Rams Have Good Shot To Win Back-To-Back Super Bowls

The NFC is weaker than it's ever been

The Los Angeles Rams took home the Lombardi Trophy for the 2021 NFL season by defeating the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI. LA is about as talented as a team there is in football, and they have managed to hang on to most of that talent this offseason while also adding to their roster. Now, with the amount of draft capital they have forfeited to get to this point, they won't be very good soon enough, but next year they should still be the class of the NFL.

I believe that they have a very good chance to win back-to-back Super Bowl championships, and not just because they are extremely talented. No team has been able to win the big game two seasons in a row since the New England Patriots accomplished that feat between the 2003 and 2004 seasons, but there is a real chance that it could happen again here with the ultra-talented Rams.

They retained most of the championship winning squad, with QB Matt Stafford, WR Cooper Kupp and DL Aaron Donald all coming back for at least one more season. They did lose T Andrew Whitworth to retirement, LB Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills and WR Robert Woods to the Tennessee Titans in a trade. However, they signed former Jaguars and Bears star WR Allen Robinson to replace Woods, who wasn't even a part of their playoff run due to injury.

Still, did you notice a trend in where those players on the team headed to after departing LA? They both went to the AFC, which could be at its strongest point in history right now. The NFC looks to be at its weakest point in all the years I've been watching football, with many notable stars leaving for an AFC team.

Star QB Russell Wilson is now on the AFC's Denver Broncos, leaving the NFC's Seattle Seahawks. QB Matt Ryan left the NFC's Atlanta Falcons for the AFC's Indianapolis Colts. WR Davante Adams fled the NFC's Green Bay Packers for the AFC's Las Vegas Raiders. I could go on and on with star players leaving the NFC for the AFC, and the AFC was already more talented to begin with.

Who is the best QB in the NFC outside of Stafford? Tom Brady obviously, but can the Bucs really get it done with a worse team than the previous few seasons? Aaron Rodgers with a team that lacks talent overall and can't win big games? Disgruntled and often bad Kyler Murray? Dak Prescott?

I'm not buying any of them besides the magic of Tom Terrific, who easily would be their biggest threat. All of that should have the Rams absolutely stoked for the 2022 season to kickoff, as the path to the Super Bowl looks like ooey-gooey butter cake with how weak their conference is relative to them overall.

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