Fernando Tatis Jr.’s Suspension Projected To Have Surprising Impact On Padres

After trading for Juan Soto, Josh Bell, Brandon Drury and Josh Hader, the loss of Tatis won’t be as damaging as expected

Fernando Tatis Jr. Suspended 80 Games

Fernando Tatis Jr. slashed .282/.364/.611, hit 42 home runs, drove in 97 runs, stole 25 bases and scored 99 runs in 130 games last season before signing a 14-year, $340 million extension. He’s been out all year with an injury, but was recently rehabbing and slated to return to a roster that now includes Juan Soto, Josh Bell, Brandon Drury and Josh Hader, all of whom were acquired before the trade deadline. 

Instead, he was busted for PED use and will be suspended for 80 games, which will prevent him from taking the field this season. 

The obvious reaction to this news was that Tatis was selfish. Padres GM A.J. Preller publicly called out the shortstop, as did a number of his veteran teammates. The coinciding reaction by Padres fans and futures bettors alike was panic. How can this team possibly still compete for a World Series title without Tatis’ contributions? How will they even make noise in the postseason? Will they even get there?


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