College Football Best Bets for Today

College Football Best Bets for This Week:

Betting on college football can be extremely difficult because there are usually over 100 games in a weekend, games are played at the same time, and the rosters are constantly turning over. BetQL is here to try and help provide you with college football best bets so you can win more bets. Our college football best bet model analyzes dozens of data points for every game to provide you our 5-star ratings. Our star rating can help lead you not only to a college football winner, but a game that also has value. Keep reading below for our college football best bets this week and check out our model's over under picks for this week if you are looking to bet on totals.

If you want to know who is going to cover this week's matchups in NCAA Football this season, look no further than BetQL. During the college football season, there is no better place to come to for weekly college football picks. If you are a big-time spread bettor, or someone who is just getting started, BetQL has you covered. Every week during the season, including Week 1, we will unlock 3-4 games for free to let you experience what we have to offer first hand. You will learn how we work and everything we have to offer for each game, including all the data and analytics that we use to make our pick.

For each of the free picks that we offer during Week 1, you will be able to see our projected score, which side our college football model is projecting, all the public betting info and percentages, and which side the sharps are on for each of these games. We also will have entire previews written by our college football experts giving away their picks and thoughts on each game. All of that information will be available to you no matter how you bet or your experience level, so make sure to check out BetQL Week 1 and every week after that for all the information you need to make better bets.

As stated above, there is no-one that is quicker to get their picks out than BetQL. We want to be sure that you get the best of the number and secure that closing line value before it is stripped away. Our picks go live the instant the odds come out, so you won’t have to wait on the experts to sort through all the research and data. Our computer does that in seconds after each game is played, so it is already able to make a pick as soon as the lines come out on which way the data is telling you to bet. BetQL is a faster way to make smarter and more informed bets.

We rank each of our bets on a scale of 1 to 5 Stars, with 5 Stars being the most profitable bets each week. Our computer model is able to identify trends and player statistics to see who is performing up to par, and who is slumping. We use real time data and analysis to predict each score, so picking against the spread, over under total, or the moneyline has never been easier.

When there is a large discrepancy between our model projection and the actual line, we give the bet a 5 Star rating so you know you’re making a smart bet. Each pick will include analysis on how the model projected its bet, as well as where the model would have the game lined. You also get the picks faster, because our model begins working on them as soon as the line opens. With BetQL, there is no more worrying about which games to bet on during the college football season. We even adapt in-game, so you can find the best value on the spread while the ball is in the air.

We have you covered for every game, from the first kickoff of the season until the last second ticks off the clock in the College Football Championship. No other sport betting service can get you the spread picks faster and with a higher winning percentage than BetQL, meaning we will keep you ahead of the bookmakers all season long. If you want to start making the most informed college football picks and getting the best closing line value around on the money line, then subscribe to BetQL and start beating the books.

College Football Point Spreads Explained

The most common way to bet on college football, and professional football for that matter, is betting Against The Spread (ATS). So, what is betting ATS? Figuring out how spreads work in betting is not as hard as it might sound to someone who is new to the gaming industry. There are so many terms and words that any novice sports bettor probably never has heard before, or at least, never knew what any of them meant. So, let BetQL explain how betting on the spread works in college football. For every game, there will be a point spread. You just have to bet on whether or not a team will cover that point spread. Basically, a team either needs to win by so many points, or keep the game within so many points. The best way to really explain this is by using a game as an example of how the point spread works, so we’ll use one below. BetQL also makes it easy to find the best spread bets fast.

When you first subscribe to BetQL, you’ll notice that games aren’t listed in order of when they start. That’s because we automatically rank them on our best bets, so the games at the top are always the games that we think have the most value betting on. We do this for every type of bet, including money line betting. Of course, you can switch the order by start time as well, making it easier to find the game you are looking for. Home teams will always be listed at the bottom for each section, so it’s easy to figure out which squad is playing at home.

College Football Point Spreads Example: Clemson -7 (Clemson Must Win By More Than 7 Points) vs. Notre Dame +7 (ND Can’t Lose By More Than 7 Points)

When betting on the point spread, the favorite will always be indicated with a minus (-) sign in front of their number. In this scenario from a highly-anticipated game from last season, the Clemson Tigers were -7 on the spread line. This simply means that the Tigers must win by at least 8 points for you to win your bet if you bet on them. If the number lands on 7 exactly, your bet will push, and you will simply be refunded your bet back. The underdog will always be identified with a plus (+) sign in front of their number. If you wanted to bet on Notre Dame here at +7, that means that Notre Dame cannot lose the game by more than 7 points. Luckily for people who bet the underdog, if the games ends up being decided by exactly that number, they still win the bet.

