College Basketball Over Under Picks

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College Basketball Over Under Picks for Today

Picking winners for college basketball can be tough especially during the NCAA Tournament when games are intense and closer than ever. Sometimes betting against the point spread can feel like a real futile effort, so we want to help you win more this March and give away our free college basketball over under picks. Every day of the NCAA Tournament you will find our free over under picks right here and be able to see our over under model's full score prediction.

We can’t wait for college basketball season to get back underway, but until next season kicks off you can win some bets betting on the NBA & MLB with BetQL. Just like our football product you can find picks for every game on tonight’s NBA slate and if you want to bet a total make sure you look at our NBA model’s over under picks to find a winner. If you haven’t figured out what game you like tonight check out the most updated odds, lines, spreads and best bets for all the games on tonight, let BetQL help you win more bets with our five star plays.

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BetQL's College Basketball Over Under Picks

If you like to bet on totals rather than against the spread and you are looking for college basketball over under picks for today you are in the right place. Every day and every game BetQL's over under model provide college basketball totals picks that win. As soon as the lines are released our over under picks model goes to work simulating the game 10,000 times to not only predict the full game score but the 1st half score as well. Once the game has been simulated 10,000 times our model provides an over under pick on a 5-star rating scale. Not only does our over under betting model show how likely a pick is to hit, but it also shows value. If you have to risk $600 to only win $100 our model won't suggest that pick highly.

College Basketball Over Under Predictions

If you have a good gut feeling about an over under and you want to confer with our college basketball model you are looking for our score predictions. For every game our college basketball model predicts not only the first score but the 1st half score as well. This information is vital to a user who is trying to hit on an over under bet. With our score projections you can see how close our projection is to the current over under line and decide if you want to bet the over or the under. With BetQL you can also see the historic performance of both teams at hitting the over or under. Our schedule summary shows not only if the team hit the over under, but also the over under line for that game. You can use the totals trend data to find out if hitting that number is normal for that team, or see if you the line may be adjusted too far on a specific side. You can either take our over under pick and run with it or use our data available to craft your own pick. If you are looking for more of a written prediction on a full game check out some of our predictions for games this weekend below:

College Basketball Over Under Betting Explained

Betting the total for a game is a bet on how many total points will be scored in a game. College basketball game total spreads are typically placed between 110 and 180 points. Similar to betting a college basketball spread, there can be a “push” if the total amount of points scored in the game exactly equals the total.

When betting college basketball totals, many sport books will allow you to “buy points”, which will change what the college basketball total is at adjusted odds. For example the a matchup has an over-under of 150 points. You like there to be a lot of points scored in the this game and want to take the over. However, you don’t quite like the line at 150 and you are projecting there to be 149 points. In this case you can “buy” two points and take the OVER of 148, providing you with a little more safety in your pick but at lesser odds.

College basketball over-under bets are the combined points scored between both of the teams playing in a selected game. There are also options to bet on how many points only one of the teams will score, and that type of bet is referred to as team total betting. You can also bet on the total points scored in the first half or the total points scored only in the second half. If betting the over under doesn’t sound like your type of bet make sure to check out our college basketball spreads where you can find a value bet ATS, and if you are still struggling check out our college basketball expert picks.

College Basketball Over Under Trends

Finding value in college basketball over-unders can be tricky and you must find value in the lines in order to remain profitable over the long term. To do this, BetQL has created value models to help you find which games have the most value. With BetQL you can also create custom sports betting dashboards that specifically highlight value in college basketball over under bets. Try adding in the over record, the under record, and home / away over under record and place them next to our college basketball over under value bets to see if it helps you cash more tickets.

Top College Basketball Over Under Picks for 2021

If you are here doing research for March Madness and you are looking for some over under picks for the tournament you came to the right place. We took a deep dive into all the college basketball totals data to find out who is the best team at hitting the over. Surprisingly the number one team in college basketball to hit that over is the Ball State Cardinals (Chirp Chirp), but Ball State unfortunately is not going to be playing into late March this year so we will take a look at the teams that actually will be playing in the Big Dance this year.

