Grant Wahl: "England Is About to Win This Championship"

Wahl Breaks Down Euro Finals Between England and Italy

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Yesterday, soccer expert Grant Wahl joined Nick Kostos and Ken Barkley on You Better You Bet to discuss the upcoming Euro Finals between England and Italy.

Wahl on England's Starting Lineup

Raheem Sterling has been one of the best player in the tournament, so I fully expect him to be on one wing as we've seen him. I don't know about Saka necessarily, he hasn't been as effective his last game. Makes me wonder if Sancho might get the start here.

Wahl on Southgate and England's Chances

Pragmatic is the word I'd use to describe Gareth Southgate for the most part. Somewhat frustrating to me, even though England has got to the finals, I feel like England has a lot of firepower on the bench. It was pretty clear seeing Jack Grealish in the semifinal as he subbed on, then subbed off.

Southgate is not comfortable with guys that don't defend much. So, it's pretty clear that you are not going to see Grealish and Phil Foden on the field at the same time. That he's just not going to go too much in the mode of attack only.

I get it, but then I look at the 2018 World Cup. France won that despite playing overly conservative. And I think England is about to win this championship doing kind of the same thing.

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