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College Basketball Second Half Spreads Explained

If you are looking for a value bet or maybe you just missed the first half of the game then betting the second half of a college basketball game may be perfect for you. Betting the second half has some pretty big advantages like being able to see how each team performed in the first half and gauging the momentum to see who may break out and build a lead in the second half. Betting the second half you can place tickets on all the normal bet types like ATS, moneyline, and over unders. On this page we are going to go in depth and explain how those bet types work and here you will find all the college basketball second half odds, halftime spreads, and betting lines so if you are looking for full game college basketball odds make sure you check out our page specifically on that topic. If you think betting a college basketball first half is more your pace you can check out our bag on that. .

Moneyline Example:

Betting a college basketball moneyline for the second half is as simple as picking which team will score more points in the 2nd half. If the Duke Blue Devils and Clemson Tigers are going into halftime with a score of 46 - 32 with Duke in the lead and you place a second half moneyline bet on Duke you need the Blue Devils to win the game by more than 14 points. They have to win by more than 14 in the game total because they were in the lead by the much at halftime. Remember betting a second half means you only care about the score in the second half. If Clemson is able to cut down Duke’s lead and the game ends 72 - 66 a second half moneyline bet on Duke would not cover. The second half bet doesn’t cover because Duke scored 26 points, while Clemson scored 34. Doing the mental math on a second half bet can be a bit difficult so it may be easiest to look at a box score at the end of the game. Looking at the box score you will be able to see who scored more in the second half very easily. .

Second half odds on money line bets are typically at lower odds than the college basketball full game money lines. If you are hoping to get more juice on your ticket you can check out our college basketball halftime spreads above. .

ATS Example:

Placing a second half bet against the spread is nearly identical as a moneyline bet but now the second half spread comes into play. .

If the halftime line for the college basketball game we used above was Duke -4 / Clemson +4 and the score is still 46-32 with Duke in the lead. If you placed a bet on Duke -4 in the second half that means Duke needs to win the game by 18 points. One of the easiest ways to figure out if you can cover the halftime spread when you bet the favorite is to add the amount of points you are giving in the second half to the difference at halftime. Since Duke is in the lead by 14 at the break and you are giving 4 points in the 2nd half you need Duke to win by 18 to cover your bet. You can do similar math if you bet the underdog so you take the difference at halftime which is 14 and then subtract 4 and now you know Clemson needs to keep the end score within 10 to cover the bet. .

College basketball 2nd half odds are usually similar to full game odds depending on the book you are betting with. The 2nd half odds are a bit easier on bettors because there are so many variables at play. The 2nd half of a college basketball game can be a bit crazy due to the timeouts, fouls, and free throws that always occur and drag out the game making bettors sweat.

College Basketball Halftime Betting Lines

One of the hardest parts of betting a college basketball second half is that the odds are constantly being updated. Most sites aren’t able to show you the most updated second half spreads but at BetQL we can. We work closely with the sportsbooks to provide you with the most updated college basketball halftime betting lines, odds, and spreads. With BetQL you can create your own custom sports betting dashboards that highlight value plays for college basketball 2nd halfs. For example you can add in a team’s away ATS record or their overall away record, and place it next to our value bet rating to see if the team is likely to make a comeback after halftime and cover. Following halftime betting line trends isn’t easy, but with BetQL it just got so much easier.