If you were surprised at Ball State being the number one team at hitting the over in college basketball, you will be equally shocked to find out that the best team at hitting the over that may be playing in the tournament is the Cincinnati Bearcats. When you think high scoring college basketball you definitely don't think Cincinnati basketball, and for that exact reason the Bearcats are the best bet to hit a college basketball over in 2021. The oddsmakers haven't given the Bearcats offenses much credit this year and day to day set the over under line too low for Cincinnati's games. The Bearcats finished the year going 16-6 at hitting the over which means they surpassed the over under line at a rate of 72.7% this year. Unfortunately for Cincinnati it is still up in the air if they will go dancing this year. The Bearcats did a great job and won a few big upsets to get them into the AAC Championship game, but they will need a lot of help to take down Houston in that game. It will be unlikely to see Cincinnati in the NCAA Tournament if they don't secure the American Conference automatic bid, but we couldn't ignore Cincinnati's impressive 72.7% rate at hitting the over this season. Keep reading below to find out BetQL's favorite to hit an over under this March

The next team you are sure to see in the NCAA Tournament and we recommend taking a long look at their over under line before the game tips off is the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Lead by unreal freshman Cade Cunningham and the Oklahoma State Cowboys have put together a 19-8-1 record at hitting the over in their games this year. That record puts Oklahoma State at a 70.4% percentage at hitting the over which is an impressive feat in the Big 12 conference. Similar to the Bearcats above the Cowboys biggest strength at hitting the over under is that this team has been criminally underrated the entire year. Preseason projections had the Cowboys finishing 6th in the Big 12 conference, and right now bracketologists have Ok. State projected as a 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament. At the end of the regular season Oklahoma State finished 3rd in the Big 12 for average points per game with 77 points per game. We will be interested to see if Oklahoma State can keep up their high powered offense in the tournament this year. Unfortunately for Oklahoma State they couldn't secure the Big 12 Championship this season, but they shocked the world with a huge upset win over Baylor. We will be refreshing the over under odds like crazy for Oklahoma State's first game in the tournament to find out how we can profit off the Cowboy's offense

March Madness Over Under Picks

Above we went over some of the top over under picks for the year, but unfortunately only one of those teams was able to punch their ticket to the big dance. We wanted to give some better insight around the teams that will be playing in March this year to give you a better idea where you can make some winning over under picks for this tournament.

Florida State - 14-6-2
It is not too surprising to see one of the ACC's best teams on this list. The Seminoles were once only known as a football school, but the past few years they have become a real contender in the ACC. Florida State may have had some help this season from a very down ACC overall but Florida State did what they aimed to do, score points. With a 70% chance to hit the over in any game they play the Seminoles are a great over under pick and they on average score over 6.7 points than the line. Florida State will be taking on UNCG in their first round matchup and it is a great opportunity to snag a quick over bet. If Florida State can take care of the ball they have a great shot to hit the over. They dropped the ACC Championship mainly because they lost the turnover battle by a fair amount. Averaging 78.9 points per game, Florida State will tend to do most of the heavy lifting on the over under line. If you catch a Florida State over under in the 140's make sure you bet that over and start building that bankroll

Oral Roberts - 16-7
A school named Oral Roberts that hits the over at a rate of 69%, nice! You don't see stuff like that everyday, but the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles have put an absolute beat down on the Summit League this season. Scoring an average of 81 points per game the Golden Eagles are one of the highest scoring teams in the league, the only issue is they don't play any defense. Scoring 80 points is no problem for this team, but the big drawback is that is isn't tough for their opponents to get there either, which makes them a great over under pick for the big dance. Oral Roberts is going to have their hands full in their round one matchup because they are facing off against Ohio State. Another team that absolutely has no problem scoring the basketball.

West Virginia -18-9
To round out our list of March Madness over under picks is the West Virginia Mountaineers. Hitting the over at a rate of 66% while playing in the Big 12 is no easy feat. Unlike Big 12 football they do actually play defense in Big 12 basketball games, but a lot of these teams have trouble stopping the Mountaineers. Averaging 77 points per game the Mountaineers fill the stat sheet up game after game, and this team has really been on a good run at hitting the over going 8-2 on the over since February. In their first round matchup West Virginia will be taking on Morehead State and we have a feeling they will put up a big number against that team.

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