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College Basketball First Half Spreads Explained

If you are a college basketball bettor who is looking for value plays betting the first half may be perfect for you. All experienced bettors know that college basketball games can get a bit out of hand in the second half. The last few minutes end up taking an hour with all of the timeouts, fouls, free throws, and buzzer beater 3’s. For those reasons betting on a full college basketball game can be difficult. Betting only the first half can provide a lot of value since the game is a bit more controlled. Betting the first half you can place tickets on all the normal bet types like ATS, moneyline, and over unders. On this page we are going to go in depth and explain how those bets work and here you will find all the college basketball first half odds, spreads, and betting lines so if you are looking for full game college basketball odds make sure you check out our page specifically on that topic, and if you want to test your luck betting a college basketball 2nd half spread you can jump over there. .

Moneyline Example:

Betting the college basketball moneyline for the first half is almost as easy as it sounds. You are simply picking which team will outright win the game. The favorite will be listed as a negative number (ie. -200) that means you will have to bet that amount to win $100. The underdog will be listed as a positive number (ie. +500) that means you will win that amount on a $100 bet. First half money line bets are the same as a full game money line bet except that they only apply to the first half. This means that any result in the 2nd half does not count towards the bet.

ATS Example:

When you are betting the first half of a college basketball game against the spread it is almost identical to a moneyline bet,but now you have to factor in the 1st half spread.

If the first half spread is Villanova -6 / St.Mary’s +6 and you place a wager on the Villanova Wildcats that means you need the Nova to be leading by 7 points before the first half of the game ends. If the Wildcats are winning 47-40 that means you covered the first half line and you can cash your ticket! If you placed a bet on the other side and had St.Mary’s +6 and the first half score is still 47-40 with Villanova winning you didn’t cover your bet. In this example the first half spread was St.Mary’s +6 so you add 6 points to their score and that would make the score 47-46 with Nova still winning, and since St.Mary’s isn’t winning even with the first half point spread it means your bet did not cover and you can put that ticket in the trash.

College Basketball First Half Betting Lines

One of the hardest parts of betting a college basketball first half is that the odds are constantly being updated. Most sites aren’t able to show you the most updated first half spreads but at BetQL we can. We work closely with the sportsbooks to provide you with the most updated college basketball first half odds, lines, and spreads. With a subscription to BetQL you can build a custom sports betting dashboard that focuses specifically on finding value for college basketball first half bets. For example on your college basketball first half dashboard you can add data for a team’s away record ATS or their away record straight up to see if a team really battles away from home. Putting that data next to our value bet stars is sure to help you find a winner when you are betting on the first half of a college basketball game.