FanDuel Dinger Tuesday Picks May 23rd

Learn how to take advantage of FanDuel's Dinger Tuesday and stack Bonus Bets!

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Want To Win $100+ In Bonus Bets?

With FanDuel's Dinger Tuesday promo, you can easily win upwards of $100 in bonus bets that will let you bet on MLB games for a whole week with no risk. Click the link below to read our full directions and see our most commonly asked questions there as well. If you are already up to speed on Dinger Tuesday and how to take advantage of this amazing promo, then just scroll down and see our Dinger Tuesday picks.

Dinger Tuesday Directions

Dinger Tuesday FAQs

Dinger Tuesday Picks

Dinger Tuesday Picks for May 23rd

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Sign up for FanDuel and Get in on the Dinger Tuesday Action!
When you sign up Bet $5, Get $150 regardless if your bet wins or loses, then opt in to Dinger Tuesday and bet $25 on a player to hit a homerun and recieve $5 in free bets for any homerun hit in that game!
Sign up for FanDuel and Get in on the Dinger Tuesday Action!
When you sign up Bet $5, Get $150 regardless if your bet wins or loses, then opt in to Dinger Tuesday and bet $25 on a player to hit a homerun and recieve $5 in free bets for any homerun hit in that game!

Today is Tuesday which is one of my favorite days of the week to make money! We have an awesome slate of games today and some Dinger Tuesday picks to show off

We have a beautiful day on the East Coast which I think will translate into a lot of long bombs!

Remember here at BetQL we are here to help you have fun and take advantage of the sportsbooks. We aren't like these other companies who are writing Dinger Tuesday article just to get some pageviews. I really bet all of these Dinger Tuesday Picks and I do it all for the bonus bets. I am not here to give you two or three measly Dinger Tuesday Picks to hope you make $5 in profit and call it a day.

We go big or we don't go at all. It is my promise to you that I will bet 10-15 Dinger Tuesday Picks week in and week out to make sure I collect as many bonus bets from FanDuel as possible.

It makes no sense to bet two or three of these Dinger Tuesday picks, you need to bet 10+ to really get some action going. If you are betting baseball throughout the week it is financially irresponsible not to go big on Dinger Tuesday.

Now that my rant is over I am ready to dish out some picks and have some fun!

We have a great crop of Dinger Tuesday picks for you, we have a few different Dinger Tuesday Hall of Famers on the board tonight and they are going to make our dreams come true.

Some of our Favorite Dinger Tuesday Picks for May 23rd

This week we have a ton of awesome FanDuel Dinger Tuesday picks and here is some reasoning around some of our favorite picks this week

Luis Robert +400 - There was really only one Dinger Tuesday pick for this game and that is the Blue Jacket BetQL Dinger Tuesday Hall of Famer Luis Robert. He just gets it done for us on Tuesdays. Last week I dared not to pick him and went with a Cleveland Guardian to fade Lance Lynn and of course Robert goes yard in that game.

Luis, I apologize and I can't believe I did you like that. Especially after all you have done for me, last week was unacceptable. Luis is going yard today, he just is.

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Adolis Garcia +400 - We had success fading lefty pitchers last week and Adolis Garcia gives us a great opportunity to do it again on this Dinger Tuesday. Garcia has 3 home runs against lefties this season. Josh Jung is also crushing lefties but he has 2 home runs in the last 2 games so we will go with a bit better odds on Garcia.

The Rangers will be facing a crafty old vet lefty in Rich Hill, but he has given up 8 total home runs on the season so we are hoping he has 1 or 2 more in store for today.

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Trea Turner +460 - The haters are out in full force against Trea Turner, Trea being maybe the most vocal of them. Turner is in a real slump and according to him it may be the worst slump of his career.

He has come out and said it, so he is going to look at him self in the mirror and turn it around. Betting on Dinger Tuesday is a lot like the stock market, you buy low and sell high. Trea is real low right now so call me Gordon Gekko because I am buying low here. Turner is going deep tonight.

Tonight is also bark in the park in Philadelphia so WHERE MY DOGS AT?!?!

Trea is also the only Phillies player to ever face Dbacks starter Ryne Nelson so hopefully he will see it and hit it early tonight.

