About BetQL's Sharp Data

Explaining what sharp data is, how we get it and why bettors should use it

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What Sharp Data Is

Sharp data tells you which side of a bet the pros are betting on and is one of the most powerful tools offered within every BetQL subscription. Let's look at a couple examples:

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On our web dashboards, we refer to sharp bets as the "Pro Edge". The higher this number is, the more sharp bettors are favoring the bet over the public. The lower this number is, the more sharp bettors are aligned with the public.

Pro Edge = Total Money % - Total Ticket %

In the example above, 67% of total money was wagered on the Chiefs while 53% of the total bet slips backed Kansas City. That resulted in a 14% Pro Edge. Since professional bettors tend to wager higher amounts of money than casual bettors, sharp data is a valuable tool to use. In this case, expert bettors leaned more towards the Chiefs than public bettors did. Let's take a look at how subscribers view sharp bets on our mobile app:

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Note that "Pro Money Advantage" on our mobile app and "Pro Edge" on our web platform mean the exact same thing. As you can see, Money %, Ticket % and the Pro Money Advantage are viewable in one location.

Why Accessing Sharp Data Matters

There are several ways you can improve your betting ROI using sharp data.

Sharp bettors are considered pros due to the fact that they typically wager the most money and are usually responsible for moving lines. Sharps usually get heavy action on their targeted bets soon after odds are released. Having access to those targets is extremely powerful. 

The higher the Pro Edge/Pro Money Advantage, the more sharp bettors are favoring a particular bet over the public. The lower the Pro Edge/Pro Money Advantage, the more sharp bettors are aligned with the public. For example:

You’re planning to bet on the Nets (-9) against the Knicks. Brooklyn is a decent public bet (63% of tickets are wagered on them), but a whopping 95% of the money is wagered on the Nets, showing a 32% Pro Edge - a huge sharp bet. Therefore, you feel more confident in locking in the bet on Brooklyn. 

In that same scenario, if 63% of tickets were wagered on the Nets (-9), but 72% of the money was wagered on the Knicks (a 35% Pro Money Advantage in their favor: 72% of the money - 37% of tickets), it might make you hesitant to bet on Brooklyn and might even sway you to back New York. 

Betting with the sharps doesn’t work every single time, but if you want to consistently make informed bets by utilizing sharp data, your bankroll will most likely grow over time. 

Where Our Sharp Data Comes From

BetQL has proprietary relationships with sportsbook operators that provide this data in exchange for promotional value on the website. 

Sport-Specific Sharp Betting Tutorials

For sport-by-sport sharp betting advice, click on the links below:

BetQL is every bettor’s go-to destination for live odds, a proven best bets algorithm and public betting data in addition to sharp data. Find out more about BetQL and feel free to check out our Help Center if you have any questions. 

Watch the following videos to see BetQL's sharp data in action: