NBA Line Movement

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NBA Line Movement Explained

NBA line movement is one of the most important aspects of betting on basketball. Line movement occurs when money comes in on one side or another in an NBA game. These bets can be on the NBA spreads , money line, or the over under. Line movement is tracked from where the line started - otherwise known as the “open” - to where the line either currently sits or where it finishes; known as the “close”. Line movement occurs when one team is being bet more than the other. The goal of the sportsbook is to have action on both sides of a bet so they are exposed to have major losses if a bet hits. For example, if the Lakers are +3 against the Clippers and a majority bettors think it will be a close game and take the Lakers with the points the sportsbook may move the line down to Lakers +1.5 which then makes the Clippers -1.5. By moving the betting line the sportsbook is attempting to entice new bettors to play their tickets on the Clippers.

NBA Betting Line Movement

Tracking NBA betting line movement can be very difficult to do on your own, but thankfully BetQL makes it very simple to track up to the minutes line movements for all NBA bet types. Not only does BetQL allow you to make custom sports betting dashboards to track your favorite type of bet you can also see the line movement for all games & bet types. BetQL will show the opening betting line and any changes to the betting line will be updated instantly. BetQL’s goal is to provide bettors with the data and insight to make smart plays.