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Jorge Soler +220 - If you have been tailing my Dinger Tuesday picks for a while you know I don't do short odds. I hate short odds, it makes zero sense. There is no way I am going to wager $25 for a man to hit a home run only to win $50 back, it's just stupid. Hitting a home run is really hard.

I am breaking one of my rules for Jorge Soler tonight, because this big man is going yard tonight, it is as close to a sure thing as you can get on Dinger Tuesday.

Soler has 7 home runs against left handed pitching this season and he will be facing Austin Gomber, a lefty who loves to give up home runs. It doesn't matter if this game is in Denver with the altitude or not, Gomber gives up homers where ever he goes and Soler is putting one over the wall. Book it.

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Ramon Laureano +390 - Give me all the value and fade all the lefties. Laureano has a home run off the Mariners starter Gonzales in his career, while he also has 2 home runs off left handed pitchers this season.

Laureano is also swinging a hot bat, he has two long balls in the past week, I don't know about you Ramon but I would love to see you mess around and make that three for all us Dinger Tuesday fans out there.

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How Did our FanDuel Dinger Tuesday Picks do Last Week?

Last week was a great crop of Dinger Tuesday picks for us, we hit on two plays which paid out well. Christian Walker did it for us a +390 (no surprise there, it's what he does) and Lane Thomas came in the clutch big time at +680

I had a strategy of fading the lefties last week and it paid off. We are going to keep replicating this and find the guys who mash lefty pitching, while we also stack up bonus bets.

At the end of the day we had $50 in profit off the home runs which is amazing. Any profit we see from home runs is really icing on the cake, we are out here to stack out bonus bets. We ended the night with $180 in free bets which gave me a lot to play around with for the rest of the week.

We were able to convert on our bonus bets quickly which really topped off our Dinger Tuesday. The next night we hit a nice parlay, Miami Heat moneyline + Max Strus o 11.5 points which came out to a +225 parlay. I wagered $45 in bonus bets so we cashed $100

Overall for Dinger Tuesday we ended up $150 in profit which is awesome. We are going to keep this run alive and crush another week of Dinger Tuesday picks. Fade me, tail me, I don't care just get on board and stack up those bonus bets!

Read the directions below to find out why I play FanDuel's Dinger Tuesday the way I do and you don't have to tail me on the Dinger Tuesday picks, but tail me on the strategy!

If you are betting the MLB on a day to day basis it is actually financially irresponsible not to take advantage of our FanDuel Dinger Tuesday Picks.

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Dinger Tuesday Directions

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Step 1 - Opt in to the Dinger Tuesday Promo.

In FanDuel's promo section you have to click OPT IN on the promo to be eligible to receive bonus bets. This is the most crucial step.

Step 2 - Deposit $250 into your FanDuel account.

We recommend depositing $250 so you can fully take advantage of this promo. You can deposit less and still have fun with Dinger Tuesday, but if you want our expected results you need to place a wager on at least 10 games throughout the day. Keep reading below to see a more in depth answer.

Step 3 - Place a $25 wager on a player to hit a HR in at least 10 different games.

To be eligible for the Dinger Tuesday promo you have to place at least $25 on a player to hit a home run. We recommend betting at least 10 different games to be able to stack as many bonus bets as possible.

Step 4 - Track the number of homers hit and stack up bonus bets.

This is the fun part! We recommend following an account like RotoGrinders MLB HR Account to make sure you are up to date on every single long ball hit throughout the night. Once all the games wrap up, you can start counting out your bonus bets and focus on the next slate of games. You are betting totally risk-free!

Dinger Tuesday FAQ

Q: What is Dinger Tuesday?

A: Dinger Tuesday is a promotion run by FanDuel Sportsbook that gives users a $5 bonus in site credit for every home run hit in the game they bet on, regardless of whether or not their selected player hits a home run. The promotion is available on Tuesdays during the MLB regular season.

To participate in Dinger Tuesday, users must place a $25 or more bet on any MLB game on Tuesday. If any player in the game hits a home run, the user will receive a $5 bonus in site credit. The bonus can be used to place more bets on MLB games.

