BetQL NFL Model Review Heading Into Conference Championship Round

Taking a look back at some BetQL Model winners in the Divisional Round

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About BetQL's NFL Model

Our computer model analyzes every bet, every day to find mispriced lines. The model projects team performance and takes into account player performance, matchups, weather, and injuries. From there, we set our line, compare it with Vegas, and assign a star rating to each game.

Our NFL picks are the result of a thorough process that combines data-driven analysis with a deep understanding of the game. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or just starting, our NFL picks are tailored to give you the upper hand.

  • The model has gone 283-181-64 (61% win) on All Baltimore Ravens bets of $100
  • The model has gone 257-185-62 (59% win) on All Detroit Lions bets of $100
  • The model has gone 281-204-73 (58% win) on All San Francisco 49ers bets of $100
  • The model has gone 92-69-3 (58% win) on 4-Star NFL total bets of $100

Take a look at more details below for a review of some winners from the divisional round!

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Packers at 49ers Under 50.5

BetQL Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

BetQL Projection: 47

Final Score: 49ers 24, Packers 21

The total for this game was set super high after what the Packers had done to Dallas just a week before, and how effective their offense had been lately. Most also expected the Green Bay defense to get ripped by a high-powered San Francisco offense, as it had been all season. Neither one of these things happened, and we had more of an average scoring game.

Jordan Love had some moments for the Packers, but overall, his numbers weren't that spectacular. He threw two touchdowns, but also threw two interceptions, including the game-sealing pick for the 49ers. Brock Purdy also wasn't impressive, but a big reason his team won the game was the fact that he didn't turn the ball over. The rain also probably helped contribute to an under here, as it was affecting both teams.

A total of 45 points were scored in this one, well below the 50.5 total listed, and we easily cashed our bet in the end. It was almost dead-on with a projection of 47 and a final of 45 points. The model just keeps rolling along on these totals and has been crushing the 4 and 5-star bets!

Lions -6 vs. Buccaneers

BetQL Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

BetQL Projection: Lions -8

Final Score: Lions 31, Bucs 23

What else can you say here but to describe how accurate our model was on this game? The Lions beat the Bucs by eight points, which is exactly what the BetQL model had them winning by. Most of the time, it is off by maybe one or two points like it was for the total of that Packers game, but this time it nailed it.

Detroit took over in the second half of the game, and their offense simply couldn't be stopped. A late final touchdown by Tampa Bay probably made a lot of Lions' bettors worried, but a Baker Mayfield interception on their final drive sealed the deal and the cover for the model here.

I have to give credit to the Bucs, however, as no one expected them to get this far.

Chiefs +2.5 vs. Bills

BetQL Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

BetQL Projection: Chiefs +0.5

Final Score: Chiefs 27, Bills 24

Finally, you also cashed on this game if you followed along with the model this weekend. It had the Chiefs at basically even with the Bills in this game, and it gave Kansas City +2.5 a 3-star rating. Welp, the Chiefs ended up winning the game outright after Buffalo kicker Tyler Bass missed a game-tying field goal in the last few minutes to clinch a trip to the AFC title game. I'd say that is about as even as it gets in a playoff game, and once again, the model strikes.

It was disparaging for me as the holder of a 50/1 Bills Super Bowl ticket from back before their six-game win streak. I would have really loved for them to win this game, but when I saw that everyone on the planet was betting Buffalo, I knew it was likely over. Their defense was fielded by a bunch of Home Depot employees basically, with an insane amount of injuries, and had several players drop passes in clutch moments as well.

Either way, congratulations if you tailed the model this weekend. You made some serious coin.

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