In this game, Notre Dame was the underdog by 7 points against the favored Clemson Tigers. In one of the best matchups of the year last season, Clemson came into Notre Dame as the No. 1 team in the country, but missing their star QB Trevor Lawrence. Notre Dame was the No. 4 team in college football, so this was a heavily bet on and anticipated match. Despite not having Lawrence, Clemson was still favored by quite a bit, which is indicated in their -7 spread line odds. Bettors who laid the points were disappointed and went home empty-handed, as the Fighting Irish prevailed in an OT classic to take down the No. 1 team. Clemson had their chance at the end of the game to come through for their backers and potentially tie the game, but failed on a fourth and long attempt. It was clear how much Clemson missed Lawrence, as the Irish focused on stopping star RB Travis Etienne instead, holding him to just 28 yards total in the game on 20 carries. They couldn’t get anything going on the ground, which forced their freshman QB D.J. Uiagalelei to pass all game.

Those who bet the Irish to win were rewarded with a nice payday, as they took home winnings on whatever they bet. Since they won outright, they clearly covered the +7 points. If a team that is plus the points wins, you automatically win that bet because they obviously didn’t lose by more than the number. Meanwhile, Clemson backers were sent home packing nothing after their bet failed to cover the -7 point spread. Since Clemson didn’t win by 8 points, or even push at 7, they lost the bet.

College Football Betting Lines Explained

Lines are very easy to figure out. When someone says “What’s the line?”, they are basically just asking you what the spread is. In the examples from above, you’d just say that the spread is seven with Clemson favored, and the odds are -110 both ways. When you go to the sportsbook, you’ll see a whole bunch of numbers that will probably be confusing or overwhelming to the novice sports bettor. By knowing what the line is, you’ll be able to make your bet. Don’t go into a sportsbook unprepared and without knowing what certain dialogue means. BetQL is here to help you bet on these lines and make smarter bets that win.

College Football Betting Odds Explained

Odds are basically the price you pay for any certain bet. The odds will usually be listed right after or below the point spread, and this is what you must pay to win a certain amount of money. Odds will usually be in parenthesis (-110) next to the bet you will be wagering on, except if you are betting money line. Usually, lines for spread betting are fairly even and most start out at -110 both ways. This line increases or decreases depending on how much money is going to a certain side of the spread. If everyone is betting on the favorite at -110 to win the game by at least x number of points, the line will move up, costing bettors more to bet that side. The same will happen if all the money comes in on the underdog. Eventually, the actual number of points the team has to cover will increase or decrease depending on where the money goes. BetQL will have you covered all college football season picking games against the spread, but you should always be informed as to what each bet means.

Similarly, to the spread itself, the odds also deal with plus and minus signs. When it comes to the actual odds-on spread bets, they are graded on a scale where $100 is the key figure of every wager. The teams that are the favorites to win are identified with a minus symbol (-) next to their number, while the underdogs have a plus sign (+) next to the figure beside them. When betting the favorite, the number and minus sign means that is the amount that you would have to bet to win $100. When betting the underdog, the number and plus sign mean that is the amount you will win by wagering $100. We know, this still may be a bit confusing, so let’s take a look at some examples from last year’s college football games to get a better understanding of how the money line works.

College Football Odds Example: Notre Dame (+7, -110) vs. Clemson (-7, -110)
Now for the second part, the actual odds you have to pay to make the bet. This is fairly simple to understand once you know what the numbers mean. In this instance, both spreads are listed as -110. What this simply means is that in order to win $100, you must bet $110 dollars. The amounts do not have to be this small or large either, as it would mean the same thing with any amount. An $11 wager would win you $10, while an $1100 dollar wager would win you $1000, and so on. This extra price you have to pay is called “vigor” or “juice” on a line. Think of it like a tax you are having to pay the books to place your bet.