Dinger Tuesday is a popular promotion among FanDuel users. It is a great way to get some extra money to bet on MLB games. The promotion is also a good way to support your favorite team, as you will earn a bonus for every home run they hit.

Q: How does Dinger Tuesday work?

A: Dinger Tuesday is a promo run by FanDuel. Once you place a $25 wager on a player to hit a home run, you will receive a $5 bonus bet for every home run hit in that game up to $25.

Q: What is the goal with Dinger Tuesday?

A: The goal of Dinger Tuesday is to win a bit of money but the main goal is to stack bonus bets. FanDuel's bonus bets come as a lump sum and they can be used in whatever amount you want when betting. Say you get $100 in bonus bets, you are able to bet that $100 in any increments you would like so ideally you could do five, $20 parlays for the rest of the week.
Betting on baseball day in and day out is challenging so the goal here is to get as much free money to play with so you can survive until football season starts.

Q: Is Dinger Tuesday a good way to make money?

A: No, the short answer is that Dinger Tuesday is not a good way to build a bankroll. As stated above the main goal of Dinger Tuesday is not make huge profits, but to stack bonus bets. The long answer is Dinger Tuesday can be a great way to make money if you are sharp at picking baseball games. The bonus bets allow you to place wagers you may usually be too scared to bet, and helps keep you in the game without depleting any of your bankroll.

Q: Who is Dinger Tuesday for?

A: Dinger Tuesday is for daily or a-few-times-a-week bettors who want some skin in the game, but want to stop losing their own money. If you watch your favorite team on a night to night basis then try Dinger Tuesday to get a bunch of bonus bets so you can bet on your favorite team, parlay the moneyline with your favorite player getting a hit, and bet the whole thing risk-free!

Q: Why do you have to Wager $250?

A: You don't have to wager $250, but it is highly recommended to bet as many games as possible so you have the potential to gain as many bonus bets as possible. For example, if you only bet two different games and neither of your players hit, you are down $50 that you wagered. Say there were only three total home runs in those games combined. Now you only have $15 in bonus bets.

If you place a wager on 10 different games and two of your to hit a home run bets hit at +400. You would win $200 while you wagered $250, so you are -$50 but say there were 15 homeruns hit in those 10 games. Now you are going to be receiving $75 in bonus bets along with your $200 in winnings.

Q: What is the Perfect Number of Games to Bet?

A: The perfect way to bet Dinger Tuesday is to get every single "to hit a homerun" bet correctly and not to bet any games that end with zero homeruns. Unfortunately, this isn't so simple to do. We recommend betting at least 10 games to get started but on an average slate of 15 games the sweet spot is probably around 12-13 games. There are certain MLB stadiums that do not lend themselves to home runs and on certain nights it may be a bad pitching or weather matchup.

Q: What is a good betting strategy for Dinger Tuesday?


Choose the right games to bet on. Not all games are created equal when it comes to Dinger Tuesday. You want to choose games that have a high likelihood of home runs being hit. You can look at the teams' home run rates, the weather conditions, and the starting pitchers to get an idea of which games are most likely to produce home runs.

Bet on the underdogs. The favorites are more likely to be bet on by other users, so their odds will be lower. The underdogs, on the other hand, are less likely to be bet on, so their odds will be higher. This means that you can get a better return on your investment if you bet on the underdogs.

Spread your bets out. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, spread your bets out across multiple games. This will help to reduce your risk and increase your chances of winning.

Be patient. Dinger Tuesday is a long-term strategy. Don't expect to win every bet. Just be patient and keep betting on the right games and you will eventually come out ahead.

Sign up for FanDuel and Get in on the Dinger Tuesday Action!
When you sign up Bet $5, Get $150 regardless if your bet wins or loses, then opt in to Dinger Tuesday and bet $25 on a player to hit a homerun and recieve $5 in free bets for any homerun hit in that game!
Sign up for FanDuel and Get in on the Dinger Tuesday Action!
When you sign up Bet $5, Get $150 regardless if your bet wins or loses, then opt in to Dinger Tuesday and bet $25 on a player to hit a homerun and recieve $5 in free bets for any homerun hit in that game!