March Madness Over/Under Picks

BetQL’s March Madness over/under picks for the NCAA Tournament

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March Madness Over/Under Picks Today

It can be difficult to make over/under picks during the NCAA tournament because the lines are so sharp. Sportsbooks know this is one of the biggest betting events of the year, and they don't want to get beat on some bad lines. The good news is that you don't have to be their next victim, because BetQL will have you covered every single day of March Madness to secure a profit by the end of this thing.

BetQL ranks every single over/under bet on a star scale of one to five, with five stars being the most valuable bet at the current number. Our expert algorithms analyze every single over/under bet, every single day, to always give you the advantage over the books. Sometimes, even a small edge can be all it takes to stay in the green. We recommend tailing three-star and higher over/under bets, with three stars being a smaller wager and five stars being a larger one. But you can also use these in a variety of ways, such as validating one of your initial leans.

March Madness Expert O/U Picks For NCAA Tournament

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March Madness Picks For NCAA Tournament

Don't think that we won't have you covered with all kinds of other bets on the NCAA Tournament, because outside of our over/under bets, we also have star-rated picks on the side, first half, and player props! It would take days for a human to handicap every side, total, and prop for every game during a day. Instead, our model is able to simulate every game 10,000 times and give you the most likely outcome for each bet. It's amazing what technology can do nowadays, and with the BetQL model getting better and better every season by adapting and learning, the books don't have a prayer.

March Madness is not a time where you want to bet without being informed as much as possible on every game, and with our game pages, you will have all the info you need at your fingertips for the entire NCAA Tournament. Best bets, statistics, ATS records, and all kinds of useful trends to make sure you make the best bet for every game to give you the biggest edge.

Understanding Over/Under Picks For March Madness

You may be asking "What is an over/under bet, and how can I bet them during the NCAA Tournament?" Well, you came to the right place. First of all, it's important to understand just what you are putting your hard-earned money on. An over/under bet is when you are predicting the total amount of points to be scored in a game. You must bet whether the game will go over or under that number.

Example: Illinois at Purdue has an over/under total of 140. Using BetQL's tools and best bets, you decide that betting the OVER 140 would give you the edge in this game. When the game ends, Purdue comes away with a 76-71 victory. Now, you add up the score of both teams and find out if they went over or under that total. 76 + 71 = 147. At 147 total points, the game went OVER the 140 total, and you won your bet! This works just the same when you bet on a first half total, except you only count the points scored in the first half of the game.

You can place these bets at any sportsbook of your choosing, but i recommend using whatever book gives you the best number. If one book is offering 139, while the other is offering 140 and you want to bet the over, always take the 139.

Indeed, we are going to crush March Madness again this year, so subscribe today and let's send the books into panic mode.