2023 NFL Division Winner Best Bets

Best Bets, Predictions for NFL Division Winners

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Division Winner Value Bets

The NFL is easily the most popular sport In America, and as such, it gets a ton of money coming into it on the betting market. It can be very hard to find value, as the oddsmakers who work this market are very sharp due to the betting volume that comes with the NFL.

However, we here at BetQL are committed to finding you the best value on every single game of the season. Sometimes there is no value to be found, and that's okay, as it's better to stay away than blindly bet something that doesn't give you an edge. The NFL Division winner market is very much the same way, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a bet out there that needs to be placed.

Lines will be on the move as the money comes in, and that means that you have to act swiftly to find value before it's gone. In this article, you will find all of our best bets on NFL Division winners. We will update this page throughout the season with the latest numbers and where you can get them, so value will always be covered here.

*DraftKings odds updated on Aug. 15

NFC North

DET Lions +140

MIN Vikings +275

CHI Bears +400

GB Packers +400

NFC East

PHI Eagles -135

DAL Cowboys +190

NY Giants +850

WAS Commanders +1600

NFC West

SF 49ers -160

SEA Seahawks +195

LA Rams +1000

ARI Cardinals +2500

NFC South

NO Saints +120

ATL Falcons +215

CAR Panthers +400

TB Buccaneers +800

AFC North

CIN Bengals +150

BAL Ravens +235

CLE Browns +380

PIT Steelers +450

AFC East

BUF Bills +120

NY Jets +270

MIA Dolphins +300

NE Patriots +800

AFC West

KC Chiefs -165

LA Chargers +340

DEN Broncos +550

LV Raiders +1200

AFC South

JAX Jaguars -155

TEN Titans +350

IND Colts +600

HOU Texans +800

BetMGM Sportsbook Insights: NFL Division Futures

 Most bet (tickets) divisions

  • NFC North
  • AFC North
  • AFC East

Most bet (tickets) teams to win division

  • Lions +130
  • Bears +400
  • Steelers +450

Most bet (money) teams to win division

  • Lions +130
  • Titans +325
  • Jaguars -155

AFC East

  • Favorite: Bills +130
  • Highest Ticket%: Bills 29.4%
  • Highest Handle%: Bills 32.8%
  • Biggest liability: Patriots

AFC North

  • Favorite: Bengals +160
  • Highest Ticket%: Steelers 29.6%
  • Highest Handle%: Steelers 25.9%
  • Biggest liability: Steelers

AFC South

  • Favorite: Jaguars -155
  • Highest Ticket%: Titans 50.4%
  • Highest Handle%: Titans 56.4%
  • Biggest liability: Titans

AFC West

  • Favorite: Chiefs -165
  • Highest Ticket%: Chiefs 41.4%
  • Highest Handle%: Chiefs 67.1%
  • Biggest liability: Chiefs

NFC East

  • Favorite: Eagles -110
  • Highest Ticket%: Eagles 44.0%
  • Highest Handle%: Eagles 54.0%
  • Biggest liability: Commanders

NFC North

  • Favorite: Lions +130
  • Highest Ticket%: Lions 46.6%
  • Highest Handle%: Lions 63.7%
  • Biggest liability: Lions

NFC South

  • Favorite: Saints +130
  • Highest Ticket%: Saints 37.3%
  • Highest Handle%: Saints 43.1%
  • Biggest liability: Falcons

NFC West

  • Favorite: 49ers -165
  • Highest Ticket%: Seahawks 48.0%
  • Highest Handle%: Seahawks 58.4%
  • Biggest liability: Seahawks

Division Winner Best Bets

AFC West - KC Chiefs -165: Until someone proves otherwise, the Chiefs will continue to own this division. The Chargers have a terrible coach that will never win anything, despite his talented roster. The Broncos I think will have a bounce-back year under Sean Payton, but not enough to beat KC out. Las Vegas is a total dumpster fire. With the dynamic duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, the Chiefs just might become a dynasty, taking this division along the way. -Matt Horner

NFC East - PHI Eagles -120: I just don't see how another team in this division comes close to Philly in 2023. Dallas has a QB problem and a poor head coach, while New York certainly overperformed last season and is due for regression. Washington is in shambles from top to bottom. The Eagles are just far better than everyone else and with Jalen Hurts at the helm at quarterback they are just the cream of the crop in the NFC East. -Matt Horner

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NFL Division Winner History

The NFL is one of the most unpredictable leagues in sports, and new division winners get crowned every single season. Nothing is a guarantee, and the rate of a team going from last place to first is very high, happening every year. Identifying the value for these teams is our job, and we will look for that all season long, and even before the season after the draft. There have been many great NFL Division winners in the past.

Last season, the Chiefs and Eagles both won their divisions on their way to meeting up the the Super Bowl, with Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts leading their squads. The Cincinnati Bengals won the AFC North behind Joe Burrow, while the Buffalo Bills won the AFC East with Josh Allen at the helm. The Jaguars went from worst to first in the AFC South behind the arm of Trevor Lawrence and his development. The 49ers won the NFC West with a third-string rookie QB, and the last overall pick in the draft at that in Brock Purdy. The Vikings won the NFC North, but they proved to be frauds and lost early in the playoffs. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs won the NFC South with a barely positive record, as the division was just awful.

About NFL Division Betting

Betting on NFL divisions is a popular form of sports betting, where bettors wager on which team will win a particular division within the NFL. Here is some general information about betting on NFL divisions:

  • Each season, the NFL is divided into two conferences (AFC and NFC), and each conference is further divided into four divisions (North, South, East, and West).
  • Bettors can place wagers on which team will win a particular division, with odds and payouts varying based on the relative strength of the teams in each division.
  • In order to win a division bet, the team must finish the regular season with the best record in their division.
  • Some of the factors that can influence division betting odds include the previous season's performance, offseason acquisitions and departures, injuries, and strength of schedule.
  • Division betting is just one of many types of NFL betting, with other popular forms including point spread betting, moneyline betting, and over/under betting.