Best Bet To Win NHL's Eastern Conference

Take a look at the latest odds and best bet to win the NHL's Eastern Conference

Odds To Win NHL Eastern Conference

Maple Leafs










Maple Leafs +425
The Maple Leafs are very slight favorites here over the Lightning after finishing third in the conference last season. But they were also eliminated from the postseason last year by the Lightning. So keep an eye on these odds, as they are very close to Tampa Bay on this list and will be looking to keep their odds lead.

Lightning +450
The Lightning are slightly behind the Maple Leafs here and they'll be looking to make a huge push this season for another Stanley Cup run. They finished fifth in the conference last season and they will certainly want to take the No. 1 seed here on their way to seeking yet another Stanley Cup win.

Panthers +500
The Panthers won the Eastern Conference last season, but they're in the middle of the pack when it comes to odds to win it again. They'll be hoping to dominate this year and make up for their second-round exit from the playoffs last season after losing to the Lightning.

Hurricanes +600
The Hurricanes finished second in the Eastern Conference last season, but they're not exactly high up on the odds list this year. They were taken down by the Rangers in the playoffs after knocking the Bruins out, so a hot start to the season this year could lead to a quick move in these odds.

Rangers +1000
The Rangers, who ended the Hurricanes' season last year in the second round of the playoffs, finished fourth in the conference last season and will be looking to greatly improve on that. Their odds have a bit of distance from the Hurricanes here, but they did defeat them in the playoffs, so look out for their odds to shift as the season starts.

Best Bet: Lightning +450

I have a good feeling about the Lightning this season and I think they're a great bet here to win the division before their odds get shorter. They made it further into the postseason than everyone else on this list, so they can keep that momentum going heading into this year to make up for how the Stanley Cup Final ended.