Trysta Krick Issues First Fraud Alert Of The NFL Season

Fraud Officer Trysta Krick says bettors can't trust the Steelers

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Although I’ve spent a decade in media covering every sport under the sun, I’ve also lived a secret life. One that, for the very first time, I’m disclosing to my new Audacy readers. 

For years behind the scenes, I’ve been a duly appointed officer of the Fraud Police, entrusted with sniffing out teams that have been accused of fooling sports fans into thinking they are legit.

My name is Trysta Krick, Fraud officer, and I’m here to alert you to teams pretending to be better than they are.

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Fraud Alert: The Steelers Are Not Who They Claim To Be

There is one team I see that has a storied history of success, a valuable brand, a solid ownership and a level of stability on the coaching staff that gives you the belief that this is a team that is for real.

I assure you, it is not for real and has not been for quite some time now despite three double-digit-win seasons in the last five years. 

I’m talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Yes, the same Steelers that had everyone convinced in the first 10 weeks of last season that they were a lock for the Super Bowl. The same Pittsburgh team that eeked out a tough win in Week 1 on the road at Buffalo. 

Hate to break it to you, but they are FRAUDS.

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Breaking Down The Steelers' Breakdown

Big Ben suffered an injury to his left pec and his status is in question for the game Sunday. That means either a banged-up Big Ben will be playing or they’re going to start Mason Rudolph. Either way, not great.

And although Pittsburgh has owned the Bengals for about two decades, throw that all out the window. This is what makes the Fraud Police so important, because the Steelers are impersonating the Steeler teams of old, and they are absolutely not. 

What they are doing that feels familiar is relying on their defense to carry them until their offense tries to figure itself out. But this defense is hobbled due to the injuries of T.J. Watt and Joe Haden. And this offensive line, running game and QB play?

Even Mike Tomlin doesn’t trust his team to get 1 yard on fourth down. Even Tomlin knows the Steelers are frauds.   

Steelers Officially Charged With Fraud

This is a team you can not trust as favorites. This is a team you can not trust as underdogs. This is a team that is in disarray with Roethlisberger's health yet again in doubt. I know they have aspirations of greatness, but don’t we all? 

FRAUD ALERT: Pittsburgh Steelers. First NFL frauds of the season. Lock them up.

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