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MLB First Five Innings Betting Explained

Betting an MLB first five inning is the same concept as betting the first half of a football or basketball game in the sense that you are only betting on the result after 5 innings. Any scoring after the first five innings will have no impact on your bet. It is possible to bet the first five innings moneyline and against the spread. Like most baseball betting the bet types against the spread are more popular and lucrative. The typical line for a MLB first five inning bet is +/- .5 which means the favorite will have to be winning by at least one run and the underdog will have to be winning or be tied by the end of the fifth inning. MLB first five inning betting is the ideal bet type for teams that have a trend of getting off to a hot start or have better odds on a first five inning only bet. One strategy that has shown to be profitable for first five inning bets is betting home underdogs who tend to come out and play well in front of their home fans before talent and ability take hold in the second half of the game. If you need a refresher on how MLB Oddswork you can go check out our page on that.
MLB First Five Inning Example:
The Tampa Bay Rays are playing the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yard in Baltimore. The first five inning spread is set at +/- .5 with the Rays listed as the favorite. Since the Rays are the favorite (-.5) they must be winning by at least one to cover the first five innings spread. After 3 innings the score is still tied 0-0, but when Tommy Pham comes to the plate in the 4th with a man on second he belts a double and the run scores. After 4 innings the score is Rays 1 - Orioles 0. In a shocking turn of events in the bottom of the 5th inning Chris Davis manages to hit a baseball and it is a solo homerun knotting the score at 1 a piece. When the first five innings are over the score is tied 1-1, which means the Rays did not cover the (.5) line. If you bet the Orioles you would have won your bet and you can go ahead and cash that ticket!.

MLB First Five Innings Betting Trends

Tracking first five inning betting trends can be difficult and even when you find the data you need it is usually coming from a dozen different sources. With BetQL you will find all the relevant MLB first five inning betting data in one place. Not only can you create dashboards with BetQL but you can also save them for later, so if you are having trouble finding great value bets you can use create a dashboard specifically for finding value in first five inning bets. For example you can add in a team’s ATS record both home and away to see how often they cover before you place your first five inning bet. BetQL is here to help give you the data to make an informed bets and to help you cash more tickets!

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