dinger Tuesday leaderboard was a slugger's paradise! Pete Alonso led the pack with a whopping 10 home runs on Tuesdays, followed closely by Ozzie Albies, JD Martinez, Kyle Schwarber, and Christian Walker, each with an impressive 9 homers. Even Dansby Swanson muscled his way to a solid 8 home runs on Tuesdays. However, it's important to remember that the number of home runs hit doesn't necessarily translate to the best Dinger Tuesday picks. Players like Pete Alonso, known for their power, might have lower odds because everyone expects them to go deep. Sometimes, the best value comes from a longshot pick with a favorable matchup and surprisingly high odds compared to their potential. So, while these hitters were certainly top home run producers on Tuesdays, considering factors like odds is crucial for making informed Dinger Tuesday selections.

MLB Stadium Analysis

Mother Nature can play a significant role in Major League Baseball, particularly when it comes to the number of home runs hit. Cold weather can make the ball less lively, causing it to travel shorter distances and reducing the likelihood of going over the fence. Wind also plays a major factor – tailwinds can turn fly balls into homers, while headwinds can rob them of distance.

Even hot weather can influence home runs, as the air density can cause the ball to hang up for a split second longer, potentially allowing it to clear the fence. To understand how these elements truly impact home run rates, let's delve deeper into the differences between indoor and outdoor stadiums, providing a clearer picture of which parks might see more long balls based on their exposure to the elements.

MLB Outdoor Stadiums

Here are some examples of outdoor MLB stadiums that are often impacted by weather:

  • Northeast: Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees), Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) - Cold weather in early spring and late fall.
  • Midwest: Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs), Target Field (Minnesota Twins) - Subject to cold and windy conditions.
  • West Coast: Oracle Park (San Francisco Giants), Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers) - Occasional rain delays, particularly early or late in the season.

MLB Stadiums with Closed Roofs

There are currently only two Major League Baseball stadiums with roofs that fully enclose the playing field, effectively making them indoor venues and eliminating the impact of weather on games:

  • Tropicana Field (St. Petersburg, Florida): Home to the Tampa Bay Rays, this domed stadium offers a climate-controlled environment year-round.
  • Rogers Centre (Toronto, Ontario): This stadium, home to the Toronto Blue Jays, features a fully retractable roof that can be closed to create an indoor environment or opened to allow for outdoor play when weather permits. However, due to colder temperatures in Toronto compared to Florida, the roof is typically closed for most games, especially during the early and late parts of the season.

MLB Stadiums with Retractable Roofs

Major League Baseball currently boasts seven stadiums with retractable roofs, offering players and fans a reprieve from the elements:

  • Chase Field (Phoenix, Arizona): Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field features a fully retractable roof and is even air-conditioned, creating a comfortable environment regardless of the scorching Arizona sun.
  • Rogers Centre (Toronto, Ontario): Home to the Toronto Blue Jays, this stadium has a retractable roof that allows for open-air play during favorable weather conditions. However, due to Toronto's cooler climate, the roof is often closed, essentially making it an indoor stadium for most games.
  • Safeco Field (Seattle, Washington): Home of the Seattle Mariners, Safeco Field boasts a retractable roof that protects players and fans from Seattle's frequent rain showers.
  • Minute Maid Park (Houston, Texas): Home of the Houston Astros, Minute Maid Park features a retractable roof that provides shade and relief from the intense Texas heat during the summer months.
  • American Family Field (Milwaukee, Wisconsin): Home of the Milwaukee Brewers, this stadium features a retractable roof, offering protection from the unpredictable Wisconsin weather, which can range from hot and humid summers to cold and snowy springs and falls.
  • Globe Life Field (Arlington, Texas): Home of the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Field is a brand new stadium with a retractable roof that allows for adjustments based on weather conditions.
  • LoanDepot Park (Miami, Florida): Home of the Miami Marlins, this stadium features a retractable roof designed to keep the warm Miami nights comfortable for players and fans.

All of My Dinger Tuesday Picks this Week

Dive into all of my Dinger Tuesday picks for June 4th, featuring sluggers like Nick Castellanons, Dansby Swanson, and Christian Walker, all who look like they primed to launch homers tonight!



Alec Burleson


Spencer Steer


Josh Naylor


Bryson Stott 


CJ Abrams 


Adley Rustchman


Matt Olson


Isaac Paredes


JD Martinez


Heliot Ramos


Freddie Freeman


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