NCAAF Model Review: Bowl Games Kickoff To Profit

Our college football model crushed the first weekend of bowl games

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Bowl Game Week 1 NCAAF Model Results

Our college football model has been red-hot and the start of bowl season highlighted that fact once again. There are so many bowl games now that we are going to have a whole month to make as much money as we can before CFB is over. We'll have you covered for every single game.

The model projects team performance and takes into account player performance, matchups, weather, and injuries. From there, we set our line, compare it with Vegas, and assign a star rating to each game. The goal of the star rating model is to make betting straightforward. The 5-star bets are quite literally the best because the model indicates a significantly different outcome relative to the current sportsbook line. Conversely, 1-star bets indicate a projected line that is very similar to the sportsbook line — typically a losing proposition for a bettor in the long run.

Generally speaking, 3-star bets and better are recommended for the average user. A more aggressive bettor can bet 2-star games, while a more conservative bettor should stick to 4 and 5-star bets. Additionally, you can scale the wager based on star rating. For example, if you are aggressively betting all bets rated 2-stars and above, we recommend that you bet a larger percentage of your bankroll on a 5-star bet than a 2-star bet.

Let's go over this week's signature win!

Georgia Southern vs. Ohio o48.5

BetQL Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

BetQL Projection: 54

Final Score: Ohio 41, GA Southern 21

The BetQL model didn't have a single 5-star value bet for the first weekend of bowl games, which wasn't that surprising considering the matchups were pretty bad. We have much better games -- and dozens of best bets -- coming up, so make sure to subscribe so you can get your hands on those before kickoff!

We had this total projected at 54, and the total was sitting at 48.5, so it was an automatic bet on the over here. That paid off, as this game flew over both numbers and ended with 62 points being scored between the Bobcats and Eagles.

This was actually in jeopardy at halftime, when Ohio had a 20-0 lead and it looked like GA Southern was going to get blitzed, but they came alive in the second half and scored 21 points. Ohio scored 21 of their own, as there was very little defense played in this game by the Eagles.

That was a bit of a shock considering that Ohio was playing their backups for the most part, but what do we care? We cashed the bet, so chalk up another win for the BetQL model, which has been killing the college football season!

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