There are times when you will occasionally see a “plus-money” line with a spread bet, however, that is very rare. If you do see one, it will simply have a “+” instead of a “-“ in front of the number. Let’s say the number is +160. What this means is that if you bet $100 on this line, you would win $160. So you are not having to pay a tax at all, and instead, you are getting a much higher payout. Lines like these are always on a bet that is more unlikely to win, so you will have to be okay with the risk that involves being in the unfavorable situation.

If you want to keep up to date on the 2021 Heisman odds for this season make sure to check that our where you can find updated odds and our experts picks. You can also stay informed with our 2021 College Football Playoff odds to find out who the sportsbooks think have the best chances to take home the trophy this year.

College Football Spreads Explained

If you want to bet college football games against the spread you will need to have a good understanding of how college football spreads work. The spread also known as the point spread is the number of points a team can either win or lose by and you will still win your bet.

Sportsbooks understand that one team is more likely to win so they provide a point spread to make the game more fair, and attempt to get bets on each side of the game. When Alabama plays a game against a non-power five school everyone knows they will win the game but the real question is by how much. The spread is also listed next to the college football odds so they go hand in hand, and together they are the college football line. Similar to how odds work there will be a positive number listed next to one team they are the underdog, and a negative number next to the favorite. If you see a -6.5 spread next to a team it means they must win the game by a full 7 points to cover the college football spread. If a team has a +6.5 next to their name it means they can not lose by more than 6.5 points or you will not win your bet.

Simply put a college football spread is imaginary points that are given to one team or subtracted from the other team depending on which side you bet. The easiest way to figure out if your team covered the spread is to wait until the end of the game and if you bet the favorite you subtract the spread from the final score, and if the favorite still would win the game without those points then your bet covered the spread and you have won. If you bet the underdog wait until the end of the game, take their final score, and add the points from the spread. If the underdog now wins the game with the spread added to their final score then your bet has covered the spread and you have won.

The way that college football spreads work is that the numbers will always be inverse one another, so if the favorite is -10, then the underdog is +10. There is no way that one team will have more points on the spread than the other, so it is always easy to figure out if the underdog covered or if the favorite scored enough points to survive and win the bet.

With BetQL you can always be sure you are looking at the most updated college football spreads, because we work with the sportsbooks so when they are released on their end they are shown right here. If a spread moves at all during the day or before kickoff you can rest assured it is updated on this page.

College Football Spreads Example: Ohio State vs Indiana Hoosiers

The Ohio State Buckeyes are playing the Indiana Hoosiers in a regular season matchup. Similar to every other year, everyone knows that Ohio State will win this game, so the sportsbooks set the spread at +/-16 points. The reason the sportsbooks have a point spread is to attempt to make it fair on both sides, so bettors will be inclined to bet both teams. For this specific example let's say the final score is Ohio State 40 - Indiana 10. If you bet on Ohio State against the spread (-16) you would take the real final score and subtract 16 from Ohio State's score. Now the final score would be Ohio State 26 - Indiana 10, which means Ohio State has covered the spread and a bet on the favorite would win. If you bet on Indiana against the spread (+16) you take the real final score and add 16 points to Indiana's score. Now the final score for Indiana bettors is Ohio State 40 - Indiana 26, since Indiana still loses this game that means the Hoosiers did not cover the spread, and Indiana bets did not win.

College Football Lines Explained

When someone asks "what is the line on that game?" they usually are asking what is the spread, but they can also be referring to the odds. Depending on how they most often bet will really clue you in on if they are referring to a college football line as the spread or the odds. It is easiest to say that the college football lines are the combination of both the spread and the odds, so if you are asked for a line you can just tell them what the point spread is and the moneyline odds. With BetQL you will always find the most updated college football lines because when the sportsbooks release their spreads & odds we immediately have them on the site. If the lines move at all during the day or right before kickoff you can rest assured that the college football lines are updated right here as well. If you want to see the line movement, where the line opened to where it sits at that current moment take a look at our college football line movement page. This page can help you understand if there is value in your pick, or maybe it isn't advantageous to bet that line because it has moved too much, too quickly.

More Than Just Football

BetQL is more than just football picks our tool has everything a bettor needs for the NBA, college basketball, and baseball. This time of year our main focus moves to baseball and you know that with a BetQL subscription you will get our model's expert picks every day, every night, and every single game. Not only can you get our MLB best bets today but if you don't like to bet moneylines and runlines, you can tail our model's MLB over under picks. Start backing our baseball picks and build that bankroll up before football season starts.

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