College Basketball Moneyline Picks

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College Basketball Moneyline Picks for Today

If you are looking for some college basketball moneyline picks for today to get and get a few wins while watching your bracket fall apart BetQL has you covered. You can check in every day of the NCAA tournament to find out which way our college basketball moneyline model is picking. We will always have free games available for you to check out how BetQL works but if you want access to all our data, picks, and predictions subscribe to BetQL today

We can’t wait for college basketball season to get back underway, but until next season kicks off you can win some bets betting on the NBA & MLB with BetQL. Just like our football product you can find picks for every game on tonight’s NBA slate and if you want to bet a total make sure you look at our NBA model’s over under picks to find a winner. If you haven’t figured out what game you like tonight check out the most updated odds, lines, spreads and best bets for all the games on tonight, let BetQL help you win more bets with our five star plays.

If you aren’t a big NBA fan or you are trying to build up your bankroll for later tonight with some baseball bets, BetQL has you covered. Our MLB model has five star picks for all of today’s game waiting for you, whether you like to bet against the spread or need a moneyline winner, BetQL has you covered. If you are looking to bet an over our MLB over under model has five star picks waiting for you. If you are still doing research on all the games on today take a look at all the most updated odds, lines, spreads, and best bets from BetQL. Start winning more of your baseball bets with BetQL and build your bankroll for next season.

BetQL's College Basketball Moneyline Picks

If you are new to betting on college basketball or you just don't like betting against the spread you are in the right place because here you will find our moneyline picks for the day, everyday. If there are college basketball games playing then our moneyline model has a pick for that game. As soon as the odds are released for the game our moneyline model simulates the game 10,000 times to figure out which side you should bet. Once our model simulates the game we make our pick on a 5-star rating system that not only shows how likely we think a team is to win, but also how much value is in the pick. If you aren't familiar with how moneyline odds work then you should read the section below, but our model aims to show you not only winning moneyline picks, but picks that have value. If you need to risk $500 to only win $100 we won't recommend that as a 5-star play because there is very little value in the pick. Betting moneylines can be difficult because the odds are heavily skewed if you are trying to bet on a favorite, which usually means it isn't worth it to wager on the game. BetQL's moneyline picks are great for finding a high value underdog though so if you are looking to bet some underdogs on the moneyline you are in the right place.

College Basketball Moneyline Predictions

If you are looking for a moneyline pick and want to see which way our model is predicting will be the winner, look no further. With our college basketball model we provide BetQL users with a score prediction for every game. If you just want to find which side our model says will be the moneyline winner that is all right here for you. You can use this data to help you decide which side you want to take against the spread, or take it for face value and bet the moneyline. Our model also provides predictions for the 1st half line, so if you are more of a 1st half bettor we have that data for you too.

College Basketball Moneylines Explained

College basketball money line betting is the simplest and a popular form of college basketball betting. With money line bets you are simply picking which team will win the game outright. College basketball money line odds will list the the favorite in a given game as a negative number (ie. -200) that means you will have to bet that amount to win $100. The team with a positive number is the money line underdog (ie. +500) that means you will win that amount on a $100 bet. A college basketball money line bet can not “push” because college basketball games can not end in a tie. If you are interested in a written prediction from the BetQL staff check out some of our game predictions for the first round

College basketball money line odds typically range from -110, which would be considered a small favorite all the way up to -1,200 which would be considered a massive favorite in money line betting. If you are looking at the moneyline odds and there just isn’t enough juice for you, you can head over to our college basketball odds page which shows all of our best value bets for the day to see if the action is worth it.

College Basketball Moneyline Betting Lines

When you are betting college basketball it can be difficult to find value and that is why college basketball money line betting is not as popular as betting against the spread or betting college basketball over unders Many bettors like to parlay multiple college basketball money line bets together to help to improve the pay out. With the moneyline odds constantly changing it can be difficult to pin down exactly when you should place your bets, but using BetQL can help. We work closely with the sportsbooks to ensure any changes on the moneyline will be reflected on our site up to the minute. With BetQL you can also create custom sports betting dashboards specifically to highlight value plays for college basketball moneyline betting. Adding and removing data to your dashboard is one of our biggest features. For example on your college basketball moneyline dashboard you can add in the moneyline open and the line movement to see exactly when the line has changed, and if it is advantageous to place a bet right now. Sign up for BetQL and start cashing more tickets!

Top College Basketball Moneyline Picks for 2021

The 2021 college basketball season has been anything but normal, but the top teams to bet the moneyline against actually haven't been too surprising this year. Obviously Gonzaga leads the pack with their 26-0 undefeated record on the season, now you would be profitable if you bet the Zags moneyline every game this year, but you would need a large bank roll to risk it. Although Gonzaga has looked like the best team throughout the entire year their moneyline odds are always so big that you would have to risk a lot to win a small amount of money. If you are willing to put a lot on the line to only win a small percentage back we recommend betting Gozaga against the moneyline, but if you have a normal bankroll and you are looking for a moneyline sleeper pick this March keep reading.

A team you most likely wouldn't think of is next on our list and will be representing the Big South Conference in the NCAA Tournament, the Winthrop Eagles. Winthrop has put a betting on the moneyline odds this season putting together a 23-1 record which translates to a 95.8% win percentage. Similar to Gonzaga, Winthrop isn't exactly facing the highest level of competition day to day in the Big South, but a win is a win, and Winthrop knows how to win. The Eagles were huge moneyline favorites in each of their Big South Conference Tournament games, but we don't expect that trend to continue as we start the NCAA Tournament. Looking at Bracketology predictions Winthrop may be in a very interesting spot as one of the best moneyline picks in college basketball this year. The bracketologists currently have Winthrop projected to be the upset friendly 12 seed. If that projection holds true a very unlucky 5 seed will have to face the one loss Winthrop Eagles who will find them selves as a moneyline underdogs for maybe the first time this season. Keep your eye on the Eagles and make sure you come back here to check the college basketball moneyline odds before the tournament kicks off. Winthrop could not only be a great upset pick for you bracket, but it could be a moneyline underdog that builds your bankroll for the rest of March.

If you are looking for a moneyline pick that is a bit more under the radar with more fair odds we recommend taking a look at the Big West Champion, UCSB Gauchos. University of Santa Barbra capped off the 2021 season with a 22-4 record and a 84.6% win percentage and easily won the Big West Tournament this year. Although UCSB has a very impressive record against the moneyline, their moneyline odds are actually somewhat fair on a game to game basis. In the Big West Championship game UCSB was only a (-157) favorite on the moneyline but came away with a 16 point win. Hopefully the oddsmakers continue to keep UCSB under the radar before the NCAA tournament kicks off. Similar to Winthrop the bracketologists have UCSB projected as a 12 seed, and we feel bad for the 5 seed that plays this Guachos team.

Keep up to date with the latest college basketball moneyline odds and moneyline picks with BetQL. We will be updating this throughout the NCAA Tournament to provide you with the best analysis on moneylines you can find online.

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