Alabama-Texas A&M Drama Will Be Incredible In 2022

The head coaches of these programs don't like each other

By now, we have all heard the comments made by Alabama head coach and college football legend Nick Saban on the recruiting of players in today's college football landscape. He didn't hold back, accusing Texas A&M of essentially bribing their recruits to come play for the program, as well as asserting other programs did the same.

Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher was not pleased at all when he heard Saban's comments about his team, and fired back at him, calling him a hypocrite and a narcissist.

This game in the upcoming season was already going to be fantastic, but now we have anger and hatred between the two coaches and their programs. Those emotions might not be good for Jedi, but they are certainly fun to watch in football.

Texas A&M just signed what is perhaps the greatest recruiting class in modern college football history, with multiple 5-star recruits making their way to the University, along with a plethora of other talent. That is what brought Saban's comments on in the first place, claiming that all of the Aggies new players were bought and paid for. Whatever the reason, Texas A&M stands to be a powerhouse next season, and Alabama is still Alabama last time I checked.


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Saban has some of the best players in the country at his disposal as well, along with last year's Heisman Trophy winner at QB in Bryce Young. The battle will be epic, the stadium in Tuscaloosa will be incredibly loud, and the pre and post-game meetings will be must-see television.

On the field, the teams figure to be close to even, with Texas A&M having beaten Alabama last year despite being a team that had four losses. Both teams will have big matchups before they dance under the pale moonlight, with the Aggies having to face teams such as Arkansas and Miami, while Alabama has a date with Texas and those very same Arkansas Razorbacks. They could both be very highly ranked when they meet, and you can bet this game is going to mean a TON when it comes down to the standings.

You can count on Fisher having his team prepared to beat Alabama by playing Saban's comments to them in the locker room, and it will be a test to see if they are ready to take that next step as a program.